Moore, Glover, Stone, Maher, Greenwald, Wolf, Ellsberg Urge Correa to Grant Asylum to Assange

The following letter has been circulated mostly in the United States by Just Foreign Policy. It was hand-delivered to the Embassy of Ecuador in London by Just Foreign Policy's Policy Director Robert Naiman on Monday, June 25. Read the press release.

We also hand-delivered the online petition circulated by Just Foreign Policy, which has been signed by more than 7000 people. That petition - which you can still sign - is here:

June 25, 2012

Dear President Correa,

We are writing to urge you to grant political asylum to Julian Assange.

As you know, British courts recently struck down Mr. Assange’s appeal against extradition to Sweden, where he is not wanted on criminal charges, but merely for questioning. Mr. Assange has repeatedly made clear he is willing to answer questions relating to accusations against him, but in the United Kingdom. But the Swedish government insists that he be brought to Sweden for questioning. This by itself, as Swedish legal expert and former Chief District Prosecutor for Stockholm Sven-Erik Alhem testified, is “unreasonable and unprofessional, as well as unfair and disproportionate.”

We believe Mr. Assange has good reason to fear extradition to Sweden, as there is a strong likelihood that once in Sweden, he would be imprisoned, and then likely extradited to the United States.

As U.S. legal expert and commentator Glenn Greenwald recently noted, were Assange to be charged in Sweden, he would be imprisoned under “very oppressive conditions, where he could be held incommunicado,” rather than released on bail. Pre-trial hearings for such a case in Sweden are held in secret, and so the media and wider public, Greenwald notes, would not know how the judicial decisions against Mr. Assange would be made and what information would be considered.

The Washington Post has reported that the U.S. Justice Department and Pentagon conducted a criminal investigation into "whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange violated criminal laws in the group's release of government documents, including possible charges under the Espionage Act." Many fear, based on documents released by Wikileaks, that the U.S. government has already prepared an indictment and is waiting for the opportunity to extradite Assange from Sweden.

The U.S. Justice Department has compelled other members of Wikileaks to testify before a grand jury in order to determine what charges might be brought against Mr. Assange. The U.S. government has made clear its open hostility to Wikileaks, with high-level officials even referring to Mr. Assange as a “high-tech terrorist,” and seeking access to the Twitter account of Icelandic legislator Birgitta Jónsdóttir due to her past ties to Wikileaks.

Were he charged, and found guilty under the Espionage Act, Assange could face the death penalty.

Prior to that, the case of Pfc. Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier accused of providing U.S. government documents to Wikileaks, provides an illustration of the treatment that Assange might expect while in custody. Manning has been subjected to repeated and prolonged solitary confinement, harassment by guards, and humiliating treatment such as being forced to strip naked and stand at attention outside his cell. These are additional reasons that your government should grant Mr. Assange political asylum.

We also call on you to grant Mr. Assange political asylum because the “crime” that he has committed is that of practicing journalism. He has revealed important crimes against humanity committed by the U.S. government, most notably in releasing video footage from an Apache helicopter of a 2007 incident in which the U.S. military appears to have deliberately killed civilians, including two Reuters employees. Wikileaks’ release of thousands of U.S. State Department cables revealed important cases of U.S. officials acting to undermine democracy and human rights around the world.

Because this is a clear case of an attack on press freedom and on the public's right to know important truths about U.S. foreign policy, and because the threat to his health and well-being is serious, we urge you to grant Mr. Assange political asylum.

Thank you for your consideration of our request.

Michael Moore, Film Director
Danny Glover, Film Director
Oliver Stone, Film Director
Bill Maher, Comedian, Television Host, Political Commentator, Author
Naomi Wolf, Author
Daniel Ellsberg, Vietnam War Whistleblower
Glenn Greenwald, Constitutional lawyer and columnist,
Noam Chomsky
Patch Adams, MD
Chris Hedges, Journalist
Tariq Ali, Historian and Filmmaker (UK)
Jemima Khan, Writer and Campaigner (UK)
Ron Kovic, Vietnam veteran, anti-war activist, author of Born on the Fourth of July
Coleen Rowley, retired FBI agent & former Minneapolis Division Legal Counsel, one of three “whistleblowers” named Time Magazine’s “Persons of the Year” in 2002
Ann Wright, US Army Colonel (Retired) and former US diplomat
Ray McGovern, Former U.S. Army officer and longtime senior CIA analyst (ret.)
Thomas Drake, NSA Whistleblower, Bill of Rights Activist
Sibel Edmonds, Founder & Director- National Security Whistleblowers Coalition ( )
Linda Lewis, Board Member, Whistleblower Support Fund
Kent Spriggs, Guantanamo habeas counsel
Jesselyn Radack, National Security & Human Rights Director, Government Accountability Project
Jacob Appelbaum, Developer, The Tor Project
Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director, Center for Economic and Policy Research
Medea Benjamin, Cofounder, Global Exchange
Kathy Kelly, Co-coordinator, Voices for Creative Nonviolence
Kevin Martin, Executive Director, Peace Action
Mark Johnson, Executive Director, Fellowship of Reconciliation
Annie Bird, co director, Rights Action
Denis J. Halliday, UN Assistant Secretary-General 1994-98. National of Ireland
Leslie Cagan, co-founder, United for Peace and Justice
Bill Fletcher, Jr., Co-author, "Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and A New Path Toward Social Justice"
Kevin Gosztola, writer for Firedoglake, co-author, Truth & Consequences: The US vs. Bradley Manning
Russ Wellen, Foreign Policy in Focus
James Early, Board Member, Institute for Policy Studies
Jim Naureckas, Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting
Sam Husseini, Director, Washington Office of the Institute for Public Accuracy
Robert Naiman, Policy Director, Just Foreign Policy

