Report Backs on S.J. Res. 18

Report back on your calls to your Senators' offices concerning S.J. Res. 18 by posting a comment below.

If you haven't called yet, please do. Here's a sample script:

1. You can reach the Capitol Switchboard by calling 1-888-231-9276, a number established by FCNL.
2. Ask to be transferred to your Senator's office.
3. Ask to speak to the staff person who handles foreign or military affairs. If you can't speak with this person, just leave a message with the individual who answered the phone.
4. Say, “My name is _______ and I am from [YOUR CITY, YOUR STATE]. I strongly urge Senator X to co-sponsor S.J. Res. 18, the Webb/Corker bill which would prohibit ground troops in Libya and call on the President to seek congressional authorization for U.S. war in Libya."
5. When you're done, please take a moment and report your call by leaving a comment on thsi page.

Merkley's assistant said he would pass my comment. i am hopeful merkley will sign.
Then i called Wyden's office. His assistant said she doubted he would sign the letter. grrrr

Why is he so afraid of obama? he's a senior Senator and should show more backbone!

Left a voice mail message for Senator Debbie Stabenow and Senator Carl Levin of Michigan.

Left a message with a staffer at Senator Feinstein's office. The script was helpful. I deviated a bit by adding that I am totally opposed to the US attack on Libya, but in any case President Obama needs to go to Congress before continuing the bombing campaign there. I said I expected Senator Feinstein to speak out on this issue. I asked if the office had gotten many calls on this issue today; the woman who spoke with me said she just got on phones and couldn't tell me.

Left a message with Senator Durbin's staff member and a voice message for Senator Kirk.

I called Senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken and spoke to their aides. The aides said that they would pass the message along.

I called and left a message stating it was for the staff person who handles foreign affairs asking that Senator Toomey support S.J. Res 18 which prohibits ground troops in Libya. I said I hoped Senator Toomey can support this important bill. -RF.

Called Senator Casey's office and talked to a Jackson and he said that the staffer who handles foreign affairs is not available so I asked that he (Jackson) tell Senator Casey to please support S.J. Res 18, the Webb-Corker bill which would prohibit ground troops in Libya. Jackson said he would pass my message along.

I called the DC offices of both Hawai'i senators (Akaka and Inouye) to ask they support Webb-Corker. Inouye's office took my name and address and promised a response; Akaka's office only asked for my zip code, but took my message.

Called both NC Senators offices - Burr and Hagan. Spoke with Burr's foreign affairs / military staffer and she gave the usual non-committal response. Hagan's office simply said she hasn't taken a position but will be looking at it since she is on the armed services committee.

I called both Senator Blunt and Senator McCaskill of Missouri requesting that they co-sponsor and take action on this issue! Had to leave messages. Going to email as well.

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