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No US Drone Strikes in Mali Without Congressional Approval

Press reports indicate that the US is considering the use of armed drones to support the French military campaign in Mali. The Administration circumvented Congress when it undertook its military campaign in Libya—we can't let them do it again. Tell your reps in Congress to stand up for Congressional war powers and demand that the President seek their authorization before conducting any drone strikes in Mali. Email the President and Congress >

Senators: Question Brennan and Other Admin Nominees on Drone Policy!

President Obama has announced his picks for his national security leadership team: Chuck Hagel at Defense, John Kerry at State, John Brennan at CIA. But first, each of these nominees must face a Senate confirmation hearing where Senators will be able to ask—and Administration nominees answer—questions about U.S. drone strike policy in open session. Sign the petition >

John Brennan: Tell the Whole Truth About Drone Strikes

White House counterterrorism advisor John Brennan admitted that the US conducts drone strikes against suspected terrorists in Yemen and Pakistan. But what he didn't admit was that the US has launched strikes against unknown persons who merely exhibit patterns of suspicious behavior. The American people ought to know the whole truth. Tell John Brennan to tell the country how US drone strikes are really used. Sign the Petition >

Stop U.S. Airstrikes in Pakistan

U.S. airstrikes in Pakistan are killing Pakistani civilians, turning public opinion against the government, and are destabilizing the Pakistani government.Tell President Obama to order a halt to U.S. airstrikes in Pakistan. Take Action >


After Bin Laden: Congress Must Demand Afghan Exit Plan

In the wake of bin Laden’s death, the world has witnessed a tidal wave of momentum to end the war in Afghanistan. In the midst of this historic moment, the bi-partisan team of Rep. McGovern and Rep. Jones have unveiled new legislation, reviving with new vigor, in a new Congress the cause they have long championed: an exit strategy from Afghanistan. Urge your Representative to support H.R. 1735 >

Urge your Senators to Support an Afghan Exit Plan

White House advisers are weighing whether President Obama will initiate a substantial withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan this year. Urge your Senators to support the establishment of a timetable for U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan by co-sponsoring Senator Boxer's bill, S.186. Email your Senators >

Write a Letter to the Editor in Support of S. 186

As President Obama deliberates the scale and scope of July's Afghanistan drawdown, our Senators should be weighing in. One thing they could do is co-sponsor S.186. Senate offices pay close attention to the letter to the editor sections of local newspapers, so writing a letter to the editor is a good way to expand your advocacy efforts for S.186. Write a Letter to the Editor >

Cut Funding for War in Afghanistan

As the San Francisco Chronicle noted recently, the war in Afghanistan will cost an estimated $116 billion this year, nearly twice what House Republicans say they want to save through deep cuts in domestic programs. H.R.780 would cut the funding for the Afghanistan war, leaving money for a safe and orderly military withdrawal. Email your Representative >

Call for a Christmas Ceasefire in Afghanistan

Pope Benedict XVI took the name "Benedict" to forge a connection between himself and Benedict XV, who called for a "Christmas Truce" during the first World War. Let's urge the present Benedict to follow his predecessor's example by calling for a ceasefire in Afghanistan. Sign the petition >

Don't Let Romney Sabotage Afghan Peace Talks

Mitt Romney and some Members of Congress are trying to sabotage the Obama Administration's efforts to start peace talks with the Afghan Taliban in order to end the war in Afghanistan. Join us in pressing Congress to back peace talks to end the war. Email your representatives >

Tell Your Senators: Speed Afghan Withdrawal, Oppose War with Iran

The National Defense Authorization Act is now before the Senate. This is an opportunity for Senators to support an accelerated withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan and to formally end the war in Iraq. Unfortunately, it's also an opportunity for Senators to push the U.S. further towards military confrontation with Iran. Write to your Senators and urge them to press for an expedited military withdrawal from Afghanistan, to repeal the authorization for the use of force in Iraq, and to oppose new sanctions on Iran that could push us towards a military conflict? View the Action >

Keep Promise of "Serious Drawdown" in July 2011

Recent press reports by McClatchy and the New York Times have suggested that the Obama Administration intends to "publicly walk away from" President Obama's promise to begin drawing down U.S. troops from Afghanistan in July 2011 at the NATO summit this week. Join us in urging President Obama to keep his promise by making the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan in July 2011 significant and serious. Sign the Petition >

