Get the Facts: Land Confiscation and the Palestinian Protest Villages

This factsheet addresses issues surrounding the series of Palestinian protest villages that have been established every weekend for the last few weeks. The factsheet is broken into three sections, each with a few facts. Get the facts >

Who Talked About "Apartheid" in the Context of Israel?

Quotes from top Israeli officials and other mainstream sources featuring the a word. Read the quotes >

What Israeli and Other Western Officials Really Think About Iran

A collection of quotes from Israeli and other Western officials contradicting popular talking points propagated in the media and by some politicians who call for a more agressive policy toward Iran. The quotes are organized by talking point in a clean, readable format. Read what Israeli and other Western officials really think about Iran >


US Deaths in Afghanistan: Obama vs Bush. Click here to learn more.We currently have four web counters: one that tracks the Haitian cholera epidemic, one that tracks the numbers of US troops in Afghanistan, one that compares US troop deaths in Afghanistan under President Bush and President Obama, and one that estimates the number of Iraqi civilians who have died since the US-led invasion. Check out our counters >