Spread the word about MoC's supporting an end to the blockade of Gaza!

On September 8, Rep. Danny Davis from Chicago became the third Member of Congress to issue a public statement calling for an end to the blockade of Gaza, joining Reps. Keith Ellison and Barbara Lee.

The Davis statement came as a result of grassroots engagement led by the Chicago-based Committee for Just Peace in Israel and Palestine (CJPIP). Their story is an inspiration to us all, showing us that, with perseverance and persuasion, it is possible to turn Members of Congress out in favor of justice in Israel/Palestine.

The Israelis and Palestinians are scheduled to begin their next round of talks in late October. With Hamas and the Palestinian Authority’s announcement of a unity agreement and the transfer of control of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority, the ground is set for an agreement to end the blockade. All that’s left is to build political will.

Help us build off the momentum of the Ellison, Lee, and Davis statements by sharing these graphics on Facebook and Twitter. You can share them elsewhere by right clicking and saving them to your computer.

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Ending the collective punishment of Gaza, a war crime under the Geneva Convention, is long overdue.

Ending the collective punishment of Gaza, a war crime under the Geneva Convention, is long overdue.

Help end the Blockade of Gaza.

End the siege and occupation of Gaza now! There is no reason for the disgusting treatment of the Gaza population.

It is of utmost importance that both the Israelis and Palestinians are enabled to live side by side in peace and goodwill. This might be a good start towards that road.

Please end the blockade of Gaza and implement the two state solution including giving the Palestinian state a seat in the United Nations.

Why are we supporting Israel with annually three billion dollars, while demanding from them to stop tearing down Palestinian homes and building illegal settlements? How hypocritical ? and at the same time we supplying Irael with weapons that they have used against civilians in Gaza ?

A Two State solution to this conflict is the only just solution.
Almost 80 years of death and destruction on both sides needs to end.
The United States believes in liberty and justice all, and I am absolutely disgusted that Congress and Secretary Kerry Supports Isreal's war crimes against the Palestinian people.

The United States should insist that the Israeli government must act in a civilized way toward Gaza and the Palestinians. Please support US congress members Ellison, Lee and Davis.

All lives matter. Be the change you wish to see.

Israel won the war of 1967 but forgot to win the peace. How would we like it if refugees from south America took over part of our land and re-established as native people a homeland in the USA?

I am glad Israel has a homeland and regret that the Palestinians do not.

Those who have been cheated fight those who have been persecuted. Can we find a solution?
The blockade is a human rights violation.

A Two State solution is the only viable solution and the more quickly it is implemented, the more lives and land will be saved. We can apply the Golden Rule, and recognize that all we do to another, we do to ourselves. Pay attention, Congress and Whitehouse.

Our old ways haven't worked. Time for a new, progressive policy

I pray that Gazans and Palestinians at large get the justice they so deserve. They have suffered for so long and their situation is beyond heartbreaking. Zionism is evil!!! End the blockade now and allow Gazans to have their human rights and autonomy over their lives!!!!

We should demand justice for the beleaguered people of Gaza and Palestine. Enough of our tax dollars, I say, and NO MORE until Israel gets REAL about their lip service to freedom, justice and all that baloney. Let them put our money where their mouth should be and treat others as they expect themselves to be treated. They are SO PHONEY !!!

Elizabeth Waldron

Thank you. Every member of the human family must receive the same right to survival, respect, education...

Only three have the courage to end the Apartheid and mass murder by the Zionist ,is beyond shameful . We form a coalition to fight ISIS, which we created and ignore Israel as a terrorist Nation which we support and help create. It's time to pull the plug on the lunatics in Israel.

The war in the Middle East is going to destroy the Palestinians and the Israelis, because they are in the political hands of right wing religious fundamentalist. We know because we have them here also how dangerous they are. We need the Two State Solution. We want to see love triumph in the world because the Spirit of God is one and expresses through all of us if we understand that all of space, nature and people are the body of God.

Israel's persecution of the Palestinians (including frequent killings of large numbers of civilians) is beyond belief and something they for which they should be ashamed and everlastingly condemned. The Jew's treatment by the Germans and others during World War II in no way justifies this. In fact, it should stand as an example of what one group should NOT do to another.

Let's not give any more money to any fascist theocracies, no matter what religion they claim to represent!


