Urgent Illinois Action: Don't Legitimize Israeli Annexation of the West Bank

Representatives and Senators in the Illinois legislature should oppose HB4011 and SB1761. These bills would legitimize the de-facto Israeli annexation of the West Bank by cutting off state contracts with companies that boycott Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Call your Illinois State Representative and Senator now and urge them to oppose HB4011 and SB1761.

When you're done, report you call below.

Boycotting Israeli settlements in the West Bank as a means of protesting the Israeli occupation has wide political support in the US and internationally, including by Peace Now (Shalom Achshav) in Israel and Americans for Peace Now in the US, Jewish Voice for Peace, and the Presbyterian Church, and United Methodist Church in the US. Any private Israeli entity that wants to receive funding from the European Union must demonstrate that it has no links to the West Bank.

Urge your Representative and Senator in the Illinois legislature to oppose HB4011 and SB1761 by calling them now.

Urge House Dems to #StandWithJan on Iran Talks

House Democrats will play a key role in whether the Obama Administration can secure a deal with Iran. Under the Corker-Cardin compromise on the Corker’s Congressional review legislation, we only need a third of the Senate or a third of the House at a minimum to be willing to sustain a Presidential veto of Congressional legislation against the deal.

Illinois Democrat Jan Schakowsky is circulating a letter in support of the talks. But some House Democrats, like Florida Representative Alan Grayson, are attacking the talks by trying to introduce issues that are outside the scope of the talks and by setting an impossible standard for a “good deal.” That’s why it’s important that your Democratic Representative support the negotiations by signing the Schakowsky letter.

Call your Representative now at 1-202-224-3121 and say

As a constituent, I urge Rep. _________ to join other House Democrats in signing Rep. Schakowsky’s letter supporting efforts to get a diplomatic agreement with Iran. This letter will be a key marker of support for diplomacy among House Democrats.

When you’ve made your call, you can report it here:

Next step in combating dark money in politics

Thanks in part to over 13,000 JFP supporters who signed our petition, Public Citizen was able to deliver over half a million signatures to the White House in support of this initiative.

Today, the national coalition is asking supporters to call the White House to bolster the case for an executive order.

Join the national day of action by calling the White House at 855-980-5638 and saying

Hi I’m [your name] from [your city and state]. I urge the President to use his authority to combat dark money in politics and sign an executive order requiring government contractors to disclose their political spending.

When you’re done, let us know how it went by filling out the form below.

Correspondence with Rep. Alan Grayson About the Iran Talks

[In what follows, I have redacted email addresses, phone numbers, and the names of people who were copied in the exchange but did not participate in it. These are replaced by “X.” When the identity of a participant in the exchange was identified by their email address, the name follows the redacted email address in brackets. -RN]

The key problematic statement in Grayson’s email claiming that critics of his position on the Iran talks are “concocting a conflict that doesn’t exist” is this [my emphasis]:

"As I said, I think that the final agreement should include a complete end to Iran’s nuclear program and its ICBM program, and an end to Iran supplying missiles to terrorist groups."

The reasons this statement from Grayson is so problematic are: 1) no reasonable informed person thinks that "a complete end to Iran’s nuclear program" is a remotely realistic goal for diplomacy, so Grayson's statement is setting up an impossible "unicorns and ponies" standard for a "good deal" (which Grayson, as an informed person, surely knows); 2) the other issues are outside the scope of the talks, and attempts by opponents of the framework deal to add these issues to the talks or argue that these issues are standards by which the comprehensive deal should be judged are a key point of dispute between supporters and opponents of the framework deal. Indeed, language in the original Corker Congressional review bill which the Administration and Senator Cardin successfully removed using the Administration’s veto threat concerns exactly this issue. As the New York Times reported [my emphasis]:

We have a framework for an Iran deal! Tell Dems not to help Republicans kill it

Exciting news from Switzerland: the US, our international partners, and Iran have agreed on a framework for an Iran nuclear deal!

This latest development proves that diplomacy is working. But even with this landmark success, Republicans in Congress will continue to try to derail a final deal. In particular, two pieces of legislation Republicans are trying to push through the Senate—the Kirk-Menendez sanctions bill (S. 269) and the Corker-Menendez bill (S. 615)—will likely be considered shortly after Congress returns to DC on April 14. (Check to see whether your Senators are co-sponsors by following the appropriate links.)

But Republicans can’t kill an Iran deal without help from Democrats. In order to secure a veto-proof majority, Republicans in the Senate need to recruit at least 13 Democrats to support their anti-diplomacy bills.

Republicans are trying to recruit your Dem Senator to help them kill the deal—which means they need to hear from you.

Call your Senator NOW at (202) 224-3121 and say:

The US, our international partners, and Iran have agreed on a framework for an Iran nuclear deal. Diplomacy is working. I urge Sen. _____ to OPPOSE the Kirk-Menendez bill (S. 269), the Corker-Menendez bill (S. 615), and consideration of any other legislation that could compromise a deal until after the June 30 deadline. I also urge Sen. _____ to speak out in support of the framework agreed upon in Switzerland.

When you’re done, report your call using the form below.

