Tell Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Stand With Democrats Against TPP!

Roll Call reports: "Because of the strength of [Sanders'] campaign, his opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership has now become accepted Democratic policy, even as President Barack Obama continues to support it."

Call Debbie Wasserman Schultz now at 202-225-7931. When you reach a staffer or leave a message, you can say something like,

"I urge Debbie Wasserman Schultz to stand with Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and other Democrats in publicly opposing the TPP and opposing any lame duck vote on the TPP after the election."

When you've made your call, please report it below.

Politico reported:

In his prime-time moment on Monday night … Sanders went one by one through the platform’s central provisions, including its “strong opposition to job-killing free trade agreements like the TPP.”

The crowd cheered, and some began chanting “No TPP! No TPP!” Sanders tried to move on, but the chanters kept at it; many waved anti-TPP signs.

Sanders started again, then stopped; then pointed at the crowd, laughed, gave a thumbs up — and finally made his second TPP point: “We’ve got to make sure that TPP does not get to the floor of the Congress during the lame duck session.” (More cheering.)

Politico also reported:

CLINTON TRADE ADVISER: TPP’S TIME HAS PASSED: A top economic adviser to Hillary Clinton said earlier Monday in Philly that the presumptive Democratic nominee will put the maligned trade deal and other new trade initiatives in the rear-view mirror if elected — focusing instead on “things that are clear job creators.” Gene Sperling, a former White House adviser to Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, told Pro Trade’s Adam Behsudi that Clinton’s priorities will be things like infrastructure, immigration reform, higher education relief and family medical leave.

“What she has said is she is against it now, she is against in the lame duck and she’s against it afterwards, and I do believe that when she starts her administration, she is going to want to be focused on unifying Democrats,” Sperling said.

Please call Rep. Wassserman Schultz at 202-225-7931 now and ask her to come out now against the TPP.

When you've made your call, please report it below.

Aide said she'd pass it along to DWS.

I left the anti-TPP message with a very unenthusiastic staffer.

staffer promised to pass along anti-TPP message

Staffer was not really interested, but will pass it on.

I read the script and then asked if they knew what her intention was with regard to voting on the TPP. The woman who answered said no, she did not. Then she asked me for my name and zipcode and said "thank you."

I told the aide that I was a Democrat and that I had been against the TPP for about 10 years (since they started negotiating it.) I told her that I was completely opposed and that it was not as much a trade agreement as a ceding of our sovereign rights to corporations. The aide asked where I was calling from and said that she would tell the Congresswoman.

The staffer made no comment except that he'd pass along my message. (He sounded depressed.)

Called Debbie on behalf of myself and Rex Schneider requesting she support Hillary, Bernie . . . as well as the TPP issue. Operator was nice and took the message agreeably.

We initimated our joy over the solidarity displayed last night at the convention and emphasized how much better it will be if Debbie publically declared her support.

I left a message

Woman will pass on my request to vote against the TTP.

I talked to a staff person and told her the message and she
took note and asked me where I was calling from and I told
her California. And, she said thank you and have a lovely day.
I told her same to you, that ended the call.

I called and talked to a staff person and told her the
message. She made note of my message and asked
about where I was calling from and I told her California.
After she heard that, she said thank you and also said
have a lovely day. I told her the same and ended the call.

I reported opposition to TPP as it gives away our national sovereignty to a cabal of transnational corporations threatening our laws which protect us in many different areas.

Aide said he would pass the message along.

Called and told the lady who answered this message, but then also told her that Debbie W S was totally corrupt and horrific, and that she could go fry in HELL. Bernie or Bust - NEVER Hillary. Why do we have to vote for one or the other of two TOTALLY CORRUPT PSYCHOPATHS ?!?!??!

don't give away our rights to a cabal of transnational corporations

Staffer said that she would pass on my message to the Congresswoman. She was not interested in taking any information from me.

Stated the request re: TPP lame duck vote. The woman who answered asked where I live and said she would pass my message on.

The aide said that they are receiving a LOT of calls and that she would pass them on to Schultz.

Ileft my message with a person.

Talked to a reasonably polite staffer, gave her the message, she asked where I was calling from,
I said "California", she said "have a great day" and I did the same.


I specifically asked the staffer if she supports the TPP. The staffer stated she "supports it" (TPP). Obviously (i.e. the #DNCleak under her 'leadership', as well as her subverting the democratic process), she is 'incorporated' and won't do bidding of constituents.

I called re the TPP. The staffer asked my zip code and said he’d pass my message along.

I made my call re the TPP. The staffer asked my zip code and said he would pass my message along.

message was that "mailbox was full".

Mail box was full, so managed to send an email, urging her to stand with Hillary (our likely next president) and oppose TPP as a bad investment for American workers.

I got a recording saying that the mailbox was full, so I was not able to leave any comment.

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