Tell the Senate: We Need an Exit Strategy from Afghanistan

A majority of Afghans are sick and tired of war. American public opinion has turned against the war. We need an exit strategy from Afghanistan. View the petition to the United States Senate >

Use the Afghanistan Study Group Report to Help End the War

A group of policy experts who want to end the war in Afghanistan - the Afghanistan Study Group - have unveiled a report calling for the U.S. to scale back its military operations in Afghanistan, and to promote power-sharing and political reconciliation in Afghanistan and diplomacy in the region to end the war. Email your representatives and the President >

Don't Let Petraeus Sabotage Afghan Peace Talks

A recent poll claims that 54% of Americans want a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan. But Gen. Petraeus wants the State Department to designate part of the Afghan Taliban as a terrorist group, a move that could make it more difficult for the Afghan government to reach a political settlement with the Afghan Taliban. Urge your representatives to oppose this action >

Support a Timetable for Military Withdrawal from Afghanistan

We have a rare opportunity to fundamentally change the course of U.S. policy towards Afghanistan: Senator Russ Feingold, Representative Jim McGovern, and Representative Walter Jones have introduced legislation that would require President Obama to establish a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. military forces. Urge your representative to co-sponsor this bill >

Redirect Afghan War Resources to Pakistan Flood Relief

Pakistan has asked that the U.S. immediately provide more helicopters that are urgently needed to save victims of the flood disaster that has affected 14 million people. The U.S. military says that it has helicopters in Afghanistan but redirecting them requires a political decision in Washington. Tell Obama to redirect resources to Pakistan flood >

Congress: Talk About the Human Cost of War

Congress is expected to be asked to approve $33 billion more for war and occupation in Afghanistan. When Congress debates more money for war, it's an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the human cost of continuing war and occupation. Urge your representatives to talk about the human cost of war, both for Americans and for Afghans >

End the War in Afghanistan

Congress will have an opportunity to move forward the debate over ending the war in Afghanistan soon when they consider an "emergency supplemental" to pay for the military escalation announced by President Obama in December. If we want an end to the war to be at the center of the debate, we need to move Members of Congress now. Write to your Representative >

NYT Should Investigate Pro-Airstrike Op-Ed

On Feb 18th, the New York Times op-ed page published a piece by an obscure and poorly identified author attacking General McChrystal for his directive that air strikes in Afghanistan be authorized only under "very limited and prescribed conditions." Ask the NYT to investigate why they published an op-ed calling for an increase in U.S. air strikes in Afghanistan regardless of civilian casualties, and why they failed to disclose that the author works for Booz Allen. Write to the NYT Public Editor > Help Stop Escalation in Afghanistan

Just Foreign Policy, Peace Action, Code Pink, United for Peace and Justice and Voters for Peace have launched a joint project to influence the President's decision on whether to send more troops to Afghanistan. Call your Members of Congress >

Recruit a Republican Against War in Afghanistan

Regardless of whether we like George Will or agree with his arguments, conservative dissent will have an impact on the future of our strategy in Afghanistan. Send your Representatives George Will's Op-Ed about withdrawing from Afghanistan >

Demand Congressional Debate NOW Over Afghanistan Escalation

Congress can still reject or limit the amount of troops to be sent to Afghanistan, but only if they vote on the emergency war funding soon. If they wait until spring -- which is when this sort of debate has occurred over the past few years -- Congress will have little to no power over troop levels. Email your representatives >

Why Die for Karzai?

