Tell Jon Ossoff & Karen Handel: Oppose U.S. Ground Troops in Syria

The Trump Administration is considering deploying U.S. ground troops to Syria, something that the Obama Administration opposed, along with most Democrats and war-skeptic Republicans. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said, "It would be a really rotten, no good, bad idea to have ground troops in Syria." Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy said, "Sending combat troops into Syria would make the unforced errors of the first four weeks look like child's play." California Representative Ted Lieu said, "As Member of House Foreign Affairs Committee, I want to say that sending ground troops to Syria is a VERY BAD IDEA."

Urge Congressional candidates Jon Ossoff & Karen Handel to publicly oppose the deployment of ground troops to Syria by signing our petition at MoveOn.

On April 18, there will be a special election in Georgia's sixth Congressional district. According to a recent poll, the top two candidates in the "jungle primary" are Democrat Jon Ossoff, a former staffer for John Lewis and Hank Johnson, and Republican Karen Handel, former Georgia Secretary of State. Jon Ossoff's website says, "Jon will back efforts to destroy ISIS without deploying regular US ground forces." Karen Handel's website has no issues section. But as a Senate candidate in September 2013, she opposed U.S. military action against the Syrian government, suggesting a willingness to challenge proposed U.S. military action.

If both candidates come out against deploying ground troops to Syria in this closely-watched election, it will contribute to the belief that this terrible idea is politically radioactive and discourage the Trump Administration from doing it.

Urge Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel to publicly oppose deploying U.S. ground forces in Syria by signing and sharing our petition.

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We're trashing entire cultures and nations, across the Middle East, without doing a single thing to improve the situation for anyone there! It is OUR fault that both Iraq and Syria have been ruined beyond redemption, made toxic on levels that won't be safe for centuries, not to mention having destroyed soil, water, air, and animal habitats, all along the way. We've allowed our troops and private contractors to loot all they want, enriched countless already far too entitled, USA plutocrats, all while leaving refugees to suffer, starve, drown, and be shoved from one nation to another!

We have no business being anywhere near that part of the world! ALL the USA does in the Middle East is to make matters worse, not better!!!!! Our military is a bunch of short-sighted, bumbling buffoons who have no business being allowed to decimate whomever they want, when and wherever they want! Their leaders are as corrupted as our political leaders are, without ethics, honor, dignity, personal responsibility, or BRAINS! canadian drug stores doxycycline 100mg for acne buy levitra in australia generic cialis vs cialis cialis
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