HR 1905 Call-In--Get Instructions and Report Back Here!

This week, the House is expected to vote on a new round of broad, indiscriminate sanctions against Iran. This time, however, there is a special surprise concealed in the bill's depths: a provision which would restrict contact, both official and unofficial, between US government employees and Iranian officials who “present a threat to the United States” or are affiliated with terrorist organizations.

This provision, if enacted, would undermine present and future US efforts to diplomatically resolve outstanding issues not only over Iran's nuclear program but also the conflict in Afghanistan. Worst of all, the bill has 358 cosponsors—and many of them don't even know that they're supporting such a measure.

Your Representative may unwittingly sabotage the possibility of a diplomatic solution with Iran unless they hear from you! Since a vote is expected within the next few days on this matter, if you can call your Representative, please do. Just follow these simple instructions:

1. Find out whether your Representative is a cosponsor of HR 1905 by checking this list on the FCNL website.
2. Call the congressional switchboard at 1-877-429-0678.
3. Ask for your Representative's office.
4. When you reach your Representative's office, tell them your name and address. Then,
5. Tell them to oppose and vote "no" on HR 1905, the "Iran Threat Reduction Act," which would institute broad, indiscriminate sanctions against Iran and undermine diplomatic efforts to engage Iran over its nuclear program and Afghanistan. Then,
6. If your Representative is a current cosponsor, tell them that a provision was added to the bill in committee mark-up which would expressly prohibit certain contacts between US government officials and Iranian officials. The provision is in section 601(c). Tell them this would greatly undermine diplomatic efforts to resolve issues over Iran's nuclear program as well as bring about a political solution to the war in Afghanistan.
7. When you're done, tell us how it went below.

I got this important message through to an aide of Rep. Boswell just now. He is a co-sponsor. I explained that lack of diplomacy will lead to lack of peace. goodness.

I just called Van Hollen's office. They said thanks and would relay my message. I doubt he'll pay any attention.

John Steiner

I called Rep. Colleen Hanabusa's office in DC and the secretary assured me she would pass on my opinion against HR1905 to the Congresswoman from Hawaii

I gave the message to an aide of Rep. Rush Holt. He said he would relay the message. No other comment.

I called my congressman and left the message that surrounding Iran with our military and provoking them in their neighborhood (plus Israel with our weapons) is a surefire way to start WW3.

I called the number provided and reached Peter Defazio's office. He has signed on as a co-sponsor. The lady I talked to had no information about where Peter stands on this issue or how he will vote. Since I have written him repeatedly about this bill, I was shocked that he has not taken a position. But it is what it is I guess.

Left message had no comment.

I called Congressman Loebsack (IA) and relayed the message. The office rep said he would pass it along.

I talked to Brad in hearing the drumbeat of war again to give the message to a signer of 1905 - the Honorable CW Bill Young. I asked him to keep lines of communications open with cutting of the provision under section 601(c). Brad and I discussed getting support for another for bill for job creation - HR 494 the 21st Century CCC Act to bring back FDR's Tree Army the US Civilian Conservation Corps. We tried on all counts FCNL!

tried but no avail to persuade CW Bill Young to drop his cosponosorship of HR 1905 the Dogs of war can be let loose again...

I phoned Congressman Elijah Cummings office. A polite male voice said only that he would relay my position and my request that he vote no to Congressman Cummings.

wrote Rep Fudge OH, to reconsider her vote.

Unclear whether this will change any opinions.
Those prostitutes!


The woman who responded at Congresswoman Giffords' office was polite and took note of my opposition to HR 1905. In addition to my personal admiration for Gabby's incredible movement toward recovery, I am eager to have her back in a position to cast important votes, such as this
critical issue in which the powers that be seek an excuse to invasion of yet another country.

I left a message to vote no on HR 1905 because it would undermine diplomatic negotiations.

My representative is planning to vote against this legislation, according to his staff.

I just called m congressman and spoke with a representative and told him to vote no on HR 1905. The rep. I spoke with didn't know what HR 1905 was but agreed to pass the information on the my congressman.

Called Congressman Willson's Washington Office and expressed my opposition to the aggressive approach to Iran and, in particular, to this legislation. Young lady in Wilson's Office was polite and assured me the Congressman would get my message. Gee Whiz! Guess the Iran issue is put to bed!!!! (Yeah, right. When's the attack?)

Best of luck, everyone.

Called Rep. Himes (CT) and was told that they would relay him the message.

My representative, Jan Schakowsky, is not a co-sponsor. I called her office and spoke to a staff memeber after giving my name and address, basically following the script, and urging that diplomacy rather than isolation is always the best approach. The staff member said he would pass on the message.

I asked the aide if Rep. Barbara Lee had taken a position on HR1905.
She had not as yet.

Left message with Barbara Lee's office. They said they will pass message on and were very polite.

I spoke with someone at my Rep. Berman's office and I talked for a couple of minutes at how disgusted we his constituents are with his support to ramp up problems with Iran. Berman is one of the most ardent supporters of this bill and the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability and Divestment Act (CISADA). He will hear from us further.

Called Rep. Neal MA-2. He's listed as a co-sponsor. I told the receptionist what you suggested we should say. She duly noted it. Other people from this area will do likewise. I hope it helps. Diplomacy should be the goal. Blocking it absolutely is wrong-headed.

I called Rep. John Sarbanes office. I explained the need to vote no on this bill. They were happy that I called and thanked me for calling.

Spoke with aide for Rep Fudge. He asked why I wanted her to vote no which I liked as he was at least interested. He did not state her stance.

I called /Congressman Markey's office and an intern answered and told me that Markey was voting yes When I asked why he called the defense staffer named McKenzie Listrup who relayed to him that Markey cares about Nuclear Non Proliferation . When I told them that restraining diplomacy was a sure fire wire of encouraging conflict they had no respinse. I was told that key constituents had pushed for this vote. I told the intern that wanted to speak with Listrup or Markey before the vote tonight to fully explain my reasoning I'll let you know if I get any response

I called Ed MArkey's (D MA) office and an intern explained to me that Markey was voting in favor of HR1905. When I asked why, he callled a defense staffer named McKenzie Listrup who relayed that Markey cares about nuclear nonproliferation. I said that any bill that restrains basic diplomacy will jeopradize the chances of a peaceful solution I was also told that key constituents had pushed for this proposal . I asked to speak with Markey or Listrup to explain my views and reasoning. Both were unavailable . I left a message on Listrup's voicemail asking for a return call before the vote. I also left a message though the intern for a return call tonight We'll see what happens.

I spoke to an aide of Rep. Tim Bishop (NY-1) who said he believed the representative was leaning that way (NO).

My congressman, Xavier Becerra, is thankfully not a co-sponsor. But since it is so important to defeat this horrible piece of legislation, I called the Washington offices of some other "progressive" California congresspersons who are co-sponsors (John Garamendi, Loretta Sanchez, and Janice Hahn). I explained to the very receptive staff persons that the bill was not only punitive but it hamstrung the President's ability to negotiate. I explained that if the 15-day congressional notification rule had bound Kennedy's ability to make contact with the enemy, I don't know where we would be today since the Cuban Missile Crisis only lasted 13 days.
All of the staff persons said this was a good point and that they would communicate this to their legislators.

I left a message with the aide who answered the phone for John Dingell, Michigan. He said he would pass on my message but said he was not "authorized" to tell me Dingell's current position on this piece of legislation. He did thank me for calling but that just seems pro forma to me...

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