Help us promote the idea of negotiations in Afghanistan by sending JFP board member Tom Hayden's Los Angeles Times op-ed to your representatives in Congress. Tom calls for the U.S. to support peace talks in Afghanistan instead of military escalation. Click here to read the piece and then email your representatives >

Urge Your Representative to Oppose Escalation in Afghanistan

Rep. Barbara Lee has introduced legislation that would prohibit any increase in the number of troops serving in Afghanistan by declaring that no funds be used for that purpose. Ask your Member of Congress to support this bill >

Support Call in the House for Exit Strategy from Afghanistan

President Obama has said that we must have an “exit strategy” in Afghanistan. Tell your Representative to support a plan to have the Pentagon deliver an exit strategy from Afghanistan by the end of the year. Take Action >

Support Peace Talks in Afghanistan

Recent press reports indicate that the Obama Administration is having an internal debate on whether to supports talks with senior Afghan Taliban leaders. Senior officials like Vice President Biden are said to be more open to reaching out because they believe it will help shorten the war. Would you write to President Obama and urge him to support talks with senior Afghan Taliban leaders? Write to the President >

No Enduring Bases in Afghanistan

Walter Pincus reported recently in the Washington Post that the Pentagon is planning to build long-term U.S. military bases in Afghanistan. Urge your Senators to reject or restrict the Pentagon's funding request as it rejected a long term military construction request for Iraq in 2008. Write to your Senators >


Exit Iraq on Time: Don't Let Obama Extend Bush's War!

Under pressure from the Obama administration, Iraqi leaders have agreed to negotiate a deal that would potentially leave thousands of U.S. troops in Iraq past the end of this year as "trainers". Write your Member of Congress urging him or her to co-sponsor H.R. 2757, the Iraq Withdrawal Accountability Act, which would cut funds for the Iraq war after the end of 2011. Email your Representative >

Tell your Rep: Leave Iraq On-Time!

While some in Washington want to cut Social Security benefits and raise the retirement age for Medicare, the White House and the Pentagon are planning to increase spending on the U.S. occupation of Iraq by extending the U.S. military presence in Iraq with no Congressional debate. Tell your Rep to sign the Lee-Jones letter insisting that President Obama stick to the previously agreed upon deadline of December 31, 2011, for complete withdrawal from Iraq. Email your Rep >


It's 3AM: Where's Hillary on the Iran nuclear deal?

Republicans like Lindsey Graham are attacking the diplomatic deal on Iran's nuclear program negotiated by President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. It would make a big difference in getting political acceptance for the deal if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were to publicly come out and endorse the deal. Email Hillary >

Iran war fever? Be the antidote with Barbara Lee

Be an antidote to Iran war fever. Urge your Representative to support Rep. Barbara Lee's bill, HR 4173, which would direct the President to appoint a Special Envoy to Iran to help prevent war. And urge the President not to remove the MEK from the State Department's foreign terrorist organizations list. Write to Congress >

In Iran Diplomacy, Go for a Feasible Deal Now

While the U.S. and Iran are currently on a path of confrontation, the Obama Administration has reportedly drafted a confidence-building measure in which Iran would halt its 20% uranium enrichment and the West would provide fuel for Iran's medical research reactor, which is used to treat Iranian cancer patients. Email President Obama >

Hey, Sen. Feinstein, Read the New York Times!

After Brennan's confirmation hearing last Thursday, California Senator Dianne Feinstein—who is the head of the Senate committee that oversees the CIA and drone strike policy—told reporters that she "was unaware of reports that in some instances U.S. officials assumed any male of fighting age killed in a strike was a combatant." Apparently, Sen. Feinstein doesn't have a subscription to the New York Times! Sign the petition >

Why Didn't Meet the Press Challenge Bibi?

On September 16, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared on US Sunday talk shows, scaremongering about Iran’s nuclear program. Meet the Press allowed Netanyahu to give a completely false picture of the Iran nuclear issue, without challenge. Tell Meet the Press that real journalism requires challenging false statements from politicians at our new campaign site Email Meet the Press at >

Why is the New York Times peddling Iranophobia?

At long last, the United States and Iran are engaged in serious talks about Iran's nuclear program. But instead of celebrating the fact that President Obama is keeping his campaign promise of diplomatic engagement with Iran, the New York Times has told its readers that Iran's Supreme Leader can't be trusted when he says Iran will never pursue a nuclear weapon. Write to the New York Times >

Victory! WaPo Fixes Headline Claiming Iran Has Nuclear Weapons Program

Just Foreign Policy initiated a campaign to get the Washington Post to correct a photo gallery headline which asserted as if it were fact the mere allegation that Iran has a nuclear weapons program. We are pleased to announce that the WaPo has revised the headline. Read the full story >

Obama: Be Clear There's No Proof on Iran Nuclear Weapons Program

In an interview, President Obama disagreed with reports about possible attacks on and from Iran. But he also referred to Iran's nuclear program as their "nuclear weapons program" even though there is no proof that Iran has such a program. Tell Obama to be clear in his public statements that there is no proof Iran has a nuclear weapons program. >

Say NO to AIPAC! Say NO to War with Iran!

