Call the House: The fate of the Iran deal is in your hands

Bogus attacks against the Iran deal continue to rage, both in the media and in Congress. Claims about the effect on Israel range from the misleading, such as a New York Times op-ed that claimed that “barely any” Israelis support the deal, to the grossly inappropriate, such as presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s comment that graphically invoked the Holocaust. Meanwhile, the Right continues to senselessly attack administration officials and the deal while attempting to recruit Democrats to join them.

But most Americans want their reps to support the deal. A new poll indicates that a majority of Americans — including 79% of Democrats — want their representatives in Congress to vote for the deal.

Yet, we hear that Congressional offices have been receiving more calls against the deal than for it. That’s why it’s imperative that those who support the deal but haven’t called their reps do so NOW!

Call your Rep NOW at (202) 224-3121 and say

"I urge Rep. ______ to publicly support the Iran nuclear agreement and to oppose Republican efforts to attack the deal."

When you're done, report your call using the form below.

I've asked my House of Representatives congress woman Brenda Lawrence to support President Barak Obama and John Kerry's efforts to obtain a nuclear deal with Iran. I've asked that she not only vote for the deal, but to also work with her Republican counterparts to support the deal too. I believe that this is a good deal for the entire known world, in that we cannot afford a nuclear war at any time in this lifetime. The war machine money should be used to support and begin improving this country's infrastructure. The roads and bridges are in dangerous conditions and a threat to public safety.

This is our best chance for a lasting peace in the middle East, as least the start of a lasting peace if we can get the other countries to see the rationale.

Warm Regards,
Clifford A. Armstrong, Sr.
Southfield, Michigan 48034

Germany, China, Russia, France, England, have all signed this agreement. The leadership of these countries are not "pushovers." Due to the complexity of the agreement, I trust they have negotiated the best deal possible. The only countries/people against the deal is Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Republicans (what a surprise).

I spoke to a very polite staffer and she was gathering comments to pass on. She said Rep. Michelle Luhan Grisham was going over the agreement and has not made a decision yet, but will be listening to her constiuents. I also said to her that if Congress shuts this down, it will make it very difficult for the U.S. to negotiate any release of the 4 hostages in the future.