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"Why Die For Karzai?", Op-Ed, LA Times
November 10, 2009

The LA Times ran an op-ed by board member Tom Hayden questioning continuing U.S. military efforts to prop up Karzai's weak and corrupt government while blocking Afghan reconciliation with the Taliban.

You may read the op-ed here:,0,5592560.story

"Morning Edition", NPR
October 29, 2009

Robert Naiman was interviewed on NPR's "Morning Edition" concerning the resignation of a top U.S. diplomat in Afghanistan, Matthew Hoh, and U.S. plans for sending more civilians to Afghanistan.

You may listen to the broadcast and read the accompanying article here:

October 29, 2009

Robert Naiman was interviewed on KPFA concerning military escalation in Afghanistan.

"", The Nation
October 23, 2009

Katrina vanden Heuvel of the Nation cited Robert Naiman in an article on, a joint initiative by several national organizations -- including Just Foreign Policy -- to influence the President's decision whether to send more troops to Afghanistan.

You may read the full article here:

CBS Evening News
October 17, 2009

The CBS Evening News interviewed Mark Weisbrot on why the U.S. should withdraw its military forces from Afghanistan.

An excerpt from the segment is embedded to the right or you can view the video on YouTube here:

BBC World Have Your Say: How many troops are needed in Afghanistan?
October 7, 2009

Robert Naiman joined with Die Linke to make the case against military escalation and for a timetable for military withdrawal.

Click on the audio link to the right to listen to the full broadcast.