Together, we can push our elected leaders to support real talks with Iran without pre-conditions – and to oppose a military attack. Join the effort by asking your Congressional representatives to support diplomacy, not confrontation, with Iran.

Feb. 7: Los Angeles, CA

Feb. 9: Portland, OR

Feb. 10: Sacramento, CA

Feb. 11: San Francisco, CA

Feb. 12: Seattle, WA

Feb. 13: Albuquerque, NM

Feb. 15: Columbia, MO

Feb. 16: Peoria, IL

Feb. 17: Champaign-Urbana, IL

Feb. 18: Omaha, NE

Feb. 19: Chicago, IL

Feb. 20: Columbus, OH

Feb. 22: Atlanta, GA

Feb. 25: Miami, FL

Feb. 26: Tampa, FL

Feb. 27: Philadelphia, PA

Feb. 28: New York, NY

Feb. 29: Long Island, NY

March 3: Waterville, ME

March 4: Concord, NH

March 5: Baltimore, MD

March 6: Washington, DC

March 7: Washington, DC


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For Release: February 7, 2008
Contact: Anne Singer, 202-271-4679

Journalist/Middle East Author Stephen Kinzer Launches 22-City Tour Against War with Iran

Kinzer, Retired U.S. Generals, Congress Members, Others to Travel from L.A. to Peoria to D.C. Calling for Diplomacy and Support of H.R.5056

Washington, DC – Award-winning author and former New York Times correspondent Stephen Kinzer begins a cross-country speaking tour today warning against U.S. military intervention in Iran.  An expert in the history of U.S. foreign policy, Kinzer will join other experts to call for real diplomacy between the U.S. and Iran and for support of the Iran Diplomatic Accountability Act of 2008. The tour begins February 7 in Los Angeles and ends in Washington, DC on March 6, 2008.

Kinzer was a New York Times correspondent for 20 years, has covered more than 50 countries on five continents and written several books on U.S. policy in the Middle East and Latin America.  The Washington Post called him "among the best in popular foreign policy storytelling."  His 2003 book about the legacy of the U.S.-sponsored coup against Iran's democratic government in 1953, All The Shah’s Men, was just reissued by Wiley & Sons with a new foreword, “The Folly of Attacking Iran.”

"Historically, when America engages in regime change, it's often for the wrong reasons or under false pretenses," said Kinzer. “In most cases, these operations end up having terrible results, not only for the target country but also for the United States itself.  The emergence of a militant religious regime in Iran is in part a result of the American-sponsored overthrow of Iran's elected government in 1953.  It's vital that we not make the same mistake again."

Following President Bush’s singling out of Iran in his January 28 State of the Union Address, Kinzer said: "An attack on Iran now would seriously damage America's position in the Middle East.  It would create intense anti-American feeling in the only Muslim country in that area whose people are now pro-American. It would give Iran's nuclear scientists a passionate incentive to collaborate with America's enemies, and it would set back the country's progress toward democracy for another generation.  Instead of threatening Iran, we should offer to open an unconditional dialogue.  Now is the time for a Nixon-to-China moment, for a sign that American leaders are able to imagine a relationship with Iran that is based on the two countries' mutual interests rather than on anger and fear.”

Retired Generals, Iranian-American scholars, CATO expert Justin Logan, journalist Chris Hedges, Council on Foreign Affairs member Barbara Slavin, local officials and others will join Kinzer on the tour. All favor direct, unconditional and comprehensive talks with the Iranian government, particularly in light of the recent National Intelligence Estimate finding that Iran abandoned its nuclear weapons program in 2003. 

Complete Tour schedule and speakers’ bios at: http://FollyofAttackingIran.org/.
Iran Diplomatic Accountability Act of 2008 details at: http://www.justforeignpolicy.org/iran/hr5056.html


"The Folly of Attacking Iran: Time for Real Diplomacy" tour is organized by Just Foreign Policy (www.justforeignpolicy.org) and co-organized by Americans for an Informed Democracy, the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation, the National Iranian American Council, Peace Action and Physicians for Social Responsibility with support from the Colombe Foundation, Lee and Gund Foundation, The Pluralism Fund and the Stone Foundation.