Thousands of AIPAC activists were on the Hill March 6 to push for war with Iran. But AIPAC doesn't speak for the American people--or even the Israeli people. Let your Representatives know that Americans do not support another war of choice in the Middle East! Tell your representatives to oppose and vote NO on S. Res. 380 (in the Senate) and H. Res. 568 (in the House), which aim to lower the threshold for war with Iran. Write to Congress >

Your Representative May Unwittingly Sabotage Diplomacy with Iran

As early as Tuesday, the House is expected to consider a new round of broad, indiscriminate sanctions against Iran. This time, however, there is a special surprise concealed in the bill's depths: a provision which would restrict contact, both official and unofficial, between US government employees and Iranian officials who “present a threat to the United States” or are affiliated with terrorist organizations. Worst of all is that many of the 358 cosponsors don't even know the provision exists. View the action >

Afraid to Negotiate with Iran?

During the Presidential campaign, Senator Obama repeatedly quoted President Kennedy: "Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate." But with the administration's apparent dismissal of the Iran-Turkey-Brazil agreement, it seems that the President is, indeed, afraid of negotiating with Iran. Tell him not to fear negotiations.
Sign the petition >

US Should Stay Out of Iran Dispute

Appearing to meddle in Iran's internal affairs would be counterproductive to the interests of Iranian protesters and to the future of U.S.-Iran relations. Thank President Obama for his smart response and urge him to continue to stay out. View the petition >

Prevent Accidental War With Iran

To prevent an accidental military conflict with Iran in the Strait of Hormuz, Congressmen John Conyers (D-MI) and Geoff Davis (R-KY) have introduced a bipartisan resolution calling for President Obama to include the negotiation of an "Incidents-at-Sea Agreement" with Iran as part of his talks with Tehran. Prevent Accidental War >

A Backdoor to War with Iran?

Some Members of Congress are trying to create a political "backdoor" to war with Iran by pushing a resolution expressing support for Israel's "right" to launch a military attack on Iran. Such an Israeli attack would be likely to draw the U.S. into war, so efforts to legitimize an Israeli attack constitute a stealth path to a U.S. war. Urge your Representative to oppose this resolution >

Syria: Ceasefire. Negotiations. Talk to Iran.

Congress has stopped consideration of the authorization for the use of military force in Syria while the Obama administration pursues a plan, facilitated by Russia, to secure Syria's chemical weapons stockpile. Let's keep the diplomacy going. Tell the US to talk to Iran to secure a ceasefire and negotiations to end the war in Syria. Sign the petition >


Bar US Ground Troops from Libya

The U.S. military mission in Libya has morphed from "protecting civilians" to "regime change." But many do not believe that regime change can be accomplished without the introduction of ground troops. Rep. John Conyers plans to introduce an amendment to the next government funding bill - the Continuing Resolution which the House will consider in the next few days - which would prohibit the use of funds for any type of ground troop presence in Libyan territory. Email your Representative >

Press Congress to Debate Libya

The new war in Libya could easily cost over $1 billion and a U.S. warplane has already crashed in Libya. Under the Constitution, Congress must authorize the use of military force, but the Obama Administration has taken the country to war in Libya without Congressional approval. Email your Representative >

Help the Libyan People, But Not With Bombs

Many Americans have been justly outraged by press reports that the Libyan government has turned its weapons on peaceful protesters. But there's been a lot of loose talk about a unilateral US military intervention, which would be a grave violation of the UN Charter, just as the US invasion of Iraq was. US military officials have explained that US military force isn't a magic wand to solve Libya's problems. Email the President >


What will Happen in Palestine this Weekend?