(1). Prosecute, eliminate “MURDER- fraud- crime- injustice networks”= cruel tyranny= robbery machine = ROBBER- ISM; destroying essences of democracy, capitalism; continuing, on-going; relaying, penetrating every segment of our lives (inc. civic non- profit organizations); expanding here domestically to overseas- foreign countries; with threat, coercion, victimization, deprivation, discrimination; unjust practices, manipulation, influence; bad legislative bills; unjust hidden agenda with false/ misleading excuses (inc. private- public partnership, economic development, housing, school construction, transportation, abandonment of properties, maintenance of “paper roads”, nonsense grants, programs; …, whatever) to benefit/ facilitate “MURDER-fraud- crime- injustice networks” (inc. officials, judges, developers, lawyers, employees, etc.); expand further unjust operation; endless unlawful- immoral acts; rob/destruct resources (rights, land, properties, home, buildings, assets, accounts, income, pension, documents, evidences; public, private; business, civic, political); frivolous litigation, levies, foreclosures, garnishment, guardianship, power of attorney; improper processing of complaints, procedures, proceedings, docketing, bookkeeping, accounting; cause vicious cycles: socio- political- election-media- budget- legislative- system problems; civil-human rights backwards; people-slave. Examples of problems are provided below: **
(2). Restore: principle, fairness, cost-effectiveness, accountability, reliability, capability; fair election, justice, peace (including civic, non-profit organizations), “check and balance”; Restore: TRUE essence of democracy, fair election process; easy access to government, files, records, transcripts; not unjustly manipulated, influenced, misled by wrong person, information, or “official misconduct- government gang- fraud- crime- injustice networks” = serious causes of socio- political – election –media- budget- legislative problems, which destroy people, families, society, peace, justice, democracy. Based on merits, justification; NO double standards, improper processing of complaints, procedures, proceedings; falsification, false records, tampering of evidence, data; harassment, intimidation (complainant, witnesses); false charges, citation, bond, imprisonment; disparities and improper treatments, etc.; abuse of laws, power, authorities.
(3). Promote democracy, fair election, quality, competition, people input (policies, issues, officials, judges); televise public hearings, citizen/candidate forum/debate; maintain, disseminate meaningful accurate information, records, capability, reasoning, good sense of justice, public interest, endurance. Objective screening by meaningful rigorous examinations, evaluations for quality, capability, endurance and public interest.
* To capture extended serious problems of “MURDER-fraud- crime- injustice networks” with official misconduct- government gang, please incorporate the following: (A). complaints/ cases: administrative and judicial levels; (B) frequent testimonies before government bodies, official, legislators, law enforcement, committees, public hearings; local – federal; (C) spin-off complaints, improper processing of complaints, procedures, proceedings, accounting, bookkeeping, docketing, etc.; (D) Candidate statements, see Webs and archives. Urge to re-open and investigate Congress.org, DNet (by League of Women Voters), links, etc.; (E) complaints and reports to police, law enforcement, consumer affairs, other authorities/agencies against “fraud- crime- injustice networks”; (F). Numerous TV programs on social issues (Dr. Lih Young: producer, host, speaker).