UN Security Council: Right Venue for Iran Deal, Right Venue for Israel-Palestine

In the wake of the Israeli election -- in which now re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spectacularly unmasked himself and his supporters as diehard opponents of a diplomatic resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, and in which Netanyahu engaged, as the New York Times put it, in a "racist rant" against the Palestinian citizens of Israel -- the Obama Administration is talking about taking steps to move the venue of diplomacy to reso

Opposing Two States, Netanyahu Unmasks GOP-Likud Agenda of Fake Diplomacy

Congressional Republicans who are trying to blow up U.S.-European diplomacy with Iran would desperately like Americans to believe that they have some alternative besides war to the administration's multilateral efforts to reach a diplomatic agreement with Iran.

If any fair-minded man or woman who reads newspapers retains any doubt that this claim is fraudulent, let incumbent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu -- whom Congressional Republicans constantly invoke as their Supreme Guide on diplomacy with Iran -- put these doubts to rest. (If the Jewish Daily Forward's JJ Goldberg is correct in his handicapping of the Israeli election Tuesday, Netanyahu may not be Israeli Prime Minster for much longer.)

Call your Dem Senator: Don't help Republicans kill the Iran talks

The country is abuzz over the open letter 47 Republican Senators sent to Iranian leadership on Monday warning them that they will try to reverse any deal after Obama leaves office. President Obama accused the signers of making "common cause with the hard-liners in Iran", while Sen. Dick Durbin said Republicans should "think twice about whether their political stunt is worth the threat of another war in the Middle East." Major media outlets that just a few years ago rattled their rhetorical saber at Iran are now calling out Republicans for trying to derail the talks and push us toward war.

Democrats can no longer claim ignorance of Republican intentions. Any Democrat who supports legislation such as the Corker-Graham (S. 615) and Kirk-Menendez (S. 269) bills needs to know that such support is equivalent to supporting Republicans in undermining President Obama and killing the Iran deal. As Sen. Tom Cotton, the originator of the incendiary letter, told a Heritage Action event in January, "the end of these negotiations isn't an unintended consequence of congressional action. It is very much an intended consequence."

But Republicans can't kill the Iran deal without the help of Democrats. In order to secure a veto-proof majority on any of the bills before the Senate, Republicans need to recruit at least 13 Democratic supporters.

Call your Senators NOW at (202) 224-3121 and say

"I urge Sen. _________ to OPPOSE S. 269 and S. 615, which would have dangerous consequences for the ongoing negotiations with Iran. The letter 47 Republican Senators sent to Iranian leaders on Monday makes clear that Republicans do not intend for these bills to support diplomacy, but to kill it. Please don't help Republicans sabotage these talks and push us closer to war."

When you're done, report your call using the form below.

Petition: Senators: Menendez Should Resign From Leadership While Facing Charges (Spanish.)

 The English version is here. To sign, go here

Senadores: Menéndez debe dimitir del liderazgo mientras enfrenta cargos

Los senadores –especialmente el líder de la minoría, Harry Reid– deberían instar al senador de Nueva Jersey, Robert Menéndez, a retirarse del liderazgo demócrata hasta que se resuelvan las acusaciones de corrupción en su contra.

El Departamento de Justicia está preparando presentar cargos de corrupción contra el senador de Nueva Jersey, Robert Menéndez, tras una investigación de 2 años basada en acusaciones por supuestamente haber aceptado regalos y vacaciones lujosas a cambio de favores políticos. [1] Este es un proceso por el que se ha esperado durante mucho tiempo. En 2013, Menéndez y el senador Mitch McConnell fueron considerados los  dos senadores más corruptos por la  organización Ciudadanos por la Responsabilidad y la Ética en Washington (CREW). [2]

Who is skipping Bibi's speech?

Latest Update: March 3 12:30 AM

If your rep is undeclared or on the fence, give them a call at 1-202-224-3121. When you reach a staffer, you can say something like:

I urge Rep./Sen. ___________ to join 60 other Democrats in skipping Netanyahu's March 3 speech. Please stand with Democrats who support President Obama's Iran diplomacy, not with Republicans who want to tear President Obama down.

Find out where your reps stand below.

Skipping (61—Includes 1 Republican)


Bass, Karen (CA-37) — “My support for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship has been consistent during my entire time in elected office, and that support will only continue in the years to come. Support for Israel has traditionally been a non-partisan issue, and I want it to remain so,” she said. "Unfortunately, Speaker Boehner mishandled inviting Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech is now marred with controversy. Prime Minister Netanyahu has been provided with other options to talk with members of Congress, but he has turned them down to do the public speech. It is truly sad that Speaker Boehner and Prime Minister Netanyahu have chosen to play partisan and divisive politics.”

Blumenauer, Earl (OR-03): Wrote a Jan. 29 column in The Huffington Post explaining his decision, saying the Constitution “vests the responsibility for foreign affairs in the president.”

Brown, Corrine (FL-05)

Butterfield, G.K. (NC-01): The head of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) focused on Boehner undermining Obama in a statement and emphasized he's not urging a boycott.

Capps, Lois (CA-24)

Carson, Andre (IN-07)

Castro, Joaquin (TX-20)

Clark, Katherine (MA-05):

Clay, William Lacy (MO-01)