Suzanne W. Helburn

Suzanne W. Helburn is Professor Emerita of Economics at the University of Colorado, Denver. Her most recent work is as co-author of The Great Divide: Retro vs. Metro America (Polipoint Press, 2004), a primer on U.S. politics She was the principal investigator of Cost, Quality, and Child Outcomes in Child Care Centers which brought together a team of researchers from four universities to complete the most comprehensive study to date of U.S. child care centers and their impact on children. She helped conduct a parallel study of family day care, and edited a special issue of The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, The Silent Crisis in U.S. Child Care. She is co-author, with Barbara Bergmann, of America's Child Care Problem: The Way Out (Palgrave for St. Martin's Press, 2002).

In addition to work on the economics of child care Helburn has estimated minimal standard-of-living budgets for single mothers. She was part of the New Social Studies curriculum reform movement of the 1960-s and 70's, co-authoring an innovative curriculum, Economics in Society, a series of high school texts and accompanying teacher training materials (Addison Wesley, 1974). She has written in the history of economic thought and philosophy of science as the co-editor of Marx, Schumpeter, and Keynes: A Centenary Celebration of Dissent (M. E. Sharpe, 1986), and on the ethical foundations of the economics of John Maynard Keynes.