Tweet your support of John Kerry's efforts to address Gaza blockade

Secretary of State John Kerry is coming under fire in Israel for trying to broker a ceasefire in Gaza that addresses the humanitarian and economic situation created by Israel and Egypt's seven year-old blockade. Let Kerry know that you have his back against the Israeli onslaught by tweeting your support. We have set up some sample tweets for you below, but feel free to make your own!

To tweet, either copy and paste the sample tweet into your preferred Twitter app or click the button following the tweet.

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We support @JohnKerry’s push for lasting #Gaza ceasefire, addressing blockade #GazaUnderAttack

We support @JohnKerry’s push to address humanitarian & economic situation in #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack

We support @JohnKerry’s efforts to address blockade, end the killing in #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack

Lasting #Gaza ceasefire requires addressing blockade. We support @JohnKerry #GazaUnderAttack

Lasting #Gaza ceasefire requires addressing #Gaza humanitarian situation. We support @JohnKerry #GazaUnderAttack

We support @JohnKerry against Bibi’s attacks #GazaUnderAttack

We support @JohnKerry against attacks from Israeli media #GazaUnderAttack

We support @JohnKerry in using all tools to bring end to killing & #EndBlockadeGaza #GazaUnderAttack

Over 1K #Gaza dead. We support @JohnKerry in ending killing, blockade #GazaUnderAttack

How many #Gaza dead is enough for Bibi? We support @JohnKerry to end killing, address blockade #GazaUnderAttack

We agree @JohnKerry: Palestinians can't have #Gaza ceasefire they think will continue status quo #GazaUnderAttack

We support @JohnKerry in including Turkey & Qatar to help bring lasting #Gaza ceasefire #GazaUnderAttack

Tweet at your reps in Congress

Instructions:Find your rep's twitter handle by searching Twitter for your rep's name. When you find it, copy it and replace [REP_Twitter] with your rep's handle. Then tweet away!

I urge you [REP_Twitter] to stand w @JohnKerry to end the killing in #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack

We agree @JohnKerry: Palestinians can't have #Gaza ceasefire they think will continue status quo #GazaUnderAttack

We support @JohnKerry against all attacks from Israeli media and government for supporting #Gaza.

@LamarSmithTX21 save gaza

Please keep working for a peaceful resolution to the current midEast kerfuffle between Israel and Gaza Strip.

Both sides must STOP. For the innocents PLEASE STOP!!!

The modern Israeli government is the moral equivalent of the Nazis.

The modern Israeli government is the moral equivalent of the Nazis.

I support John Kerry in ending this charade of a social media campaign.

I support John Kerry in ending this charade of a social media campaign.

I support every effort which prevents Israel to kill humanity

How many #Gaza dead is enough for Bibi? I support @JohnKerry to end killing, address blockade #GazaUnderAttack

End the killing from the false flag
End the illegal and immoral blockade that is an open air prison
Let the people of the OT and Gaza be free
end military arms to israel
dissolve the illegal and immoral state of fantasy called israel
call for the election that should have been held in 1948
ONE Person
ONE Vote
ONE State
From water to water

The idea that Israel should be dissolved is the cause of the problems.
Your unthinking pro-terrorist attitude shows why Israel needs to be strong.
Nevertheless, what Kerry recommends is reasonable.
Israeli politicians are making cheap political points by criticizing him.

I support @johnkerry.... stop voilence in Gaza. FREE GAZA FREE PALESTINE

I support @JohnKerry to end the violence in Gaza. This war can never be justified with all the violence that Israel is committing.

Please support Kerry

Gaza is the moral equivalent of the Warsaw Ghetto

I am with Mr. Kerry as long as it leads to a Palestinian homeland, as they can not live in a ghetto
any longer. I lost all respect for the Israeli people who allow this to happen. They say "never again"
when they do the same to Palestinians. We need to boycott Israeli goods and put an embargo on
all military equipment. Bibi is a soulless man who used the killing of 2 teenage boys as an excuse to
invade GAZA, while ignoring the monstrous killing of a teenage palestinian.

Please support Kerry

We support John Kerry’s humanitarian efforts to stop the bloodshed and the blockade and to bring peace to the Middle East.

Israel is committing genocide and we are supplying the WMD's for this act!

You ignore the truth: 3 Israeli boys killed w/o search for killer by Palestinians; 1 Palestinian boy killed w/Israel immediately searching for killer. Your prejudice shows; your comments are not helpful to anyone.

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