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Recent appearances by Just Foreign Policy staff and board in the media:

The Independent: Imran Khan braves march into Pakistan's Taliban heartland
October 5, 2012

The UK's The Independent reports on the CodePink delegation to Pakistan, including our petition and letter delivery, and cites from our press release. Read the article >

The Matthew Filipowicz Show: Episode 158 with Robert Naiman, Uylonda Dickerson and David Shuster
October 4, 2012

Robert Naiman talks with Matthew Filipowicz from Islamabad, Pakistan, about US drone strike policy. Listen to the show >

Pakistan Today: Americans sign petition in condemnation of US drone attacks on Pakistan
October 4, 2012

A short article on the letter and petition delivery. Read the article >

ANI: Over 3,000 leading Americans call for end to drone strikes in Pakistan
October 4, 2012

Another short article on the letter and petition delivery. Read the article >

Press TV: American anti-drone activists in Pakistan ahead of mass rally
October 3, 2012

PressTV write-up of our petition and letter delivery, including Robert Naiman's exchange with acting Ambassador Richard Hoagland about targeting of civilian rescuers. Read the article >

The Express Tribune: Condemning drones: Petition signed by over 3,000 Americans delivered to US Embassy
October 3, 2012

A Pakistani paper writes up our petition and letter delivery. Read the article >

Nature: Trade deal to curb generic-drug use
September 4, 2012

This Nature article on generic drug issues in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement opens with a description of and the reward we're offering for the release of the TPP negotiating text. Read the article >

Dean Baker: The Pacific free trade deal that's anything but free
August 27, 2012

Dean Baker, a member of Just Foreign Policy's board, write about the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement in the Guardian, including a mention of and our bounty. Read the article >

TechDirt: $17,000+ Bounty Offered For Leaks Of TPP Negotiating Texts
August 23, 2012

TechDirt on and the bounty we're offering for the release of the TPP negotiating text. Read the article >

AFP: 10,000 messages back Assage's asylum in Ecuador
June 27, 2012

AFP reports on messages of support for Julian Assange's asylum request received at the Ecuadorean embassies in London and Washington, including JFP's letter signed by prominent Americans. Read the article >

Fox News Latino: Oliver Stone & Michael Moore: Ecuador, Give Julian Assange Asylum!
June 26, 2012

Fox News Latino covers the delivery of our letter and petition in support of Julian Assange's asylum request, including quotes from our Policy Director Robert Naiman. Read the article >

New York Observer: Patch Adams is Real, Really Supports Julian Assange
June 26, 2012

More coverage of our letter in support of Julian Assange's asylum request. Read the article >

Hollywood Reporter: Michael Moore, Oliver Stone Urge Ecuador to Grant Julian Assange Asylum
June 26, 2012

Hollywood Reporter covers celebrity signers of Julian Assange letter. Read the article >

Guardian UK: Prominent Americans Urge Ecuador to Accept Julian Assange's Asylum Request
June 26, 2012

The UK's The Guardian covers our delivery of a letter and petition supporting Julian Assange's asylum request to the Ecuadorean embassy in London. Read the article >

ABC Australia: Celebrities back Assange's asylum bid
June 26, 2012

More coverage of our letter and petition in support of Julian Assange's asylum request. Read the article >

The Independent: Assange's Mother Lashes Out At US
June 26, 2012

Another media hit on our letter in support of Julian Assange's asylum request. Read the article >

Daily Mail: Assange demands diplomatic assurances he will not be extradited to US over Wikileaks revelations as he spends seventh day holed up in Ecuadorian embassy
June 25, 2012

More UK coverage of our letter and petition delivery to the Ecuadorean Embassy London in support of Julian Assange's asylum request. Quotes from our Policy Director Robert Naiman. Read the article >

El Telegrafo: Esta semana se conocerá decisión en caso Assange
June 25, 2012

Ecudorean press on our letter and petition urging Ecuador to grant Julian Assange's request for asylum. In Spanish. Read the article >

Press TV: US secrecy on drones under ‘tremendous pressure’
June 17, 2012

"Robert Naiman, Illinois-based policy director of Just Foreign Policy, says the Obama administration’s secrecy surrounding its deadly drone operations in other countries has now come under “tremendous pressure” by Congress and the media." Watch the segment >

