October 2014

Concerned About ISIS, But Also About Endless War? Back Limits on the Use of Force

In response to the U.S. bombing of Islamic State ["ISIS"] fighters in Iraq and Syria, which Congress has never explicitly approved, Members of Congress long concerned about presidents and Congresses skirting the Constitutional role of Congress in deciding when the U.S. will use military force have introduced H. Con. Res. 114, "Urging Congress to debate and vote on a statutory authorization for any sustained United States combat role in Iraq or Syria."

Call Congress TODAY: Not Another Endless War

While Members of Congress are preoccupied with the upcoming midterm election, it’s our job to remind them of the obligations they face when they return to Washington in November—namely, to debate and vote on the Obama administration’s war in Iraq and Syria.

It is not too late to rein in the war and ensure it doesn’t become another endless quagmire.

Just before the recess, Rep. Raul Grijalva introduced a resolution on behalf of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, H. Con. Res. 114, which states that Congress

  1. should debate and vote on a statutory authorization for any sustained U.S. combat role in Iraq or Syria,
  2. does not support the deployment of ground combat troops in Iraq or Syria,
  3. should ensure that any such statutory authorization is limited, and
  4. should ensure that any statutory authorization includes robust reporting requirements.

Call your Rep TODAY at (202) 224-3121 and say

Congress has an obligation to debate and vote on the war in Iraq and Syria when it returns to Washington in November. Rep. ______ should co-sponsor H. Con. Res. 114, which states that Congress should debate and vote on an authorization for the US use of military force in Iraq and Syria which is limited and prohibits the use of US ground troops.

When you’re done, report your call using our easy response form:

References: Hillary, Warren, Bernie: Back Obama's Iran Diplomacy

These are the references for a petition at MoveOn calling for key Democratic leaders Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and former Sen. Hillary Clinton to strongly back President Obama's efforts to reach a diplomatic agreement with Iran over its nuclear program. I put the references here so as not to crowd the petition on the petition page.


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