(G). Frequent recommendations/petitions to officials, agencies, law enforcement, local - federal; as individuals or with civic organizations. ** EXAMPLES OF PROBLEMS - “MURDER- FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE NETWORKS”- with official misconduct, government gang- endless unlawful immoral acts:
(A): OPM, IRS, DHHS, SSA, DOJ, FBI, DOD, USDA, DOC, USCIS (US citizens/ neutralization services), custom services, various agencies, law enforcement; 3 branches, local – federal- global; National Park Service (Prettyman?), Library of Congress (Neil Gladd); many financial/brokerage/ accounting/ bill-payment processing/ collection institutions/agencies; insurance, car related businesses, utilities…, more; dealers Lakeforest Oldsmobile; phone/utilities/cable, judges, legal/court personnel, detective/ process server/ impersonators, with phony names, or would not provide names even in the court cases (Complainant could not get access to court files; could not even make copies); Leslie Gradet, Tamera Jones, William D Roessler; Offices of Treasury, Comptroller, Attorney Gneral: Joel Jacob/Jacobson, Gail Malle-Davis, Sylvia J. Brokos, Mary Hawse, Linda Tanton, Gerald Langbaum, John Barry, Pamela Porter, Leo F. Partridge, Mark Vulcan, Jamis Riley, James Britt, Audrey Thomas, Jeanne Lippy, Jesse Rosenburger, Ralph Lepson; transcribers Margaret Bauer, Senators: Walter Baker, Barbara Hoffman, Thomas Middleton, Trooper: Marty Sealey, Vincent Mass, State Election Board Ross Goldstein; Maryland DOEd Susan Page, Barbara Smith(?), SSA employees and supervisors (especially in Rockville, Md), and Bullivant (?, probably in N. J.; or other states). Lobbysts/ municipal attorneys/lawyers/affiliates, Paul Glasgow, David Venable, Joseph Stoltz, Jr., Barry Gordon, Stephen Perouka, David Steinberg, Wolpoff & Abramson, Richard D. Mirsky, Poppleton, Garrett & Polott, P.C., accountant Hilda K. Matijevic; Marc Sliffman (Silver Spring, Wheaton area), Samuel White and his law firm and lawyers Shawn Bartley, Daniel Pesachowitz, Laura Jolly (phony person, named as "substitute trustee", but can never be found or contacted even through official agencies); many court personnel and judges (District Court – Court of Special Appeals). Court Auditor Robert Romero. State, county health services organizations/ agencies, Department of Health and Human Services, Montgomery County Crisis Center, Jean Burgess (white, female), Marsha Aaron; Department of Aging; Adult Protective Services, Sherry Davis, Suzanne Lord (?), Odick Esq., Bonnie Klem, etc.; Suburban Hospital, physicians, emergency staff; social worker Jody Crecensi (?), case manager Patricia Grafferty (?), Robert Rothstein, M. D. (?), Tipp Woodward; Manor- Care in Potomac Maryland: Cheryl Paulson (?, administrator) and nurses, etc.; forensic services, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene: Jolie Smith; numerous psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, etc.: Potomac Ridge Steven Israel, Collin, Gabriel (?); social worker Tracy Lewit; Springfield Hospital Center: forensic services, Kevin Knight, Dr. Valadez (refused to give full name, despite repeated requests); Carla Craville, Francoise Reynolds, Roxanne Heyman, Amy True; Judges James Sasfield, Gary Crawford, Cheryl McCally, etc., prosecutors/government attorneys, e.g., John McCarthy, Nunylny (?), Peter Mitchell (Montgomery County Office of Human Rights); District Court Commission (Rockville, Md) M. Dickerson; Court Personnel T.M. (only initials, no full name available); many judges, clerk of the courts (Jeffrey Ward, Loretta Knight, Bettie Skelton, Molly Rhul, etc.), other court personnel, various counties, states; local – federal; law enforcement, FBI; police e.g., in Rockville, Md. Sgt. Cowell (first name not available), C.P. Sadleson; officer Davis (MCPD); Denis Lewis (Baltimore County); sheriff: R. Lewis (Female, White, Montgomery Countym Md.), K. Naff (white, male, Montgomery County, Md); fire and rescues (abuse, even no fire; conspiracy).

(B): The problems are interrelated horizontally and vertically, among all issues, local- global. Clerks of the Circuit Court (Montgomery County, Md.) Loretta Knight, Bettie Skelton, Molly Rhul; District Court Clerk Jeffrey Ward, Administrative Judge Cornelius Vaughey, Sheriff Elliot Tolbert, etc. government attorney John McCarthy, Kristen Bender, court personnel, attorneys (public, private), law enforcement (FBI, sheriff, police, fire/rescue, etc., contractors) are part of the “:fraud- crime- networks: with spying, surveillance, harassment, unlawful search, stealing, robbery, injuries; false arrest, imprisonment, citation, trespass, testimony; withholding witnesses; destroy information, documents, evidence, etc.
( C). False/ unjust/ frivolous levies, liens, garnishment, guardianship, power of attorneys, foreclosure, tenant-hold-over- eviction, etc. Thousands of cases are pending in the court systems for years or even decades; believed to be filed by “fraud- crime- networks” to victimize people; without due process, proper services, proceedings; cause homelessness, poverty; not because of the problems of homeowners/citizens, but because of unjust judicial/court/legal personnel, court auditor Robert Romero as part of “official misconduct- government gang- fraud- crime- injustice networks”. Judges (unjust, irresponsible, judicially disabled) include Warren Donohue, John Debelius, Durk Thumpson, Ann Harrington, Louise Scrivener, Lawrence De Beard, Eric Johnson, James McKenna; District Judge Gary Everngam, Judge Gary Crawford; court personnel/ sheriff, attorneys, affiliated law firms; Sheriffs Earnest Turner, R. Lewis, K. Naff, etc.
(E). Problems of privatization, irresponsibility, disabilities of government attorneys and judicial/legal/court personnel are very serious, expanding, local- nationwide- global; exporting injustice overseas; Rockville city, Montgomery County, Maryland state; New Jersey Monmouth County, Judge Robert McLeod (private attorney), Judge Patricia Bueno Cleary, Prosecutor (private attorney) Patrick Healy, police David D’Arcy.
(F) Other people committed, conspired with police and fraud- crime- networks: Private attorneys: Robert McCarthy (Bethesda, Md.), Olivia Cammack (Silver Spring, Md.), David Slacker (Bethesda Md.); Ria Rochvarg (assigned as legal assistance provider to certain counties by Md. Department of Health and Mental Highgiene, but she went around the state for various abuses with Sherry Davis, Police Davis, etc. attorneys (public and private), Timonthy Adelman, Esq., (?) and law firms Adelman, Sheff and Smith(?, in Annapolis, Md), Robert McCarthy, Suburban Hospital, etc. Landlord/ landladies e.g., Jiewen Tan (Rockville, Md.) and Chia Yao (Gaithersburg, Md.) had been unjustly influenced/ conspired.
(G). MURDER-FRAUD- CRIME- INJUSTICE NETWORKS inc. Montgomery County Council, Md, Nancy Floreen, Roger Berliner, Valerie Ervin; Sonya E. Healy, Esq. Legal counsel/Chief of staff (any relation to Patrick Healy, esq. in New Jersey??), Jackie Steward, council hearing coordinators/substitute; Md General Assembly, Jamie Raskin; U. S. Congress, Senate, legal staff; American U, administrative staff, security guard, students (4801 Massachusetts Ave., NW, DC); Catholic U; US Institute of Peace, conference organizers/ speakers.

