Tell Congress TODAY: Don’t Help AIPAC Blow Up Iran Diplomacy

For seven years, we’ve been urging that the U.S. government resolve its differences with Iran through diplomacy. Now that the Obama Administration is finally making progress some in Congress are trying to blow up the peace train.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is planning to ignore the Administration's request, and–with the assistance of AIPAC, which is going to be on the Hill this week—to introduce a bill that would mandate new sanctions and try to tie the hands of U.S. negotiators by demanding that a final deal stipulate that Iran not be able to enrich any uranium at all–Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s demand, which everyone knows cannot be achieved through diplomacy.

Call your Representative NOW at 1-855-686-6927 and say:

I urge you to oppose Rep. Cantor’s legislation that would undermine diplomacy by imposing new sanctions and tying the hands of U.S. negotiators from reaching a realistic deal with Iran.

You can report your call below.

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Why, whenever there is a poor lack of judgement, whenever there is a lack of action on a major decision, a stupid proposal that would undermine our government, a speech that criticizes our president, is there a Republican politician at the helm?

Cantor just follows suite like a good boy party member.

As a Virginian, a former U.S. Army career soldier, for 27 years, including 9 years of wartime service, plus political appointments to the Defense Department and Foreign Service, I urge House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to summon up enough patriotism and humanity to put petty politics and selfish personal ambition aside on an issue of such great importance to the United States and the region, by supporting the Iran agreement.

Even though Eric Cantor is no expert on national security and all to typical of war mongers, has never served on any battlefield with his own life at stake, he should at least study the realities surrounding the Agreement.

The overriding reality is that the Agreement, with all its specific flaws, and admitting that it may or may not succeed in persuading Iran to not build a nuclear weapon, THE AGREEMENT IS FAR BETTER THAN ALL ALTERNATIVES,, such as:

1. Bombing Iran's nuclear facilities. This would only delay, not prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon. And surely harden their resolve to so, and insure public support from the Iranian people as they would rally against a common enemy.

2. Invade Iran as we did Iraq. The Iraq invasion was clearly a disaster, killing some 150,000 Iraqis, losing over 4,000 Americans, opening up Iraq to Iranian diplomacy since we overthrew the Iraq's Sunni dictator and Iran is á Shite majority country. Also, Mr. Cantor, et al, recall than Iran is a much bigger, stronger country than Iraq! Is the Majority Leader calling for bringing back the draft which Nixon got rid of to take the steam out of the anti-war movement since deaths of conscripts from the upper middle class appeared to more politically sensitive than volunteers. Finally, a war would not keep Iran from someday building a nuclear weapon, while probably making other Nations conclude they had better have nuclear weapons to insure that they are never invaded.

3. Try to effect regime change in Iran by unremitting, severe sanctions? The most qualified experts agree this would harden Iranian resolve (of both leaders and the population) to produce weapons at all costs and that they would be able to do so.

President Obama and his brilliant, determined Secretary of State, John Kerry, have achieved the first serious dialogue with Iran in 30 years, with broad international support to give it a try.

Unlike Eric Cantor and others who want to "sound tough" for low information voters, John Kerry is a decorated war veteran, with great experience in the international arena as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

As much as a faction of the GOP desires to prevent President Obama from achieving anything, when the GOP blocked President's "American Jobs Act of 2011, and thus protracted the misery of unemployment for many, moving to torpedo the President's Iran Agreement and thereby increase the probability that Iran will have a nuclear weapon and even increase the possibility of another war we can't win would sink to an ever lower level of evil.

André Sauvageot
Colonel, U.S. Army (retired)
Reston, Virginia 20190

While the Islamic Regime in Iran (IRI) continues to crack down on civil, social, and economic liberties on a daily basis, the world community continues to be indifferent. Instead, they are celebrating the deal with (IRI) that is on the terrorists list of many countries. And, it is so sad that the "progressives" are also cheering for it.

One struggles to find a single statement by one single statement from progressive organizations, human rights activists, and real democrats that would somehow link the human rights of the Iranian people to all the concessions offered to the IRI just to lower the degree of its uranium enrichment. If their offer is good enough to bring a terrorist regime into the "world community", the freedom loving Iranians who have made so many sacrifices for their cause will face a religious dictatorship backed by the entire world.

The option that has been promoted by the IRI’s lobby groups for years is either the military intervention against Iran or acceptance of the Islamic Regime. Since most Iranians and people of the world are naturally against war, this black and white policy has been adopted and promoted to enforce the acceptance of a bloody regime under the banner of “peace.” What has been deliberately ignored is a third option that, if adopted, can eliminate the danger of this regime for the entire world. And again, how sad it is that all those who are expected to be open minded have fallen into the trap of "war" or "peace" and have sided with accepting a murderer regime to comfort themselves as peace advocates.

Unlike any sort of military attack on Iran that would have disastrous consequences for the Iranian people, a smart sanction against the religious dictatorship in Iran will be a clear and strong message to Iranians that the world community is with them and is willing to weaken their enemy. In clear contrast with the current sanction, a smart sanction that will demand the stop of human rights violations of the Iranians, will be supported by them and will encourage them to arm themselves with the weapon of nonviolence and civil disobedience more than ever and by toppling this terrorist regime, eliminate the dangers it poses to humanity. If the Iranians' struggle to replace a terrorist regime with a secular democratic system is succeeded and not blocked by the U.S. and its allies, the world would be much safer.

If you have any respect for Nelson Mandela, you should recall that his release and all other political prisoners, and eventually the end to apartheid in South Africa was the result of the smart sanction.

I urge all progressives to refrain from giving any recognition to the Islamic Regime of Iran by reducing the options to only peace and war. A Smart sanction that only affects the brutal regime in Iran should be enforced until the human rights violations in Iran are stopped and as a first step all political prisoners are released. Just by empowering the Iranians who struggle for a secular democracy and showing them that the freedom loving people of the world are concerned about them, would be enough to help them bring down a terrorist regime and make the world safe for everybody.

I called my Congressional Rep., Lois Capps, in Washington, D.C., and delivered my message to her aide, C.J. He said that she had not yet seen the language in Rep. Cantor's legislation, that he would forward my message to her, and that he believes that she would support diplomacy with Iran.

I called Congresswoman Lois Capps' office and delivered the message to her aide, C.J., who listened, agreed to deliver the message to Rep. Capps, and he told me that she had not yet seen the language in Rep. Cantor's legislation, but that he believes that she will support diplomacy with Iran.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert is trying to save the nuke compromise with Iran. He is also speaking out against present Prime Minister Netanyahu's efforts to interfere in US politics. Please Just Foreign Policy try to arrange for him to come the US to speak before Senators Leahy and Warner and the American people.

PS. Senator Rubia and the right-wing Cuban lobby is pushing harder then AIPAC.

More at,

There is tremendous excitement at the UN as every veto power nation in the UN Security Council works together for compromise,

Obama as the anti-anger President is at least a small part of it. Criticizing APAC at the moment is going against the wave.

This is an especially good time not to criticize APAC and to praise former Israeli Prime Minister Omhert instead.

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