New York Times: Report the UN's Famine Warning for Yemen

United Nations and other international aid officials have been warning that Yemen is on the brink of famine. "Donald Trump’s Shift On Yemen Risks Plunging The Country Into Famine," the Huffington Post reports, warning that the Trump Administration may be giving Saudi Arabia a green light to attack and close the critical port of Hodeidah, blocking Yemen's food imports. "Yemen war causing world's worst food crisis," Vatican Radio reports. "'Time running out': 1.4 million children could die from famine in Africa & Yemen, says UNICEF," RT reports.

But a search of recent stories on the New York Times' website only turns up wire stories, not a regular New York Times article. [4]

Press NYT editors for prominent coverage of the UN's famine warning for Yemen by signing and sharing our petition at MoveOn.

Dear NYT Editors,
I urge you to write a articles to bring the UN's famine warning into the forefront of American media coverage. We must keep pressure on this administration with regards to their role in the Saudi led+US supported war in Yemen. I am a regular subscriber and I value the reporting of the NYT. NYT has the power to give voice to the children who are suffering in Yemen. My friend's family is trapped there now. They are trying desperately to leave because there is no hope for survival. Their supplies are running low. They have stopped receiving salaries. Soon there will be no food left to buy. They have a new baby on the way. We need to make this administration uncomfortable with the knowledge and truth of what they are supporting.

Thank you for your continued support of the Truth.

Kind regards,
Karen Valdez

US foreign policy is implicated in this famine and destruction across the board.SHAME. I am ashamed when I hear the feeble mantra that you are protecting Americans. Why don't you just admit black lives are less important than others? Stop the proxy wars. Stop the weapon sales.

It's unconscionable that you are not giving this story sufficient coverage. The US is culpable for any human rights violations that would occur from this attack that would unduly harm civilians.

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