Jane Hirschmann, Jews Say No! New York, organizer, U.S. Boat to Gaza
Richard Levy, lawyer, passenger, U.S. Boat to Gaza
Kit Kittredge, Passenger, US Boat to Gaza
Erin Deramus, passenger, U.S. Boat to Gaza
Nic Abramson, passenger, U.S. Boat to Gaza
Helaine Meisler, Orton-Gillingham Learning Specialist, Helaine Meisler Learning Center, Woodstock, New York
Laurie Arbeiter, Artist/Activist, WE WILL NOT BE SILENT
Johnny Barber, Photographer/Activist
Gail Miller, Social Worker/Activist, Women of a Certain Age
Carol Murry, Doctor of Public Health, Hawaii
Libor Von Schönau, OccupyWallStreet Legal, New York
Charlotte Wiktorsson, Doctor, Sweden
David K. Schermerhorn, Deer Harbor, WA, passenger, U.S. Boat to Gaza
Hedy Epstein, St. Louis, passenger, U.S. Boat to Gaza
Paki Wieland, MA, passenger, U.S. Boat to Gaza
Felice Gelman, Wespac, New York
Linda Durham, Founder, The Wonder Institute
Winston Weeks, Policy Analyst, Citizens Education Project, Salt Lake City, UT
Ellen Barfield, Veterans For Peace
Gar W. Lipow, journalist, member of Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace, author of Solving the Climate Crisis through Social Change
Stephen Sander, Lawyer, Sydney, Australia

Mayo C. Toruño, Professor and Chair, Economics Department, California State University, San Bernardino
Julio Huato, Associate Professor of Economics, St. Francis College
Michael Brun, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Illinois State University
James G. Devine, Professor of Economics, Loyola Marymount University

Michael A Lebowitz, Professor Emeritus, Economics (Canada)
Marta Harnecker, writer (Chile)
Dana Frank, Professor, Department of History, University of California, Santa Cruz
Adrienne Pine, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, American University
Miguel Tinker Salas, Professor, Latin American History, Pomona College
Steve Ellner, Professor of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University/Universidad de Oriente, Venezuela
Marc Becker, Professor of Latin American History, Truman State University
Dr Francisco Dominguez, Head of Centre for Brazilian and Latin American Studies, Middlesex University, London, UK
Peter Hallward, Professor of Philosophy, Kingston University London
Doug Hertzler, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Eastern Mennonite University
Arturo Escobar, Dept. of Anthropology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Carolyn Eisenberg, Professor of US Foreign Policy, Hofstra University
Vijay Prashad, Professor of International Studies, Trinity College, USA
T.M. Scruggs, Professor Emeritus, University of Iowa
Ellen Schrecker, Professor of History, Yeshiva University
Antonia Darder, Leavey Endowed Chair of Ethics and Moral Leadership, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles
Demetra Evangelou, Professor, Purdue University
Gilbert G. Gonzalez, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Irvine
Renate Bridenthal, Professor (retired), City University of New York
A. Belden Fields, Professor Emeritus, Political Science, University of Illinois
C. G. Estabrook, Visiting Professor (retired), University of Illinois

Imagine in the year 2012 that the worst crime committed, thus deserving a penalty of death, is telling the truth.

Rape apologists united.

Justice delayed,is justice denied.

We need ore brave people like Julian Assange

I fully and passionately support the request for asylum for Julan Assange, who deserves high praise, not life in prison or worse.

Award-winning Young Adult Novelist


It's nice to see folks stand up for what's right.

I hope you do the right thing.

There is no justice without transparency.

Please grant asylum to Julian Assange!

the internet is not controlled by any one country

Dear President Correa: Every voice silenced further dims the light of freedom for every human on planet earth. To defend freedom of speech is an eternal struggle. Vigilance is required from all who respect and love their individuality and independent personhood. Please extend your great country in this struggle and grant asylum to Julian Assange. Respectfully, Cheryl Ballou, PsyD

*File this under .. How to create a great Nation.