Every weekend since the beginning of January, Palestinian nonviolent activists have erected tent villages in the West Bank to protest Netanyahu's confiscation of Palestinian land for Israeli settlements. We're asking concerned members to help spread the word about these protests as the news breaks. Sign the pledge and we'll send you an email when the next village goes up. Sign the pledge >

Here Comes AIPAC, Lobbying for War

Overcoming months of smears, hysterical rhetoric, and procedural obstruction, Chuck Hagel was confirmed to be our next Secretary of Defense. In the process, we showed that we could beat the Likud Lobby. Now the Lobby is pressing Congress to endorse an Israeli military attack on Iran. If we could beat the Likud Lobby on Hagel, we can beat them on this. Email President Obama and Congress >

Freedom Waves Flotilla to Gaza

This was a continuously updated action page for the Freedom Waves Flotilla, which was intercepted in international waters off the coast of Gaza in November 2011. The action initially called for activists to tell the State Department and the President to tell Israel not to harm the flotilla participants, and ultimately called for the US to do more to free two Americans held in Israeli jail. View the Action >

Shalit is Free. Lift the Siege of Gaza Now

With the recent release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in a prisoner exchange between Israel and Hamas, the international community has a window of opportunity to press for ending the blockade of Gaza. Tell President Obama and your representatives in Congress to press for the closure of Gaza to be lifted now! Email the President and your representatives >

Don't Punish Palestinians for Free Speech at U.N.

As the expected U.N. vote on recognizing Palestine as a state nears, threats of retaliation against the Palestinians for taking their case to the United Nations are increasing. A House appropriations subcommittee has already passed a bill that could cut off U.S. aid to the Palestinians if they refuse to drop their U.N. bid. Email your representatives and President Obama >

Tell Washington: Don't Veto Palestinian Independence!

The U.N. Security Council may soon consider the issue of the expected Palestinian application for admission to the United Nations as a member state. But the U.S. government has indicated that it may block Palestinian independence by vetoing a recommendation by the U.N. Security Council of the Palestinian application for membership. Urge President Obama and your representatives in Congress to oppose blocking Palestine's bid for U.N. membership >

Don't Jump Ship on Gaza!

Passengers on the U.S. boat to Gaza, the Audacity of Hope--including JFP's Robert Naiman--have returned home after the Greek government thwarted their attempt to set sail to Gaza. While the Audacity of Hope didn't reached Gaza, it did reach major media outlets in the United States and around the world, which put the illegal Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip in the headlines for weeks. Find out more about what you can do to help continue the fight to end the blockade of Gaza >

Urge Hillary to Protect U.S. Passengers in Gaza Flotilla

A U.S. boat will take part in this June's international flotilla to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Just Foreign Policy's Policy Director Robert Naiman will be a passenger on this boat, along with author Alice Walker and dozens of other American peace activists. The passengers have made a commitment to nonviolence. Now, we need our government officials to tell Israel not to meet our nonviolent peace activists with violence. View the Petition >

Urge US Not to Veto Israeli Settlements Resolution

A key resolution on the Israel-Palestine conflict is before the UN Security Council which, among other things, demands an immediate halt to Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. While the resolution largely echoes stated US policy, forces in Washington who want to protect the Israeli occupation are pressuring President Obama to veto it. Email President Obama >

Pressure the American Press to Cover the Gaza Freedom March

The Egyptian government has blocked an international delegation of peace activists -- including JFP's Robert Naiman -- from joining a march through Gaza in protest of the ongoing Israeli blockade, but there has been largely a media blackout in the U.S. of the developments coming out of Egypt. Email the New York Times and Washington Post >

Egypt: Don't Block International Gaza Freedom March!

The Egyptian has announced that it will not allow an international delegation of over 1000 peace activists -- including JFP's Robert Naiman -- to cross the Egyptian border into Gaza. The march's goal is to raise awareness of the crisis caused by the Israeli blockade and bring much needed humanitarian relief. Help ensure that this march proceeds. Email Egyptian officials >

Defend Obama From AIPAC

This is a critical moment for efforts to bring about peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Pres. Obama, VP Biden, and Sec. of State Clinton have taken a public stand against Israeli settlement expansion in Palestinian East Jerusalem. But AIPAC lobbyists in Washington are urging Congress to pressure President Obama not to insist on a freeze in the expansion of Israeli settlements. Write to your reps >

