Dal LaMagna

Dal LaMagna is best know as the Tweezerman because of the company that practiced responsible capitalism while saving the world from unruly hair. Currently he is the CEO of IceStone, LLC a company that makes countertops out of recycled glass and cement. Dal has Executive Produced several Iraq War Movies – “Iraq For Sale” “Meeting Resistance”, “The Ground Truth” and “The War Tapes. Recently Exec Produced “Dying to Know” the life long friendship of Timothy Leary and Ram Dass, and “The Last Dali Lama? a film that follows the Dali Lama's efforts to promote compassion for a healthy life. He Associate Produced “Requiem For The American Dream” featuring Noam Chomsky. Dal ran for twice U.S. Congress twice in 1996 and 2000 in the 3rd Congressional District, New York as the Democratic and Green candidate. He ran for President in the NH Primary in 2008.

He wrote his memoir called "Raising Eyebrows, A Failed Entrepreneur Finally Gets It Right" as a guide to anyone contemplating starting a business.

Dal received his MBA from Harvard in 1971 and an MPA in 2002 at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government where he was named a Littauer Fellow. Currently Dal lives in Rhinebeck and Manhattan NY with his wife Sarah Drew.