Excellent point. Now there are THREE House members who believe in Palestinian personhood. Only 532 to go!

Only 532 House and Senate members to go to convince Congress that Palestinians have rights too, and shouldn't continue to pay for something Germany did 75 years ago.

My Congressman from the 4th District of Midland Mi rejects any actions against Isreal, HMMMM

The crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza are on-going and show the cruelty of the supremacist mindset. Let's build the pressure on "our" representatives!

It will be interesting to see if these three brave members of Congress survive the November election. Cynthia McKinney you may recall was inundated by Zionist money and defeated for re-election by a political unknown. Her sin: questioning the propriety of the United States always being in lockstep with Israel -- regardless of Israeli transgressions.

Without justice, there can be no peace. It is time for the U.S. to stop supporting the Israelis unconditionally and to thereby create the conditions that can move this process forward. This is a good place to start.x57mB

Without justice, there can be no peace. If the US withdraws its unconditional support of Israel, we should be able to move in that direction, and this seems a likely first step.W5dQYB

How does this post align with your recent attack on JVP and its supposedly ineffective and unrealistic approach to change. CJPIP which is the group that advocated with Danny Davis is made up of individuals from JVP and other groups with similar positions. It publicly supports BDS and calls openly for a complete end to military aid to Israel. It is also a member group in the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. What needs to be understood is radical activism which challenges dominant and problematic narratives in the US can co-exist with pragmatic efforts to foster relationships with congress people as part of a push for change. This type of action will not be attacked from the "far left" as you have feared but rather will be recognized as productive. I hope that Robert Naiman will reconsider his public attack on positions that are left of J Street and that he deems unrealistic.

United States is way over-extended--only war US can afford is against global warming and that only because neglecting global warming would cost even more. US Navy funds R&D by Sun Fuels seeking sustainable cost-competitive diesel. They hope to succeed by 2025. Once they do federal government can buy patents and start our too big to fail oil firms mass-producing sustainable cost-competitive diesel instead of bullying other nations to sell us their petroleum--CHEAP. More US minds its own business and avoids tangling in other nations' quarrels, the better.

Gaza has been an open-air prison controlled by Israel. The first step to peace is to free the people in Gaza to live as human beings- free from bombings, house demolitions, arbitrary arrest, and free to move about in a peaceful manner, and to obtain all the necessities for a healthy and productive life. Israel's boycott must end NOW,

Dear Sir / Madam,

I congratulate you all for the noble work you are doing in support for an end to the torturous and perverse collective punishment being meted out by the Zionist power structure of Israel on Gaza in particularly, but as well for the last 66 years on all Palestinians who were told by a collusion of the Zionists and the British occupiers of Palestine in 1947, to abide, leave, or die.

I am the writer of the Argentum Post (www.argentumpost.com) wherein I comment and report of the history of Zionism which the mainstream media does not touch.

I also happen to be the son of survivors of the Nazi atrocities against the humanity of Jews and others and signatory to a recent (August 23, 2014) New York Times statement by 400+ survivors of the Holocaust denouncing in no uncertain terms the atrocious recent massacres by Israel in Gaza as well as the horrific abuse of the dispossessed Palestinians for the last 66 years.


Alfred Gluecksmann

Time to end these atrocities. No good will ever come of it.

You are absolutely correct!

If we in the United States want to see peace between Palestinians and Israelis, we must insist on the end of the blockade of Gaza and the collective punishment of Palestinians. The continuing Israeli occupation of territories they conquered in 1967 has created a festering sore, encouraging inhumane and terroristic actions on both sides. This situation is almost certainly the major factor in a growing wave of anti-Semitism around the world.

It is time for all of our elected representatives to speak for justice. Without justice, there can be no peace

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