Afghanistan 10th Anniversary Call-In

Report back here concerning your call to Congress on this the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.

So I dialed the 1-877 number and I was greeted by a House Rep. operator. As per the directions I urged the house to support the Lee/Campbell bill, but it seems as if he didn't know what I was talking about or as if I had dialed the wrong number. So, I'm not sure how effective my call was, but I was glad to have a channel by which I could raise my voice.

Phoned Sen. Bill Nelson's office and told him to get us out of both wars. The aide in local office whom I know agreed with me.

Called Rep Greg Walden (R-OR) and asked him, through his staff, to support Lee/Campbell amendment. I pointed out the logical disconnect between the current budget mania and the unwillingness of Congress to confront the enormous costs of day-to-day operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I'll admit that asking politicians to act logically is a form of insanity, but I still thought it was worth a try. The staffer listened respectfully, as I'm sure she does to the hundreds of similar calls she fields every day. She did say she would carry my message to the Congressman.

My congressperson is Jerry lewis (r) California 41. I have called and e-mailed him on many occasions. He is a lockstep crooked rethuglican that was implicated with Duke Cunningham. He did however escape jail. Why? I do not know. I do know that communicating with him is a waste of time. He has his nose so far up Boners toosh I do not think that he can hear the outrage of the 99%.

I called Rep. Richard Neugent's office and his aide accepted my message to urge the Super committee to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq immediately.

I called Rep Terri Sewell's office and the staff member told me that my message urging her to support of the Lee/Campbell letter would be referred to the appropriate person.

Called Sen Merkeley and Rep Blumenauer's office. Neither knew about the Lee/Campbell letter but both offices said that both the Senator and Rep are in favor of reduced military spending and withdrawal of troops.

You need to ask for your particular rep or senator.

You need to ask for your particular rep or senator.

I called Rep. Heck's & Sen. Heller's office to make sure that they'll get their message of withdrawing our troops so we don't have more on our military budget & that we invest in America again.

Called the local offices of Congresswoman Gwen Moore and Senators Ron Johnson and Herb Kohl.

In each case, the telephone receptionist assured me that my message would be passed on to the lawmaker.

I called my congresswoman, Mary Bono Mack, and asked her office if she was supporting the Barbara Lee/John Campbell letter calling for significant cuts to the military budget. The man I talked to said that he hadn't heard of the letter but that he would call and get a copy of it. I gave the man my telephone number and he is supposed to call me back.


Called Oregon Senator Ron Wyden's office via your telephone number. The aide was quite receptive to our message: Out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Now.

just called, left a message on voicemail-

called SD rep and senators--got right through. grateful to have chance to call. Posted toll free # on FB too.

I called Rep. Ron Kind's office where Matt answered , took my message and said he would pass that on then he asked for my address and e-mail address.

Called the office of Representative John Dingell (Michigan), spoke to a staff member, and urged the representative to take steps to end the war in Afghanistan and to support the Lee-Campbell letter.

I called Maryland Senators Mikulsky & Cardin and Rep. Elijah Cummings (all via the toll-free number you provided). As per usual, the aides I talked to all said they would relay my sentiments to the MCs. Only Cummings' aide took my name & phone number. The other two didn't ask for any identifying info.

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