Congressional Sign on to Letter to President Obama: Expedite Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Below is the text of a sign-on letter being circulated by Reps. Barbara Lee and Walter Jones calling on President Obama to expedite US military withdrawal from Afghanistan.


Sign on to Letter to President Obama: Expedite Withdrawal from Afghanistan

From: The Honorable Barbara Lee
Date: 5/2/2012

Dear Colleague,

The American people have overwhelmingly come to the conclusion that our brave men and women in uniform have accomplished all that we have asked of them and it is time to bring them home from Afghanistan.

Members of Congress need to stand with seven out of ten Americans (including 52% of GOP voters) who oppose the war in Afghanistan.

We invite you to sign on to the letter below which closes on May 10, 2012 (ahead of the NATO Summit in Chicago). The letter calls on the President to expedite our troops’ return and speed up the transition to having Afghans in charge of Afghanistan.


Barbara Lee
Member of Congress

Walter Jones
Member of Congress

Current Co-Signers (49): Adam Smith, Baldwin, Bass, Capps, Chu, Yvette Clarke, Clay, Cohen, Conyers, Costello, John Duncan, Edwards, Ellison, Farr, Filner, Frank, Grijalva, Hahn, Alcee Hastings, Heinrich, Hinchey, Holt, Honda, Jackson Jr., Tim Johnson, Kucinich, Lewis, Lofgren, Maloney, McCollum, McGovern, Michaud, George Miller, Moore, Nadler, Olver, Pingree, Polis, Rangel, Richardson, Loretta Sanchez, Serrano, Slaughter, Stark, Mike Thompson, Tonko, Frederica Wilson, Woolsey, Yarmuth.


May 10, 2012

The Honorable Barack Obama
President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama:

Last week you visited Afghanistan to sign a Strategic Partnership Agreement. As you stated at Bagram Air Base, “this time of war began in Afghanistan, and this is where it will end.” The core of al Qaeda has been greatly reduced in size and ability to attack Americans. Our brave men and women in uniform have done everything that we have asked of them. With over 17,000 dead and wounded U.S. servicemen and women, and long term costs estimated at $4 trillion for the past decade of unfunded wars, the overwhelming majority of American people want to bring the war in Afghanistan to an expedited end.

While many of us would prefer an immediate full withdrawal from Afghanistan, there is broad, bipartisan consensus in Congress and across America that it is time to accelerate the transition from U.S. to full Afghan control. We also remind you that any agreement committing U.S. troops to Afghanistan must have congressional approval to be binding.

Therefore, at the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago, we ask that you announce an accelerated transition of security responsibility to the Afghan government and security forces and the expedited withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan as quickly as these can be safely and responsibly accomplished.


Members of Congress

Please expedite our pullout from afghanistan.

Please sign on to this petition to get us out of Afghanistan, where we should not have been in the first place!

It is time to end the war economy and rebuild America along a healthy co-operative solar base.

Why is our government afraid to tell the truth about this?

America needs money for jobs, not war, not war on the poor, not Bush and Obama being the same old drama.

There was never a legitimate reason to make war on Afghanistan to begin with. The claim that a-lQaeda and bin Ladin did the damage of 9-11 is a sick joke that has been proven over and agqain to be a llie, and in fact this war of aggression was planned in advance of the treason of 9-11.

Stop the endless wars that only benefit Corporations

Please expedite withdrawal from Afghanistan.

It is obvious to me that we have long passed the point of diminishing returns.

Please vacate war now.

We must also bring home the military contractors that are there now as well.
We are talking about the former organization Black Water(now Xe), Triple Canopy and all the others.

It is an outrage that we are still occupying Afghanistan.

It has already been too long. We shouldn't have been there and history will tell us that we shouldn't have been there at all; like Vietnam and Iraq

enough people died already!

Too much blood and money wasted already. Bring them home

This war was specious from its outset and had more to do with controlling Afghanistan's resources
and putting in the Unocal pipeline to Pakistan than it had to do with bin Laden. Every person the US
and its allies have lost there have been killed for nothing. Except for the pipeline, nothing has been
accomplished and we have created thousands of new enemies and terrorists there.

This war has been a waste since day one. You have thrown enough money and lives down this black hole. As a retired Air force veteran of over 20 years active militaryu service i urge you to bring the troops home now!

PLEASE Mr. President, Do take another hard look at your policy on Afghanistan. We (the majority of Americans)are totally against any extension of time there. The American people have had enough. Stop extending your mission. It is a tough sell and hopefully won't hinder your re-election. Your stand is a big mistake to me.

