Haiti Cholera Counter

We created this counter in order to educate the public about the ongoing cholera crisis in Haiti.

While it has been widely conceded that UN troops introduced cholera into Haiti in October 2010, the UN has done little to help treat, prevent, and control the disease. We believe that the UN ought to take on a leadership role in addressing Haiti's cholera crisis, not only because it bears part of the blame for the epidemic, but also because the UN's mission is to keep Haiti safe--and the safety of Haitians depends on their having access to improved water and sanitation.

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US Troops Left in Afghanistan Counter

Click here to find out how many US troops are left in Afghanistan.

As President Obama's drawdown is implemented, we wish to raise awareness about the number of US troops left in Afghanistan. We believe that many people do not realize how many troops are in the country, nor do they realize how slow and insufficient the planned drawdown is. By inviting others to post the counter, we hope to spread the word about the work that remains to extract the US military from Afghanistan.

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US Deaths in Afghanistan: Obama vs. Bush Counter

US Deaths in Afghanistan: Obama vs Bush. Click here to learn more.

We began to track US troop deaths in Afghanistan when, on August 16, 2010, Robert Naiman, our policy director, discovered that the number of troop deaths during the year and a half since President Obama took office was the same as the number of troops who had died during Bush's entire term. Since then, the number of US troops who have died during Obama's administration has doubled. This is largely due to Obama's two surges and a more aggressive strategy on the ground. The question we should be asking is: has it been worth it? And how many more will we allow to die before we say "Enough!"?

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Iraqi Civilian Deaths Counter

This counter was created in response to the Lancet study of July 2006, which suggested that the civilian death toll being reported in the media was a gross underestimate. Our counter drew upon the findings of the Lancet study and used the Iraq Body Count project's figures to extrapolate an up-to-date, illustrative estimate of Iraqi deaths due to the US-led invasion. Since the US military has, for the most part, been extricated from Iraq, this counter is no longer regularly updated.

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