Arab Spring

Tell Congress: Oppose the Bahrain Arms Deal

As the Bahraini government cracks down on the peaceful pro-democracy demonstrations in its country, what's the United States' response? Oh, just sending $53 million worth of military equipment to the regime. Defenders of freedom and democracy indeed. Tell your reps: oppose this hypocrisy, sign the McGovern-Wyden resolution Email your representatives >

Urge Obama to Freeze Assets of Deposed Tunisian Clan

A Tunisian prosecutor is investigating overseas bank accounts, real estate and other assets held by deposed Tunisian President Ben Ali, his wife and other relatives. France, Switzerland, and Germany have announced moves to freeze assets linked to the Ben Ali clan. But the U.S. has made no such move. Email President Obama >

US: Drop Insistence That Mubarak Lead Transition

The U.S. is still insisting that a transition to democracy in Egypt should be led by the Mubarak government, while the opposition in Egypt sees the departure of the present government as necessary for a democratic transition. Tell the Obama administration to stop insisting that Mubarak lead Egypt's transition to democracy. Email President Obama >

Tie US Military Aid to Benchmarks for Democracy

Some would have us believe that Washington's influence to help bring about democracy in Egypt is limited. But there's one thing Washington hasn't done: tie any portion of U.S. military aid to Egypt to specific reforms that everyone knows are necessary for Egyptians to experience a democratic election. Urge President Obama and Congress to tie U.S. military aid to democratic reform. Email President Obama and your representatives >

Protesters Attacked in Cairo - Demand That Obama Stop the Violence

A pro-government mob, whom some, including journalists, say were actually police or otherwise paid by the government, attacked peaceful anti-government protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square, while the U.S.-backed Egyptian military did nothing to stop the violence. Demand that President Obama and other U.S. officials act immediately to stop the violence by holding the U.S.-backed Egyptian military to account Email President Obama >

Latin America

No Aid to Honduran Death Squads

Honduran National Police Director General Juan Carlos Bonilla has been accused of extrajudicial killings for which he has never been investigated. The State Department claims that the millions of tax dollars sent to the police don't go to such units; yet, the AP recently found that ALL Honduran police units report to Bonilla. Aid to these units is against US law. Tell the Obama admin to comply with US law and end all aid to the Honduran police. Email your reps >

Urge President Obama to Stand for Democracy in Ecuador

On Thursday, September 30, there was a police rebellion in Ecuador that many have described as an attempted coup. Many in the region are questioning what the role of the United States might be in these events. Urge President Obama to make a clear statement of opposition to any attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ecuador. Email the President >

Demand Fair Reporting on Honduras

One reason there hasn’t been more public pressure on the Obama Administration to help Latin America reverse the coup in Honduras is that repression in Honduras and opposition in the U.S. Congress have been under-reported in the U.S. press. Write to the Miami Herald and McClatchy News and ask them to report on these key facts >

Urge Congress to Expand Airdrops in Haiti

In part because of restrictions imposed by the U.S. military, aid is still not getting through quickly enough to people in Haiti who desperately need it. In particular, fresh water is not getting through to people who need it. The US has begun airdrops of food and water, but the program needs to be expanded. Write to your reps >

Tell Congress: Lift the Cuba Travel Ban

President Obama has made historic steps to improve U.S. diplomatic relations with Cuba and Venezuela. Ask your Representative to add their voice, by supporting the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act, using the form below. 70% of Americans say that all Americans should be allowed to travel to Cuba.
Act Now >

Military Budget

Cut Social Security & Veterans' Benefits? Cut the Pentagon Instead!

