Daily Twitter Storm on #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo Noon ET Until Cairo Talks Conclude

Just Foreign Policy, along with our partners at Gaza's Ark and the International Freedom Flotilla Coalition, have called for a daily 15 minute twitter storm at 12 noon eastern time until the Cairo talks end with an agreement to lift the siege of Gaza.

Here's how to participate:

  1. Be on Twitter at noon Eastern US time (11 AM Central, 9 AM Pacific) every day until the Cairo talks conclude. If you can't make it every day, don't worry. Show up when you can. Check here if you need to look up the time in your area.
  2. Use hashtag #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo in all tweets.
  3. Tweet as much as you can for 15 minutes. Sample tweets can be found below or you can watch the hashtag and copy & paste tweets you like.
  4. Come back the next day at noon ET until Cairo talks conclude.

Make sure to REFRESH THIS PAGE right before the start time to ensure you have the latest tweets!

Sample Tweets

Tweets about blockade/petition

Use the buttons below to tweet these messages for an immediate end to the blockade of Gaza.

Over 35K call on @WhiteHouse & @JohnKerry to #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo http://bit.ly/end-war-blockade

Oxfam: Lifting blockade crucial to Gaza recovery http://www.oxfam.org.uk/media-centre/press-releases/2014/08/gaza-lifting... #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo

Norway Foreign Minister calls for end to #Gaza blockade http://mg.co.za/article/2014-08-18-gaza-death-toll-rises-as-nations-pledge-funds-for-reconstruction/ #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo

NYTimes: Palestinians Revive Dream of a Gaza Seaport http://nyti.ms/1sQ60ZQ #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo

Following Israel's Assault on Gaza, 'Freedom Flotilla' to Sail Against Siege http://goo.gl/UFzxgC #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo

CPC co-chair Rep. @KeithEllison: End the Gaza blockade to achieve peace http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/keith-ellison-end-the-gaza-blocka... #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo

Barbara Lee calls for ending Gaza blockade in ceasefire agreement @RepBarbaraLee http://www.justforeignpolicy.org/node/1553 #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo #StandWithKeith

.@pdamerica endorses @keithellison demand Israel & Egypt end Gaza blockade http://www.pdamerica.org/issues/end-war-and-occupation-redirect-funding/... #StandWithKeith #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo

Jimmy Carter & Mary Robinson: UN Security Council should mandate end to siege of Gaza http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2014/08/04/how_to_fix_it_jimmy_car... #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo

JimmyCarter&MaryRobinson: init goal=free mvmt of ppl&goods to&from Gaza thru Israel&Egypt&sea http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2014/08/04/how_to_fix_it_jimmy_car... #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo

Ending war in #Gaza begins with recognizing Hamas as legitimate political actor http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2014/08/04/how_to_fix_it_jimmy_car... #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo

Israel's bids to separate Gaza from West Bank in vain: Fatah https://en-maktoob.news.yahoo.com/israels-bids-separate-gaza-west-bank-v... via @YahooNews #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo #StandWithKeith

UN: 80% of Palestinians killed by Israeli strikes are civilians http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/israelgaza-conflict-... #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo

Sustainable ceasefire requires end to Gaza blockade via @AJAM http://alj.am/1kbuXyh #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo

Because farmers need to farm, fishermen need to fish, merchants need to trade, people need to live #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because humanitarian aid is not a long term solution. A Gaza economy is. Give the people work.

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because people need to be able to export goods in order to sustain an economy

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because how would you like to be fenced into an area the size of metro Detroit and not allowed to go as you please?

