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The Real News: Wikileaks and US Iran policy
December 9, 2010

Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy tells The Real News, "There are three items on the menu at this restaurant: war, more sanctions, and real diplomacy. If you don't want war or more sanctions, you have to support real diplomacy." Go to RNN >



CounterSpin: WikiLeaks and the Coup in Honduras
December 8, 2010

One story hasn't received enough media attention: how the U.S. embassy really saw the 2009 coup in Honduras. How did this cable conflict with official U.S. pronouncements and corporate media spin? Counterspin talks to Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy. Read more >

Real News Network: Republican Victory and US Afghan, Iran Policy
November 14, 2010

Robert Naiman spoke with Real News Network on the effects of the 2010 election on US foreign policy toward Afghanistan and Iran. The video segment can be watched in the viewer to the right. Go to Real News Network's site to view the video at a larger size or to read the full transcript. Go to RNN >


KPFK Uprising: Reported Shift on Afghan Withdrawal
November 12, 2010

Just Foreign Policy talks with KPFK's Sonali Kolhatkar about McClatchy and New York Times reports that the Obama Administration intends to downplay its promise to withdraw troops from Afghanistan in 2011. Click on the audio link to the right to listen to the segment. Read more >

INN World Radio Report with Tom Kiely
August 25, 2010

Robert Naiman weighed in on civilian casualties in Afghanistan.

KPFA Radio News
August 21, 2010

Robert Naiman spoke with KPFA's Cameron Jones.

Feder Files with Mike Feder
August 21, 2010

Robert Naiman spoke with Mike Feder about Afghanistan, Wikileaks, and PFC Bradley Manning.

Daily Mail: Obama’s Afghan war casualties are now equal to Bush’s
August 18, 2010

London's Daily Mail reports on the latest grim milestone in the war in Afghanistan, citing Just Foreign Policy's report on the statistic. Read the article >

Democracy Now!
August 17, 2010

Democracy Now! cited Just Foreign Policy's report that the number of deaths in Afghanistan under President Obama matched the number of deaths under President Bush. Scroll to 3:09 for the segment. Watch the video >

Iraq radio KRSO Santa Rosa
August 2, 2010

Robert Naiman spoke with KRSO.

KPFK: The Real Story Behind the US-UK “Special Relationship”
July 22, 2010

[From Uprising Radio site:] British Prime Minister David Cameron met with President Obama this week in a high-profile visit to the US. Among the issues discussed were the war in Afghanistan where the UK has about 9,000 troops. Both Obama and Cameron are facing constituencies that are increasingly skeptical of the war. In fact, as news reporters fill pages about the so-called “special relationship” between the US and the UK, comparisons are being made with the relationship between then President George W Bush and then Prime Minister Tony Blair who claimed a close relationship over the Iraq war. Blair infamously assured Bush, “You know, George, whatever you decide to do [about Iraq], I’m with you.” In fact the bond between the two nations has generally been centered on military cooperation. As the Kabul conference in Afghanistan wrapped up earlier this week, both the major Western powers will now have to decide whether to honor President Karzai’s goal of Afghan forces taking full charge of security by 2014.

WBAI: NYT: Afghanistan and Pakistan Moving toward Deal?
June 28, 2010

Robert Naiman spoke with WBAI on a New York Times article from late last week that claimed that Afghanistan and Pakistan are moving towards a deal. Read the NYT article.

True Talk
May 21, 2010

True Talk is a global affairs talk radio show hosted by Ahmed Bedier and Samar Jarrah. Select May 21, 2010 from the archive to listen to the broadcast.

Free Speech Radio News: Karzai ends US visit as Senate moves war funding plan forward
May 14, 2010

Concerning Afghan President Hamid Karzai's recently completed trip to a US military base in Kentucky. President Obama and President Karzai made a show of their supposedly friendly relations, but what is really stirring beneath? Features sound bytes from Robert Naiman.

KPFK: Iraq Election Outcome Still in Flux
April 27, 2010

Robert Naiman talks with Sonali Kolhatkar of KPFK's "Uprising" about recent developments in the Iraq parliamentary elections.

Click on the audio link to the right to listen to Naiman's segment, or read more and listen to the full broadcast here.

WGDR: Can Democracy Thrive in Iraq? Bringing our Troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan
April 27, 2010

Robert Naiman spoke with Joseph Gainza on "Gathering Peace" on WGDR, Plainfield, VT.

The Nation: Demand an Exit Strategy from Afghanistan
April 26, 2010

Katrina vanden Heuval of the Nation references Just Foreign Policy's action alert calling on members of Congress to support the Feingold-McGovern-Jones bill for a timetable for military withdrawal from Afghanistan. Read the full article.

WGCV AM: Wave of Violence in Iraq
April 26, 2010

Robert Naiman participated in a discussion on violence in Iraq on Don Frierson's Urban Scene in Columbia, SC.

KPFK: What do Iraqi Election Results Mean for Country’s Future?
March 30, 2010

Robert Naiman talks with Sonali Kolhatkar of KPFK's "Uprising," explaining that "pro-US" candidate Iyad Allawi did not "win" the Iraqi election, contrary to the credulous reports of American news media, who apparently don't understand how parliamentary elections work.

Click on the audio link to the right to listen to Naiman's segment, or read more and listen to the full broadcast here.