President Obama has endorsed cutting Social Security and veterans' benefits by using the "chained CPI" to lower the cost-of-living adjustment. The Congressional Budget Office says cutting Social Security and veterans' benefits in this way would save the government $163 billion over ten years. But there are much better ways for the government to save $163 billiion. Email your reps >

$200 Billion in "Real Savings" If We End the Wars "On Time"

By Thanksgiving, the Congressional "Super Committee" is supposed to come up with $1.2 trillion in debt reduction over 10 years. The Pentagon wants to keep 10,000 troops in Iraq and 25,000 troops in Afghanistan indefinitely. Stopping the Pentagon's plans would save at least $200 billion by 2021, 1/6 of the Super Committee's goal. Email your representatives and the President >

"Super Committee" Should Cut the War Budget

While some people want the "Super Committee" of Congress to cut Social Security benefits and raise the Medicare retirement age to reduce future government deficits, the possibility of cutting spending on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq has been largely ignored. Rep. Lynn Woolsey is circulating a letter to the Super Committee urging them to eliminate future spending on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as part of the debt deal. Email your representatives and the President >

A Historic Opportunity to Cut Military Spending by a Trillion

The recent Washington agreement to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for budget cuts has created a historic opportunity for deep cuts in projected military spending--cuts that would help prevent future wars. By Thanksgiving, a joint House-Senate committee is supposed to recommend $1.5 trillion in cuts in projected spending over 10 years. Most of these cuts can come from the projected military budget. Email your Representative >

Foreign Military Bases

Respect Democracy in Japan

Voters in Japan have spoken. They don't want the Futenma US military base in Okinawa. But instead of respecting the will of the majority of Japanese voters, US officials have tried to bully the newly elected reformist Japanese government into reneging on its election promise to remove the US military base from Okinawa. Write to the President and your reps >

No Enduring Bases in Afghanistan

Walter Pincus reported recently in the Washington Post that the Pentagon is planning to build long-term U.S. military bases in Afghanistan. Urge your Senators to reject or restrict the Pentagon's funding request as it rejected a long term military construction request for Iraq in 2008. Write to your Senators >

International Financial Institutions

Support Jeffrey Sachs for World Bank President

Representative John Conyers circulated a letter to President Obama asking him to nominate Jeffrey Sachs for World Bank President. Our members asked their Representatives to sign. View the action page > View the letter and list of signatures >

Transparency on Foreign Policy

Help Free the TPP!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement--which some have taken to referring to as "NAFTA on steroids"--could ultimately affect the lives of billions of people worldwide. Neither the public, the press, nor even the US Congress knows the full extent of what's in the text being negotiated--but corporate lobbyists know what it contains. Help us raise a reward for WikiLeaks should it publish the negotiating text of the TPP! Make a pledge at >

Join Oliver Stone & Noam Chomsky in Supporting Snowden Asylum

The U.S. government’s crackdown on whistleblowers is a direct threat to our efforts to reform U.S. foreign policy to make it more just. If we don't know for sure what the U.S. government is doing, we can’t have an effective democratic debate about what U.S. policy should be. Faced with the threat of persecution by the U.S, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has applied to numerous governments for political asylum. Sign the petition >

Urge President Correa to Grant Asylum to Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who fears being extradited to the U.S. to face charges of violating the Espionage Act for his role in leaking U.S. diplomatic cables, has asked Ecuador for political asylum. Please sign our petition to Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa urging him to grant Julian Assange's request for political asylum. Sign the Petition >
UPDATE: This petition was delivered to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on Monday, June 25, but it is still open for signatures. You can watch a video of the delivery here.

Tell Sweden: Promise No US Extradition of Assange!

Many are claiming that Julian Assange faces no danger of being extradited from Sweden to the US if handed over to Swedish authorities. But recent comments by US officials, including the US Justice Department and California Senator Dianne Feinstein, reaffirm US intentions to try to prosecute Assange under the Espionage Act. Join us in urging the Swedish authorities to pledge not to extradite Julian to the US by signing our petition. Sign the Petition >

UK: Don't Allow US Extradition of Assange

According to the terms of his European Arrest Warrant, in order for Julian Assange to be extradited from Sweden to the US, the UK must first consent. So if the UK would only give assurances that it would not consent to a US extradition, Assange would be safe to travel to Sweden for questioning. And if the UK refuses to make a public declaration, it gives credence to the view that something's up. What's the UK waiting for, then? Sign the Petition >

House Must Sanction Bachmann for Anti-Muslim McCarthyism

Rep. Michele Bachmann is using her position on the House Intelligence Committee to promote a conspiracy theory that government officials are part of a Muslim Brotherhood plot to infiltrate the U.S. government. Bachmann has refused to apologize or back down, even after prominent Republicans like Senator John McCain demanded that she stop. Email your Representative >