I have always been against both the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars. I still am. I think we have soooo out stayed our welcome as to really cause a stink in the Middle East. We have no reason to be there and the citizens in both countries want to just be left alone to pick up the pieces and start over. Yes I know that natural resources exist in both countries and we are salivating over recovering them. Have we not done enough damage, killed enough people (old men, young women and children)? We were never asked to move in and set up house. Bush did that on his own, to get Osama Bin Laden. Well Ben Laden is gone and we are still there! Why? Well, I have an answer. Oil, Gas, Minerals and the Military Industrial Complex! That's why! Please, prove me wrong!

Please end all our "wars" now. They are counter productive - and we need the money to take care of the American people - which should be your primary responsibility.

Our continued presence on Afghan soil will gain us nothing and cost us far too much. If we haven't achieved it by now, we never will. Get out now- bring our soldiers and our millions home please.


Bring our military home before more of them are killed. Do it now! Stop letting the Pentagon lead you by the nose.


We should never have made war on Afghanistan, which never harmed us.

We must come to an end of this war as soon as possible. This war has already lasted 11 years, the longest was in American history! It has already cost almost 5000 fatalities and over 15,000 wounded soldiers .Enough is enough!

This is the right thing to do at the right time.

We're not winning anything over in Afghanistan. The ongoing U.S. occupation is a lie.

Please leave Afghanistan now !

Let's get out of Afghanistan now.a

The war is OVER. Get out of there.

out now

It's time to get out!

Afghanistan became a failure the moment the US entered Iraq.

dThe war against the Taliban was started on a lie, just like the war against Iraq. Bush said the Taliban were harb oring terrorists. The reality is that the Taliban offered to turn Osama Bin Laden over to a third neutral country for a trial by an islamic Court. That confornms to international law. However, Bush said no--and proceedced to attack Iran.

The war against Iraq was started gy a lie, and the war against the Taliban was started by another lie: Bush said the Taliban were harboring terrorists. The truth is that the Taliban offered to turn Osama Bin Laden over to a third, neutral country for a trial by an Islamic court. That offer conforms to international law; Guantanamo does not. And Bush said NO, and attacked the Taliban, who had never attacked the US. Get out of Afghanistan immediately.

Time to come home.

Time to end the war in Afghanistan!

Dear Mr. President, Your muscle-flexing in the Middle East has lost you far more votes than you will gain. You were elected to stop our illegal, immoral wars but instead you turned out to be Bush Lite and as such, should be removed from the ticket and a new Democrat capitalist dog given a chance.
The answer to peace and justice domestically and internationally lies in a global labor-based socialist party such as the one I belong to, Workers International League/
Your beautiful daughters will not follow your policies when they mature and certainly their children or their children's children are far more likely to be in our paty, not yours.
They will save the world from hegemonic capitalism and you could do a lot if you happen to be renominated and reelected.
Best wishes to you and your lovely family.

This war is waste of our resouces and has gone on way to long. Allowing it to go until 2014 is not going to change the outcome.....we are going to lose, but it will spare many lives, and that makes it worth doing. I'M sick and tired of politics determining when this war should end. END IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken Kris

War is the hasty, immoral solution of men who lack either conscience or imagination. This war, like all America’s wars, was ill-judged and counter-productive. The enrichment of military-related industries does not justify NATO casualties or the deaths of tens of thousands of Afghans. The night raids and drone attacks, with their civilian casualties, are crimes against humanity. The ecological devastation wrought on Afghanistan by uranium-depleted munitions is a crime against its present and future citizens. I am ashamed of the harm my country does to the world.

Afghanistan has been a morass for invading forces since Alexander the Great. Current effort is counter productive.

The war must end in Afghanistan and peaceful measures put into practice for a future of hope for the people.

Dear President Obama:

It is difficult to call a President "Honorable", when innocent civilians (never mind the number, even one or two is too much) have been murdered in the name of your (meaning U.S.'s) "full control of Afghanistan".
The powers that be in the U.S. suffer from a most morbid obssession, and that is, WE MUST HAVE FULL CONTROL OF THE WORLD (meaning OUR WORLD). Let all those in our way be discarded. They do not deserve to live.

Anybody who thinks the US is a free society today, has been using drugs or sleeping at the switch. Check out the American Empire Project on the web.

We can debate when the US first abandoned any real pretense of republic, but clearly since the Kennedy and King assassinations things have tended much more toward Empire.

