Report-Backs on H. Con. Res. 51 Call-In

Thanks so much to all of who called your Representative concerning H. Con. Res. 51!

[Update by KG, 3:22 PM] While H. Con. Res. 51 did not pass, 148 members of Congress supported Kucinich's resolution that would have directed the President to remove U.S. armed forces from Libya, pursuant to the War Powers Act. 265 members of Congress voted against the measure while 19 did not vote. You can check to see how your member of Congress voted here.

Please take a moment to report your call by posting a comment on this page. We provided a sample call script below.

Call Script for H. Con. Res. 51

1. The Congressional switchboard is 202-225-3121.
2. Ask to be transferred to your Rep's office.
3. Ask to speak to the staff person who handles foreign or military affairs. If you can't speak with this person, just leave a message with the individual who answered the phone.
4. Say, "I urge Rep. __ to vote yes on H. Con. Res. 51, which would direct the President to remove U.S. military forces from the Libya conflict, pursuant to the War Powers Resolution."
5. When you're done, please take a moment and report your call by posting a comment below.

Left message with super-polite staffer of Diana DeGette, District 1, Colorado to vote YES on HR 51.

Left message with Charles Rangel office staffer urging his support of H Con Res 51 for removing US forces from Libyan conflict.

Spoke with Chris in Rep. Pat Meehan's office, District 7 PA, asking that Mr. Meehan vote YES on H Con Res 51, to require the President to remove US armed forces from Libya, pursuant to the War Powers Resolution.

Spoke with receptionist only - as usual, the appropriate aide was unavailable. Earl has made no statement either way on this, but I expect he won't pay it - or any constituents - any mind at all. He rarely does.

I left a message with Chase Kroll at Representative Michelle Bachmann's office. I asked for a call for info on how Michelle Bachmann voted.

Left message for Chip (Raymond) Cravacck

Called Tom McClintock's office and was assured that he is opposed to U.S. military intervention in Libya and will vote Yes.

McClintock is a very conservative Republican representing our Northern California district. Rarely do I agree with him on anything. Nice to have at least one thing he'll vote in line with my wishes, even if its for different reasons....

6/1/11 1:15 pm PDT
Left message with super-polite staffer of Jim McDermott of WA to vote YES on HR 51.

I left a message with a woman who answered the phone and urged Rep. Walden of Oregon to vote yes on H. Con. Res. 51, which would direct the President to remove U.S. military forces from the Libya conflict, pursuant to the War Powers Resolution. (and furthermore all the other stupid occupations and invasions US is currently involved in as well-Afghanistan and Iraq to name the other headliners) it's getting to be a daunting task to try to give all the feedback necessary to correct the erroneous paths our USA foreign policy has taken increasingly over the past 20-30-40-50 and even 60 and counting years! God, please stop this madness called War!~

I left a message to Representative Bill Pascrell on 6/1/11 at 12:17 pm to vote Yes on HR 51.

I sent the email and I also called Congressman Walz's office tonight and left a message on his voice mail. Thank you.

Left msg for California Representative Mike Honda,
i promise to vote to re-elect you if you promise to vote for HR51
I promise you not be re-elected by body bags or endless war.
This is no threat- it's a promise

I called and spoke to a very nice gentleman with the office of John Shimkus (rep for Dist 19 Illinois). I asked him to urge Rep John Shimkus to vote YES on HR.51. He took down my contact information and assured me that my message would be passed on to the appropriate individuals in office.

I left a message urging Representative Kevin McCarthy to support HR. 51. Mr. McCarthy and I frequently disagree, but he has expressed concern about U.S. involvement in Libya.

Called Representative Ruppersburger asking to speak to someone who handled military or foreign affairs . Spoke to Lauren. When I mentioned the resolution to get our troops out of Libya, Lauren replied that the US was bombing Libya, but would not send ground troops.

Isn't bombing similar to ground troops? It's just as bad to the victims in Libya as if we had ground troops, though probably causes less US casualties. I didn't say that to Lauren, but I still feel that bombing Libya is wrong.

I mentioned resolution 1735. Lauren said that this bill had not moved out of committee. If/when it does, my opinion will be forwarded to the representative.

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