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because isolating a people from the outside world does not lead to peace

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because separating a people from their kin does not lead to peace

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because destroying a people's economy does not lead to peace

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because destroying families does not lead to peace

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because destroying people's homes does not lead to peace

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because killing someone's children does not lead to peace

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because destroying a people's hope does not lead to peace

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because shooting fishermen trying to make a living does not lead to peace

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because shooting farmers trying to farm their land does not lead to peace

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because keeping farmers from farming a large portion of their land does not lead to peace

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because preventing craftsmen from exporting their work does not lead to peace

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because preventing a people from rebuilding their homes, schools and hospitals does not lead to peace

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because destroying a people's homes, schools and hospitals does not lead to peace

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because destroying a people's electric power plants does not lead to peace

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because decimating a people's water supply does not lead to peace

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because creating a situation where sewage flows down the streets does not lead to peace

#EndGazaBlockadeInCairo because holding 1.8mil people in the world's largest open air prison does not lead to peace

No one can live fully under conditions Gazans endure under blockade. http://bit.ly/end-war-blockade #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo

Collective punishment of ppl of Gaza is a war crime. As occupier Israel has obligations. http://bit.ly/end-war-blockade #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo

Gazans don't want to continue living in world's largest open air prison #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo @JohnKerry http://bit.ly/end-war-blockade

UN on #Gaza: Health System Collapse, 25% Displaced, 5% w/ Clean Water, Epidemic Threat http://www.juancole.com/?p=125043 #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo

All Gazans want is to live normal life—to fish, farm, trade, & travel to outside world #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo http://bit.ly/end-war-blockade

Over 2K #Gaza dead. @JohnKerry, end killing, blockade of Gaza pic.twitter.com/PId4pdXynI #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo http://bit.ly/end-war-blockade

No people should accept living in 'world's largest open air prison' #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo @JohnKerry http://bit.ly/end-war-blockade

Lasting #Gaza ceasefire must address underlying issue—the blockade #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo @JohnKerry http://bit.ly/end-war-blockade

Blockade has killed Gaza economy. Let Gazans work, fish, farm & trade #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo @JohnKerry http://bit.ly/end-war-blockade

Palestinians in West Bank & Gaza are one people: Palestinians. Let them unite, #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo http://bit.ly/end-war-blockade

Fact Check: Israeli Claims About Assault on Gaza http://imeu.org/article/fact-check-israeli-claims-about-the-assault-on-gaza#.U9u8Bh_Tdyg.twitter #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo

Every two years Israel kills hundreds or thousands in Gaza. Only way to stop is #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo @JohnKerry http://bit.ly/end-war-blockade

Gaza fishermen cannot fish, farmers cannot farm. That is no life #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo @WhiteHouse @JohnKerry http://bit.ly/end-war-blockade

Palestinians can't have #Gaza ceasefire that continues status quo #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo http://bit.ly/end-war-blockade

How many #Gaza dead enough for Bibi? We urge @JohnKerry to end killing, blockade #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo http://bit.ly/end-war-blockade

Want a ceasefire that lasts? #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo @WhiteHouse @JohnKerry http://bit.ly/end-war-blockade

Tweet Danny Glover's HuffPo piece to CBC & CPC members

Just copy and paste the following tweets into your favorite Twitter application.

I want the ceasefire to be reinstated. I want the Israelis to back out of Gaza and negotiate as if the Palestinians are their equals. This has not ever happened, so far as I know. I am not saying that those in the Gaza Strip are doing everything right, but they are rightly objecting to their second-class citizenship in their own country. This would be true of any self-respecting group subjected to an apartheid existence. Please convince the Israelis to negotiate in good faith.

No people should have to accept living in "world's largest open air prison" #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo @WhiteHouse @JohnKerry

There will be no security for Israel & no self-determination for the Palestinians until the occupation comes to an end. I implore Israel, The Palestinian Gov't, the U.S. The U.N., & every head of state to do everything in their power to end this war, lift the blockade in Gaza & end the occupation, & a state for the Palestinian people.

Stop the killing of innocent women, children and elderly by the Israeli military.

Please end the war in Gaza and bring peace and lift blockade.
May God bless them, who are fighting for peace in Gaza, Ameen.

I do agree, entirely.

Palestinians are human beings. Many Americans know this by now and are not fooled
by the shamefully transparent propaganda of those who deny that fact.
Let our sisters and brothers live, whatever religion or skin color they may be.

Palestinians are our brothers and sisters, no matter their religion. They want to live in peace
lwith joy and freedom like the rest of the world. Let them live.

I am ashamed of Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper and of President Obama who have supported Israel for so long. For years 90% of America's foreign aid has gone to Israel, so naturally they can afford to buy destructive weapons. For years Israel has refused to treat Palestinians as human beings; their targeting of United Nations Schools and of hospitals is despicable, shameful. End the blockades now.

