Congress: Explicitly Prohibit Syria & Yemen Escalation on April 25

On April 10, 55 Members of the House sent a bipartisan letter to President Trump and Attorney General Sessions demanding that President Trump seek authorization from Congress before escalating militarily in Yemen. Rep. Mark Pocan said, “Administration officials have proposed the U.S. participate directly in an attack on Yemen's major port. Such an attack could push the country into full-blown famine...this letter is a first step in reasserting our Constitutional check on presidential powers. I am committed to pursuing all tools at our disposal to ensure President Trump abides by our Constitution before possibly plunging our country into another senseless conflict.” Rep. Ted Lieu said, “President Trump does not have the authority to send U.S. forces to battle the Houthis in Yemen, period."

Press your representatives to pledge to invoke the War Powers Resolution when they return from recess to explicitly prohibit military escalation in Syria and Yemen by signing our petition on MoveOn.

On April 6, President Trump attacked Syria without congressional authorization. Many Members of Congress have said that President Trump did not have authority for this attack and that the President must seek authorization from Congress before any further military action.

But in his required 48-hour notification to Congress on April 8 on the Syria strike, President Trump said he would "take additional action, as necessary and appropriate." He did not say he would seek authorization from Congress before taking "additional action."

On April 25, Congress returns from recess. Under the War Powers Resolution, a single Member of Congress can force a debate and vote on continued U.S. participation in an unauthorized war.

Press your representatives to pledge to invoke the War Powers Resolution when they return from recess to explicitly prohibit military escalation in Syria and Yemen by signing and sharing our petition.

President Trump and his adminstration must not be allowed to proceed with military action without Congressional approval. The bombing in Syria last week was only the latest and most obvious instance of unauthorized military action; we have been involved now in military actions in Syria and Yemen for many months without Congress ever having authorized these acts of war. Further, the Trump administration ordered a warship moved closer to Korea, which is an act of provocation. These unauthorized military atcions are unacceptable.

I demand that my representatives and Senators invoke the War Powers Resolution immediately upon their return from the Congressional recess. This administration's military actions need to be debated in Congress and voted on. I ask my representatives and Senators prohibit further military action in the middle East and in

America is not a monarchy; checks and balances exist for a reason. No one man has the authority, moral or legal, to wage war on a sovereign state unilaterally, especially when intervention has been expressly forbidden by the host nation. This blatant disregard for the law, both domestic and international, needs to stop before the international community stops it by force.

Pardon my English. I think that you, USA people, should sincere your selfs and your government. Like introspection analysis: Do we need oil and also strategical presence on Middle East? Yes, we need the oil, but what about strategical position? Of course, strategical presence is necessary, because of the oil. But then, why should we get that oil? the answer is to maintain my current life style. Am I willing to give up those privileges? As a society the answer is big NO!. As a country, Are you doing anything against global warming? of course not, you choose a president who is against that concept and the international politics that you carry on shows the real USA people you are. Careless, abusive, ignorant, imperialistic, rude, liars. Big Liars!!! Your media is telling you lies, day by day, and you DO NOTHING! You have proof of that but still choosing to live the dream in which you are the democracy example in the world. Of course I am speaking collectively! I am sure not all of you are like this but the great majority they are and current global scope is a reflect of my thesis. But then again, why an empire should give up 1st place? Sounds reasonable that you might want to keep your lifestyle right? As I see it, there are two paths that the world will end up choosing given current USA behavior. Path 1: You will end up starting a war against Russia and probably China too in order to finally diminish any thread to your supremacy. Path 2: The rest of the world will start to realize (thanks to global information and media, hoping that NSA and CIA efforts' to control it fail) that your are the crazy older brother that wants the hole world heritage and we will put an end to your monarchy. Both paths implies war against you, because you just did not learn how to behave.

PD: stop calling your country AMERICA for gods sake, ... AMERICA is the hole continent, it really gets on the nerve of the rest of America, just ask ...

Be that as it may, with comfort, effortlessness, quick subsidizing and the capacity to get endorsed paying little respect surprisingly history, these sorts of advance can be expensive.

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