Truthout: Withholding Water: Cholera, Prejudice and the Right to Water in Haiti
June 1, 2012

Other World's Deepa Panchang references our Haiti cholera counter in this piece about Haitian access to clean water and sanitation. Read the article >

RTAmerica: Afghans can't afford an army?
April 12, 2012

"For the past few months, recent occurrences haven't been helping America's efforts in Afghanistan. A series of horrendous actions including Marines peeing on dead Afghans and the recent massacre of women and children have contributed the loss of support in the war in Afghanistan. And if that wasn't enough, now the Afghan military has announced it will cut 30 percent of the force because simply it can't afford it. Robert Naiman, policy director for Just Foreign Policy, joins us for more." Watch the full segment >

RTAmerica: Naiman: 'UN should take responsibility for the wars in the Middle East'
March 29, 2012

"March 19 is a historic day in the US: a year ago NATO launched an airstrike campaign on Libya - a nessessity according to the high-ranking officials to save the Libyan rebels. Nine years ago the US intervened in Iraq, and it's been the 11th anniversary of the American troops presence in Afghanistan to fight Bin Laden and al-Qaeda. Bin Laden, Qaddaffi and Saddam Hussain are all gone, but wars are still going on. To talk more on how these conflicts that have impacted the world, RT's Kristine Frazao is joined by Robert Naiman, of the Just Foreign Policy." Watch the full segment >

Open Canada Debate: Sachs Can Reform World Bank
March 19, 2012

Robert Naiman contributes a piece to the Canadian National Council on Jeffrey Sach's bid for the World Bank presidency. Read the article >

The Real News: Occupy AIPAC Opposes War and Sanctions Against Iran
March 4, 2012

The Real News piece featuring excerpts from our panel on US-Iran relations at Occupy AIPAC. Watch the video >

Talk Nation Radio: Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy on Bahrain, AIPAC, and Military Spending
February 29, 2012

Robert Naiman, just returned from Bahrain, discusses the popular uprising there, the upcoming conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and its push for war with Iran, and the prospects for reducing U.S. military spending. Listen to the segment >

AntiWar Radio Interview
February 23, 2012

Just Foreign Policy spoke to Scott Horton about AIPAC and the Lieberman resolution push to redefine the "red line" for war with Iran from the acquisition of nuclear weapons to a "nuclear weapons capability." Listen to the segment >

The Real News: US Arms Deal with Bahrain as Crackdown Continues
February 8, 2012

Just Foreign Policy talks to The Real News about Congressional concerns over Obama Administration plans to sell arms to Bahrain ahead of the February 14 anniversary of the uprising. Watch the video >

RT interview: The dirty history of "promoting democracy"
February 2, 2012

Just Foreign Policy talks to RT. Calling the International Republican Institute and National Democratic Institute "groups that promotes democracy" covers up a lot of dirty history, like when the IRI backed coups in Haiti and Venezuela, or when IRI and NDI backed a disputed election in Honduras that legitimated the coup. But for the Egyptian military to tar NGOs as foreign-supported when it gets $1.3 billion a year from the U.S. is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Watch the video >

RT Interview: US and Iran on a Collision Course?
January 19, 2012

Robert Naiman helps RT America sort through the facts on Iran's nuclear program in light of conflicting reports in the mainstream media. Watch the video >

NPR: Is NPR Fomenting A War With Iran? No.
January 13, 2012

NPR responds to our campaign concerning their reporting on Iran's nuclear program. Read the article >

PBS: A FAIR Catch But UnFAIR Conclusion
January 12, 2012

PBS responds to our joint campaign, with Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, to call out PBS on their misleading edit of a video clip in which Leon Panetta says that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons. Read the article >

New York Times: Times errors: Iran’s nukes, SF’s voting
January 10, 2012

The New York Times Public Editor, Arthur Brisbane, responds to our criticisms about Times reporting on Iran. Read the article >

Al Jazeera: New York Times Misleading Public on Iran
January 9, 2012

Robert Naiman writes about recent misleading reporting from the New York Times on the status of Iran's nuclear program. Read the article >