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Recent appearances by Just Foreign Policy staff and board in the media:

RT Interview: US navy crosses Strait of Hormuz after Iranian oil threats
December 29, 2011

Robert Naiman discusses the US-Iran invectives over the Strait of Hormuz and their connection to the recent implementation of sanctions on Iran's oli exports. Watch the video >

Washington Post: Getting Ahead of the Facts on Iran
December 9, 2011

The Post ombudsman, Patrick Pexton, responds to Just Foreign Policy's campaign to get the publication to correct a misleading photo gallery headline, "Iran's quest to possess nuclear weapons." Read the article >

RT Interview: West should give way to regional players in Syria
November 26, 2011

As the situation in Syria reaches boiling point, Western leaders have been cranking up the rhetoric against Syria's leaders. But, as Robert Naiman points out in his interview with RT, “the idea of a western military intervention is insane. That should be kept off the table." Watch the video >

Al Jazeera: Saving lives - and billions - in Afghanistan
November 25, 2011

Robert Naiman's opinion piece concerning the Merkley amendment to the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, which would require the President to establish a plan for a more accelerated US military drawdown from Afghanistan. Read the article >

Al Jazeera: Shalit is free: Lift the siege of Gaza now
October 30, 2011

Robert Naiman argues that, since the imprisonment of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was one of the prime justifications Israeli officials gave for the blockade of Gaza, and Gilad Shalit is now free, the siege of Gaza ought to be lifted. Read the article >

Al Jazeera: Why tax the rich to pay for more war?
October 6, 2011

Robert Naiman argues that, if increasing taxes on the rich would just go to fund more war, it would be best to not increase taxes, but to cut war. Read the article >

Washington Post: The substantial cost of keeping a sizable U.S. force in Iraq
September 20, 2011

The Washington Post published Robert Naiman's letter to the editor in response to an opinion piece in which Sens. John McCain, Joseph Lieberman and Lindsey Graham claim that leaving a sizeable force in Iraq past the December 31 deadline will not have a significant impact on the budget. Read the letter >

Telesur: Israel hace campaña en redes sociales contra Palestina
September 15, 2011

From Telesur: "La diplomacia israelí lanzó un video a través de las redes sociales, para tratar de contrarrestar las campañas palestinas por todo el mundo a favor del reconocimiento de un Estado en la ONU y en el que se asegura que su objetivo final es la "destrucción del Estado judío"." Watch the video >

RT Interview: Ending the Wars Would Save 400,000 Jobs
September 9, 2011

Just Foreign Policy explained to RT why ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would save at least 400,000 jobs. Watch the video >

Vocalo Interview: Robert Naiman on the Benefits of Cutting Military Spending
September 1, 2011

From Vocalo: "For the first time in a long time, the Pentagon is pondering budget cuts in order to do its part in reducing spending. Although we're used to thinking of our huge military budget as untouchable, Robert Naiman explains why he believes that cutting defense spending can be a good thing for everybody-- especially the troops." Listen to the interview >

PressTV Interview: Panetta claim on troop presence in Iraq 'widely premature'
September 1, 2011

Robert Naiman responds to reports that the U.S. and Iraq have come to an agreement about extending the U.S. troop presence in Iraq past the December 31 deadline. Watch the video >

1,002 U.S. Troops Have Died In Afghanistan Under Obama; 2/3 Of Fatalities Under This President
July 9, 2011

Drawing from our press release, Zaid Jilani reports: "As the foreign policy advocacy group Just Foreign Policy notes, not only have the vast majority of troop deaths in Afghanistan now occurred under Obama’s watch — 2/3 of U.S. soldiers have fallen under the current president — but these deaths are occurring at an accelerated rate, given that the Obama administration has only managed the war for a quarter of its duration". Read the article >

The Nation: The Battle Over the Gaza Flotilla
July 1, 2011

Joseph Dana reports: "Robert Naiman , a US boat passenger and policy director of the Washington, DC, think tank Just Foreign Policy, said, “The fact of the matter is that we have already won. The international press is talking about the blockade and Gaza. The contradiction between the world of the Israeli military officials and the world in which the rest of us live is exposed for all to see.” Read the article >

Al Jazeera: The Audacity of Hope Waits to Sail for Gaza
June 30, 2011

President of Just Foreign Policy Mark Weisbrot writes in an opinion piece: "The most significant loosening of the blockade came after last year's Freedom Flotilla made its journey. This shows the promise of non-violent resistance but also its dangers: the Israeli military killed nine people on that trip. Unfortunately, the US State Department has increased the risk to the men and women aboard the American ship in this year’s flotilla - aptly named "The Audacity of Hope" - by issuing a travel warning to them rather than announcing any concern for their safety. Read the article >

Jerusalem Post: Congressmen ask Clinton to protect Americans in flotilla
June 28, 2011

A write-up of the Congressional letter to Secretary Clinton urging her to ensure the safety of the passengers aboard the Audacity of Hope. The article draws from our press release and quotes Policy Director Robert Naiman. Read the article >

Christian Science Monitor: Intense Israeli lobbying stalls Gaza flotilla
June 27, 2011