The people of Gaza are our brothers and sisters. The world is watching the inhumanity towards them in horror and incomprehension. Whatever our own religion and beliefs, we believe in their right to live.

We need to take a stand as Americans and show a resolve for peace, justice and humanity in Gaza. The United Nations rests on our home soil. We need to unite with the rest of the world in condemning Israel's mass violence and illegal occupation. We need to support the Palestinian right to live peacefully and self govern. Please push hard to negotiate peace.

I am not using any social-media as Twitter or Facebook, but of course I strongly support your position on why and how this 'conflict' & violence has to end. I give my name to several petitions and express my agreement by taking part on street-demonstration against the occupation and for making a living for the people in Palestine as well as in Israel. Peace is possible, just don't follow the hawks in politics.

Please sign this petition which is going to 5 Egyptian Ambassadors, The Permanent Ambassador to the UN, and the Egyptian Ambassadors to US, UK, Ireland and Spain


Anyone with a soul can see Israel is violating every law as a UN member but also every humanitarian and moral code of conduct. Israel is the occupying power they do not have the right to declare war on the people they occupy.
Heaven is overflowing with little angels murdered by Israel and America...AMERICA HAS TO STOP THE SO CALLED AID TO ISRAEL...And we all have to boycott. ?#FREEPALISTINE

Bibi the baby-killer is worse than Adolph Hitler, and the Israelis who sit in lawn chairs and watch while celebrating this latest slaughter are dispicablely vile. The occupation is illegal, the settlements in the West Bank are illegal and the occupiers attacking those they occupy is illegal. Yet because of AIPAC owning the US Congress and presidents, the US continues to resupply the weapons used to kill hundreds of babies and children and women, elderly and innocents. This is wholly unacceptable to civilized people.
Israel must remove it's settlements beyond the pre-1967 Green line, remove it's blockade and siege of Gaza, remove it's Apartheid Wall from the West Bank, and give Arab citizens in Israel the same rights as Jews. It must remove it's settlements and occupation of the Golan Heigths- which are also illegal. It must also give up it's plan of a Greater Israel. And frankly I would like to see Israel's dual citizens who work in foreign Western governments be required to give up their positions in government.
Israel and it's domestic and foreign supporters are far beyond the Pale.

Thank you Pat Morrison for the following:

pat Morrison on 6 August 2014 - 11:55am
Bibi the baby-killer is worse than Adolph Hitler, and the Israelis who sit in lawn chairs and watch while celebrating this latest slaughter are dispicablely vile. The occupation is illegal, the settlements in the West Bank are illegal and the occupiers attacking those they occupy is illegal. Yet because of AIPAC owning the US Congress and presidents, the US continues to resupply the weapons used to kill hundreds of babies and children and women, elderly and innocents. This is wholly unacceptable to civilized people.
Israel must remove it's settlements beyond the pre-1967 Green line, remove it's blockade and siege of Gaza, remove it's Apartheid Wall from the West Bank, and give Arab citizens in Israel the same rights as Jews. It must remove it's settlements and occupation of the Golan Heigths- which are also illegal. It must also give up it's plan of a Greater Israel. And frankly I would like to see Israel's dual citizens who work in foreign Western governments be required to give up their positions in government.
Israel and it's domestic and foreign supporters are far beyond the Pale.

The blockade in gaza is the first thng to do

(I can't agree that Bibi is worse than Hitler but he's making a weak stab at it.......)

However Pat Morrison is sadly absolutely right in every demand she makes. Sad, because the centuries-old toast at Passover: "Next year in Jerusalem!" has to be far more nuanced than just a rueful wish. Jerusalem has either to be shared or divided and both sides must be able to see this as the only solution and be glad of it. Until Israel realises that living in such enmity with its neighbours and behaving so brutally to its weaker protectorate (is that what one calls an occupied and imprisoned people?) will never, never bring them the peace they deserve.

Of course no nation could accept the daily hail of rockets from Gaza without retaliation, just as no nation could accept the rape of their homeland on 1947/8, subsequent occupation of nearly 50 years and a siege of eight from Israel without protest or resistance.