And this President? The only reason he's likely to get re-elected is the Republican alternatives are even worse. Mr. Obama has broken virtually EVERY campaign promise he made at this point, and has governed more like a Tea Party Republican than a progressive Democrat. For shame! Specifically health care - the president's program closely resembles something proposed by Republicans, and pushed by the Heritage Foundation. It also resembles Romney's Massachusetts plan.

For now it's only under attack by Republicans because a Democrat did it.

Since the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United, the purchasing and selling of our government has been much more pronounced than it already was. Every day our "elected" officials seem to be looking for the highest bidder.

Nothing short of a new American Revolution can fix it, and time is definitely running out.

Drones for warfare are not appropriate since they lead to the killing of civilians.

These 2 simple quotes best describe America's Costly, Bloody, Immoral and Counter-Productive Folly in Afghanistan:

“There was not a single act of Arab terrorism against Americans before 1968, when the U.S. became the chief supplier of military equipment and economic aid to Israel.”

"Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can't help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East."-- John Sheehan, S.J. (a Jesuit priest)”

While Israel's Right Wing Extremists; AIPAC etc, want America to sacrifice the Lives of America's Sons and Daughters in "Securing the Realm" for "Greater Israel", LOYAL Americans are Fed Up with this Transparent Misadventure

We are NOT "Fighting Terrorists".......we are Creating them!
Gray Schmidt

I think that our military has done all that it can do in Afghanistan. Afghanistan's future ultimately is in the hands of the Afghan government and people. Whatever that future will be, our prolonged presence will have little or no effect on the outcome.

Dear President Obama:
I urge that you expedite the removal of troops out of Afghanistan faster than scheduled and as soon as possible. and "Thrive" the movie tells it all....

Enough war already!!

Stop the killing and stop spending our resources on the war machine.

It's time to bring the troops home and to start rebuilding our own country.

When I campaigned for you I expected a speedy conclusion and withdrawal from the war in Afghanistan. Here we are three years later still hemorrhaging money and wasting lives. Please follow through on your campaign promise immediately.

It's time to sign this.

We believe that American military personnel should be taken out of harm's way in Afghanistan as fast as possible. There have been far too many dead and wounded. It's time for it to stop.

Kindly expedite the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Thank you.

Please expedite the removal of American troops from Afghanistan.

End all of the wars of American fascist capitalist aggression in the Middle East and Africa!

I stand with the majority of Americans who want this war and occupation to END!

End all wars.

Leave Afghanistan to the Afghanis. They do not want us there. They must learn to live in peace by themselves. Give no military armaments of any kind to the population of Afghanistan but give generously of humane aid such as building materials, live stock, water and sewer management articles, books, computers teaching aids, and urge crops to be grown for local use such as food.
They are culturally diverse and different from us so our style of governing will not work for them. Stop trying to make everyone like us. It only works for us because of 400 years of history in our land and 2,000 years in Europe and the Middle East.

Do you not realize that the days of marching to Preatoria or Khartoum for the glory of empire, or taking up the burden in the Phillipines, are GONE, and that such was folly in its own time?
Not even Gen. Sir Harry Padgett Flashman could bring peace to Afghanistan.

America needs an expedited, immediate withdrawl from Afghanistan and an end to murderous drone strikes.

We cannot fight terrorism using our military to conquer and occupy other people's countries. We can effectively prevent terrorism only by doing exactly the opposite, i.e. by ceasing to dominate other people's countries, which is what has caused the upsurge in terrorism in the first place.

Withdrawing from Afghanistan immediately will therefore be an effective first step toward preventing terrorism. But it must be followed by across the board measures to stop U.S. coercive domination of resource-rich (or geopolitically important) countries around the world.

We need oil? Then we can simply buy it. Like Canada and Mexico do. Not try to grab it militarily. We want to be a key player in a given region? Then we can do like the Chinese do: diplomacy instead of canons.

Barbara Lee, you speak for me.

While many of us would prefer an immediate full withdrawal from Afghanistan, there is broad, bipartisan consensus in Congress and across America that it is time to accelerate the transition from U.S. to full Afghan control. We also remind you that any agreement committing U.S. troops to Afghanistan must have congressional approval to be binding.

A new Afghan government needs to be formed on the basis of federalism, where regional loyalties are properly represented. Pitting the north against the south offers no solution, except to ask the US government and its military to police the situation.

How many lives must be spent to pad the pockets of the war profiteers??!!! Bring troops home and end ten years and counting of bloodshed!

