The Latest on Amendments on the Defense Appropriations Bill


Rep. Conyers' amendment to prohibit funds for ground troops in Libya, "unless the purpose of such deployment is solely to rescue members of the United States Armed Forces", was approved by voice vote!

Rep. Lee's amendment to cut funds for the war in Afghanistan failed by 97-322. Find out how your member voted here.

Rep. Kucinich-Amash amendment to cut all funds for the war in Libya failed by 199-229. Find out how your member voted here.

The Defense Appropriations bill as a whole was passed 336-87.

Below is a list of votes on other amendments to the Defense Appropriations bill relevant to the wars and Pentagon spending, provided by Council for a Livable World.


Rep. Cole (R-OK) amdt: “None of the funds made available by this Act may be used by the Department of Defense to furnish military equipment, military training or advice, or other support for military activities, to any group or individual, not part of a country's armed forces, for the purpose of assisting that group or individual in carrying out military activities in or against Libya.”
Approved 225-201

Rep. Gohmert (R-TX) amdt: Limits spending on Libya operations. None of the funds made available by this Act may be obligated, expended, or used in any manner to support military operations, including NATO or United Nations operations in Libya or in Libya's airspace.
Defeated 162-265

Libya and War Powers: Offered by Sherman (D-CA): bars spending that violates the War Powers Act, which, according to Sherman, would limit the Administration from spending on any military activities not currently underway. On June 13, the House voted 248-163 for a similar Sherman (D-CA) amendment to the Military Construction appropriations bill.
Approved 316-111

Rep. Rigell (R-VA): None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to support Operation Odyssey Dawn (former U.S. operations in Libya) or Operation unified Protector (NATO operations in Libya).
Defeated 176-249


Afghanistan funds: Offered by Welch (D-VT): Bars spending more than $200 million for the Commander's Emergency response Program.
Defeated 169-257

Afghanistan war: Offered by Garamendi (D-CA): To cut $20.9 billion to wind down the war in a responsible way over the next 18 months so that at the end of the 18 months-- December 31, 2012--that there'd be no more than 25,000 troops in Afghanistan.
Defeated 133-295

Afghanistan war: Offered by Lee (D-CA)-Jones (R-NC): To cut the $5 billion of the Overseas Contingency Operations Transfer Fund
Defeated 114-314

Afghanistan Security Forces Fund: Offered by Cohen (D-TN): To cut $200 million for Afghanistan security forces.
Defeated 210-217

Afghanistan Security Forces Fund: Offered by Cicilline: To cut $475 million from the Afghanistan Infrastructure Fund.
Defeated 145-283 [vote not available]

Afghanistan Security Forces Fund: Offered by Cohen (D-TN): To cut $4 billion for Afghanistan security forces
Defeated 119-306


Pakistan reimbursement: Offered by Poe (R-TX): To cut $1 billion from the reimbursement account that the United States pays for the war on terror to reimburse Pakistan.
Defeated 131-297

Funds for Pakistan: Offered by Poe (R-TX): To cut $1 billion from the Pakistan counterinsurgency fund.
Defeated 140-285

Aid to Pakistan: Offered by Rohrabacher (R-CA): bars any assistance to Pakistan.
Defeated 89-338


Military spending: Offered by Mulvaney (R-SC): cut the Pentagon budget by $17 billion, freezing the budget at the Fiscal Year 2011 level.
Defeated 135-290

Cutting increase in Department of Defense Budget: Offered by Frank (D-MA)-Campbell (R-CA)-Holt (D-NJ)-Jones (R-NC)-Moore (D-WI)-Paul (R-TX) amendment scaling back the planned FY 2012 increase in the Defense base budget from $$17.3 billion by $8.5 billion. The amendment stipulates that none of the reduction in expenditures will come from payroll for military personnel, Department of Defense health programs and emergency war spending. Given the scale of our nation’s fiscal problems, the proposed $17 billion increase in non-war spending in the reported bill shows an insufficient commitment to the necessity of cutting waste and unnecessary spending.
Defeated 181-244

Troops overseas: Offered by Polis (D-CO): None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to maintain an end strength level of members of the Armed Forces of the United States assigned to permanent duty in Europe in excess of 30,000 members and reduces funding for military personnel by $813 million.
Defeated 113-307

Reduce funding: Offered by Flake (R-AZ) to reduce the Overseas Contingency Operations Transfer Fund by $3.6 billion because there is virtually no guidance on how the money should be spent beyond requiring that any obligations be pursuant to the global war on terrorism.
Defeated 118-295

UPDATED Call Script

1. Call your Representative at 1-888-231-9276.
2. Ask for your Representative by name. If you don't know who your Representative is, you can find out here.
2. When you reach your Representative's office, ask to speak to the staff person who handles foreign policy, or ask for the foreign policy staff person by name, if you know it. If this person is not available, leave your message with the person who answered the phone.
3. Tell them: "I urge you to support the Conyers amendment to the Defense Appropriations amendment to ban ground troops in Libya."
4. After you make your call, take a moment to tell us how your call went by leaving a comment on this blog post. You can also report back on Twitter by tweeting us @justfp.

We will be live tweeting during the House debate @justfp and posting updates here.

I just called Nadler (D-NY) and asked him to please support the Lee Amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill to bring our troops home and end the war in Afghanistan. The assistant thanked me for calling and when I asked how Nadler was voting he told me in the past Nadler has voted against the war. I told him I knew that and just wanted to give him moral support. Thanks for sending me this information.

Call Rep. Murphy (PA) and spoke to his assistant. Left message that I urge him to support the Kucinich-Amash bill amnendment to end the war in Libya. Wish I had read Julia's blog post so that I would have known to ask how he is voting. Otherwise, I feel great for having participated in putting an end to the slaughter of the middle eastern people!

I called Representative Peterson's office and got the usual polite response from one of the staff, thanking me for calling and assuring me he would inform the congressman of my message. As usual, the staff member said he did not know whether the congressman has taken a position.

Called Rep. Kelly about 11:35, Wed. 7/6; left a msg. re: 3 requests in your blog.

I CALLED MIKE THOMPSON (CA) AND LEFT A MESSAGE WITH SCOTT. (all the others were in a meeting.)

Call Rob Andrews (D) of the first district of New Jersey. Man, sounds like his staff is half asleep! A bleary-eyed staffer told me he'd be getting back to me with more info. I was like, "About what? How is he voting?" No answers. Guess I'll be getting the form email or letter again.

I called Rep. Chris Smith's (NJ) office. They took the information and will pass the message along.

I've called Rep. John Dingell's office (Michigan). The staff member there will pass my information along.

I just contacted Congressman Huizenga (R MI) regarding the Amash-Kucincich Bill.....His stance on foreign policy has always been closely aligned with the Neo-con's. so I hope as many people as possible in district 2 will contact him.

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