Israel's tragedy is that it has been run by thugs for 60 years and is now just behaving with criminal stupidity. Gaza's is that they cannot forgive.

I totally support Robert Brown's take. When when the United States push (and stop sending $$$) for equality for Palestinians? How can we continue to support a lopsided attitude toward a people who want to be free. Is it because of our own guilt at wiping out Native Americans. Is it because we understand Israel's push to live on all the land and wipe out these neighbors who have lived on this land from the beginning.

Oh Shame on you america. Shame!


Shame on Israel !

When the persecuted become the persecutors it is shameful. The Palestinians have lost their homeland let them live in dignity without a blockade and help them establish a new home where their children do not live in squalor, under the heal of Israel.
Give the Palestinians food and assistance rather than drones and invasion. For every Palestinian they kill they create a thousand terrorists. Shame on Israel, the Jewish people should know what it feels like to be persecuted and refrain from doing it to another people!

Danny Glover: Stand With Keith Ellison & Barbara Lee to End Blockade of Gaza

Danny Glover: Stand With Keith Ellison & Barbara Lee to End Blockade of Gaza http://huff.to/1AsU1oz #EndGazaBlockadeInCairo @RepKarenBass

Amen! Down with the Zionazis!

It has almost become hackneyed; the people of Israel should have a deeper understanding and sympathy for the persecuted. They have turned into persecutors and sadly they did learn from the Nazis. Oh my did they ever learn. They learn how to persecute and murder. I am at a loss to understand what seems to get lost in translation.

There is one super important fact that all of you who are trying to change public opinion about Israel & Gaza just don't understand. A huge number of people DO NOT know that the Gaza Strip is a PRISON. They hear siege and blockade and have NO CLUE. If they knew they would care. I speak to people, smart people every day who DO NOT UNDERSTAND. They have heard the propaganda for years. Poor little Israel fighting to defend itself against the evil Arabs who want to destroy it. The Palestinians are terrorists who need to just stop attacking Israel. Once I explain it in terms they understand, such as if they put a wall around your state and would not let you out and controlled your food, water, heating oil, gasoline, banking, and every other necessity of life you would fight to get out. Then they see everything differently. Until someone finds a way to tell everyone ,they think the people in Gaza are terrorists and need to leave poor Israel alone. This is the truth that no one seems to understand. I only figured out the truth about Gaza a couple of years ago. There was a flood in the Gaza Strip. A news man said that Israel was allowing heating oil in because it was winter and they had this flood. I thought to myself, allowing them heat/ What does that mean/ I search on the net and now I know. I am not a stupid person. The media just plays it down. Propaganda.

The murder of the people of Gaza under a blockade may be a pleasure to you Zionists, but it is Hell on Earth for those there. And we thinking people will do our best to stop these murderous tactics of a people that just want what is theirs.
My country is getting pretty tired of helping you get out of obeying the law. My United States may soon be on trial with Israel as a an accomplice in the Nazi like terror.

Not that I am a fan of Fundamentalist Islam, but When the Zionists act like Nazis...

“Anyone who beats their male or female slave with a rod must be punished if the slave dies as a direct result, 21 but they are not to be punished if the slave recovers after a day or two, since the slave is their property." Exodus 21:20-21 ..... Frightening thought. FREE THE HUMAN BEINGS OF PALESTINE!

End the open air prison. Let the people in Gaza live without barriers.

End the carnage,stop the blockade and set the people of Gaza free.

Please bring peace and security to Palestine.

We are all Gazans. End the blockade now!

Let us face it and be honest with our selves , this conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has a core issue . Without addressing the core issue and having a lasting peace , neither side will have security . start with ending the blockade on Gaza , end the Occupation , negotiate a 2 state solution , live in Peace . Any thing short is a temporary fix and will not last .

yes, Gaza strip is a large Prison , for the last 7 years it had been blockaded . They would not even let the Palestinian Youth go to their competition games !!! Treat others as you like to be treated, PEACE ON EARTH .

I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. .


Stop the blockade and set the people of Gaza free.

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