Anyone who thinks that we can alter the winds of change in Afghanistan is out of his mind! Why are you insisting on continuing the stand in Afghanistan?f3ty 25ke

Please withdraw from Afghanistan now !

You got a Nobel Peace Prize. Either give it back, or start acting like you deserve it.

We have been in Afghanistan long enough. We can ill afford further loss of our valiant soldiers, nor is it feasible to continue draining our economy by spending billions of dollar on a corrupt regime. If we had a draft, thousands wold be marching on Washington urging us to get out!

President Obama's recent speech in Afghanistan, which he outlined as ending combat by 2014 or sooner, while leaving "training" troops there until 2024 is a bald-faced lie. The mission is to STAY in Afghanistan forever, or at least until the oil and gas are gone, regardless of how many are killed there or here. The pipeline through Afghanistan is highly coveted by U.S. corporate interests, as leverage against OPEC and China, etc. Why does the American public not hear the truth from BOTH PARTIES in Congress, or the Oval Office??? Never does the American people ever hear (with rare exceptions like Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul) the truth about why the U.S. creates "enemies", and what the goals really are when we send our unsuspecting (because of rampant U.S. propaganda) military into battles created by U.S. Corporate Empire??? They don't hate us for nothing, they hate us for what we have done to them over and over and over -- killing them for their resources and geopolitical empirical strategies. TIME TO TELL THE TRUTH, and get out of Afghanistan NOW. The Afgan people hate the Taliban, but they hate the U.S. more now than ever for what we have done to them, just as we have done to the Iraqi people. Truly disgusting is the U.S. of A.

US out of Afghanistan

Our sons, husbands, fathers, neighbors, friends and ALL servicemen and women need to come home NOW - PTSD is rampant from all the deployments. The Aghan people hate us for good reason - we have demolished their country and their people. Many Afghans are suffering from PTSD because of all the wars that have taken place in their country. They need to heal. They need to be left alone.

OMG. How many letters, resolutions, petitions do I and the vast majority of American taxpayers in favor of immediate withdrawal of Afghanistan have to write, sign and submit before Congress gets off their collective backside and finally takes steps to end this illegal war and occupation???

Why are we still in Afghanistan....our soldiers are dying for a corrupt government the people in Afghanistan don't support. our soldiers are not protecting US citizens by dying in this Islamic country where the citizens don't want us and are killing our soldiers. Why are we wasting money which we have to borrow from China to pay for the occupation. Why is our country and its leaders continuing to deceive its citizens about staying in Afghanistan. When we do leave, the country will revert back to what it was before we arrived in spite of the billions spent and thousands of dead soldiers who died needlessly .... not to protect American but for some politicians purpose.

Afghanistan has been a morass for invading armies since the days of Alexander the Great. We should have learned our lesson after the covert CIA wars of the 1980s

Afghanistan has been a morass for invading armies since the days of Alexander the Great. We should have learned our lesson after the covert CIA wars of the 1980s

Military spending is out of control, and the longer we stay in Afganistan the more
terrorists will be created as we continue to kill innocent civilians in our occupation of their country.

This the longest war and will never be won.

The idea of continuing to build Empire, by occupying more and more countries indefinitely will be the downfall of this country. ALL empires eventually fall!

The solution to the problems in Afghanistan has been shown NOT to be a war that we began more than ten years ago. The United States military has done all that it can possibly be do there and must leave it up to the Afghanis to complete the process. I agree with Congresswoman Barbara Lee and the others that now is the time to bring our troops back home with the assurance that we can certainly help them if they should need our help in the future. Our presence there now is not helping the situation. It is time for our men and women to come home and live their lives again outside of Afghanistan, wherever they choose to do so.

Withdraw from this aimless lost war that has only resulted in. Further enrichment of the military industrial complex.

You in one breath say the mission has been accomplished and in the next that another ten years are required. Is this just another endless occupation where any war we get into never really ends, Bring all military home from all bases that we have occupied since before WWII. Money expended on such military occupations is simply money squandered. there is no investment involved, just a squandering of money for an unproductive presence.

Vietnam... 1966 & 1968. Bring them home now! No more Vietnams! We need to heal our troops!

zipcode 14850

Our direction in Afghanistan should be focuses on long term development of human and socila resources. We have never accomplished the freeing of a people of a different culture through military force.

I agree with Barbara Lee entirely!

I agree with Barbara Lee entirely!

This is a matter of UTMOST importance!


We wanr OUT from Afghanistan NOW, not years from now. the war was unjust from day one. It gets more so with each passing day.





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