Tell Hillary to Ensure Safe Passage for US Boat to Gaza

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A year ago, an international flotilla of peace and solidarity activists tried to break the siege of Gaza. Israeli authorities attacked the flotilla, took control of the ships, and brought the ships to Israel.

Now, an even larger flotilla, with the participation of more ships and more activists from more countries -- including, crucially, the U.S. ship Audacity of Hope -- is preparing to set sail in June.

Ask Secretary Clinton on Twitter and Facebook to urge the Israeli government to ensure the safety of the U.S. peace activists aboard the Audacity of Hope as they join with an international flotilla to break the blockade of Gaza.


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Madame Secretary, will you urge Israel to ensure safe passage for the U.S. citizens aboard the U.S. Boat to Gaza, the Audacity of Hope?

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Next month, an international flotilla will once again attempt to break the siege of Gaza. A U.S. boat will sail as part of the flotilla, the Audacity of Hope. Would you urge Secretary of State Clinton to do all in her power to ensure safe passage for the U.S. citizens aboard the U.S. boat to Gaza?


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@StateDept #SecClinton urge #Israel to ensure safe passage for US citizens aboard US boat to #Gaza, the Audacity of Hope #flotilla