Dan Murphy reports: "If people are talking about the blockade, we win," says Naiman. "The humanitarian cost, the illegality – spotlighting that is part of our purpose. If they let us through, we can show that we came through and life will go on. The Israeli policy is based on the premise that 'life on earth will end if we let a boat through.' Up until June of 2010, they said we need all these restrictions to stay safe. But miraculously, they lifted some restrictions after the last flotilla and life went on as normal." Read the article >

CNN: U.S. State Department warns those involved in Gaza protest Flotilla
June 25, 2011

CNN mention of Just Foreign Policy: "We encourage all Americans to support our voyage, and to agitate with the US government and public opinion to ensure our safe passage to Gaza," wrote Robert Naiman, policy director at the advocacy group Just Foreign Policy, who said he'll be part of the flotilla. Read the article >

Chicago Sun-Times: For Gaza, but not against Israel
June 20, 2011

Esther Cepeda reports: "Robert Naiman, policy director of Just Foreign Policy, a U.S. foreign policy reform organization, told me that though politics are inextricably linked with this voyage that he’ll be on, 'our main concern is simply to raise the profile of the blockade and increase pressure on the U.S. to end the blockade.'" Read the article >

RT America: CrossTalk: Power of War
June 3, 2011

Robert Naiman debated the issue of the President's decision to intervene in Libya and its connection to the War Powers Act. Watch the video on YouTube >

RT America: IMF may look towards BRICs countries to replace DSK
May 25, 2011

Robert Naiman spoke about the IMF and BRICs countries in the wake of Dominique Strauss-Kahn resignation. Watch the video on YouTube >

RT America: Today's high oil price is the norm
April 22, 2011

Robert Naiman talked about rising oil prices and U.S. policy in the Middle East. Watch the video and read more on RT's Website >

Reality Radio: Afghanistan: Getting the US Troops Out
April 14, 2011

Robert Naiman spoke with Kate Hudson about the scale of US involvement in Afghanistan, how an exit might be achieved and US attitudes towards talking with the Taliban. Click on the icon to the right to listen. More info >

Reality Radio: Is the US Really Gung-Ho About Libya?
April 2, 2011

Robert Naiman talks to Kate Hudson about US attitudes to the war on Libya, reflects on the seeming reluctance of Obama to engage and considers the strategic motivations for the bombing. Click on the icon to the right to listen. More info >

Various Radio Appearances Concerning the US in Libya
March 28-April 1, 2011

Robert Naiman spoke with KPOO 89.5 FM San Francisco, WVON, BBC Spanish, KPFT Mark Bebawi The Monitor, KPFT 90.1FM Houston, Denver Clear Channel 850 KOA with Rick Barber, WBAI Pacifica Radio in New York, WILM Wilmington Delaware, KGAB radio in Cheyenne, WY, KPFK Margaret Prescod KPFK "Sojourner Truth" (click on icon to the right to listen to this segment), Glenn Ford Black Agenda radio, KBOO Community radio, The Leslie Marshall Show, Straight Talk with Redfield on WSTX Virgin Islands

Various Radio Appearances Concerning Airstrikes in Libya
March 20-25, 2011

Robert Naiman spoke with Left Jab on Sirius XM, WBAI wake-up, RTTV Moscow, WWNN Miami, KPFA Kris Welch, and KAOS 89.3FM Olympia.

Christian Science Monitor
March 23, 2011

The CS Monitor ran Robert Naiman's opinion piece, "If Obama can bomb Libya, a President Palin can bomb Iran without Congress's OK". Read the Op-Ed >

RT America: Libya torn to pieces by rebels, Gaddafi and coalition – all for peace
March 22, 2011

Robert Naiman discusses the U.S. decision to intervene in Libya. Watch the video and read more on RT's website >

RT America: Will US Impose No-Fly Zone in Libya?
March 11, 2011

Robert Naiman spoke about the possibility of the US imposing a no-fly zone in Libya. Watch the video interview >

Various Radio Appearances Concerning Situation in Libya
March 7-11, 2011

Robert Naiman spoke with WGCV AM in Columbia, SC, Radio Islam 1450 AM WCEV, WRHU-FM in New York, WBAI 5 o'clock Shadow in New York, WBAI wake-up call, and Stand UP Pete Dominick on Sirius XM concerning the situation in Libya. You may listen to the Radio Islam show by clicking on the icon to the right.

Various Radio Appearances Concerning Situation in Egypt
February 14, 2011

Robert Naiman spoke about the ongoing situation in Egypt with WFLA in Tampa, Florida, WOC in Davenport, Iowa, WRVA in Richmond, VA, KMED in Oregon, and WGBN in Youngstown, Ohio.

KFTK in St. Louis
February 11, 2011

Robert Naiman spoke about the ongoing situation in Egypt.

Left Jab, Sirius XM Radio
January 30, 2011

"Left Jab" is an irreverent, informative and often provocative talk radio show hosted by two of Washington's most respected progressive insiders, David Goodfriend and Mark Walsh, co-founders of Air America Radio. The situation in Egypt was the topic of discussion.