Please accept Assange, a modern day hero and dont let the bad guys win!

Occupy London

Please add my name to the list of signatories.
Vicki Lightfoot
Mother and School Teacher

Mr Assange has exposed wrong doings by many governments including my own. As an American, I have a right to know what my govt is doing in my name. Unfortunately, the administration wants to punish Mr Assage for doing something, which thousands of my fellow Americans like me, are grateful for. Mr Assange's request for asylum is based on his fear of threat to his physical well being/safety. His request for political asylum should be granted immediately.

"Tawakul Karman's selection for the Nobel Peace Prize not only recognizes her relentless battle for a free press in Yemen but also highlights the free flow of information as vital for peaceful and democratic societies," said CPJ Middle East and North Africa Coordinator Mohamed Abdel Dayem:

please grant Assange entry into your country

please do everything you can to help this honest journalist. please grant him assylum and save him from these evil doers who seek to take his life. PLEASE

please grant this honest and brave journalist assylum. he has done a great service to humanity by exposing the evils of our governments. thank you

Was this translated into español for him to understand in his native language?
I´ll do it if it´s not done yet. Please, let me know. Thank you.

As a victim of US judicial system, I have personally seen the underbelly of USA-please do not allow this good man2be treated like bradley Manning, US has all the plans to assasinate Mr Assange, public records are part of history&folk like Mr Moore & others with more resources can give u public statements in Fox News Archive.
Dear Ecudor and Dear Pres. Correa, Mr Assange has made u world famous, we know u rn the most popular President of Latin America we know u r brave we know u are about justice, make history dear sir the world needs leaders like u

As a human being, who hopes for a better, peaceful world I am asking you to grant Julian Assange political asylum as he has shared with the world what humanity needs the most – the truth.

As a human being, who hopes for a better, peaceful world I am asking you to grant Julian Assange political asylum as he has shared with the world what humanity needs the most – the truth.

I, a human, private citizen with no relation or direct contact with anyone related to or in contact with Julian Assange fully support his request for Asylum to Ecuador. I believe in the respect of every human life and also that a nation sovereignty should be respected by every other nation. No matter how powerful you assume to be, no nation has the right to bully, manipulate or exploit another nation. RESPECT, JUST TREATMENT for all by all. The release of those diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks gave the much needed confirmation of a lot of injustice, cruelty and manipulation that we citizen of the world had long suspected were taking place. WikiLeaks did not put America's national security at risk, the decades of unfair practices and bullying disguised as foreign policies are the root cause of the majority of our issues. We are long overdue for some ACCOUNTABILITY on the part of our elected officials and I feel that only us, private citizen can make it happen by collectively saying ENOUGH is ENOUGH - signed Patricia Bingué

I'm an actress in Hollywood and a radio producer on I graduated Dean's Honor List with straight A's. I currently hold three college degrees.

I love and respect the constitution of the United States, including the Bill of Rights. People should be allowed to discuss the truth to the best of their abilities.

I do not condemn the discussion of words human beings are merely trying to communicate with one another. It is human nature to discuss explorations and findings--whether it is in space and time or in thoughts and words.

Who am I to condemn someone else's right to think or human right to consider? He's a human-being with feelings and he has human rights for Christ's sake! His story should be on

Assange v Swedish Prosecution Authority: the (Mis)application of European and International Law by the UK Supreme Court

Tiina Pajuste
Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law (blog) 20 June 2012,

The Appellant…was the subject of a European Arrest Warrant issued by the Respondent, the Swedish criminal prosecution authority…

He…appealed to the Supreme Court on a single point, namely that s. 2(2) of the Extradition Act 2003 (UK) required that the warrant be issued by “a judicial authority”. The Appellant contended that the Respondent as a prosecutorial body was not ‘judicial’ in nature and accordingly, that the warrant was invalid. The Court was therefore required to determine the meaning of “judicial authority” as provided for in the Extradition Act and, more particularly, whether the Respondent fell within the definition so developed.

The Court, applying the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (VCLT) – and particularly Article 31(3)(b) thereof, concerned with the subsequent practice of states – determined that a prosecutorial body could be considered a “judicial authority” for the purposes of the Framework Decision, and accordingly that the warrant was valid for the purposes of the Extradition Act ([2012] UKSC 22, para 67 .

This conclusion…was incorrect as a matter of European and international law: VCLT Article 31(3)(b) cannot be legitimately used to support the Court’s interpretation of “judicial authority”.

The Supreme Court wrongly, and without any analysis, assumed that VCLT Article 31(3)(b) is applicable in the interpretation of secondary European acts such as the Framework Decision. It also neglected to look into the interpretative rules of the EU. The result was a fundamental mistake in the legal reasoning of the Court.

Free the man who exposed the vile acts perpetrated by governments of the west in the name of democracy. Your actions are deplorable.

professor, university of bristol

With the most recent news of the coup in Paraguay, and troubles for Morales in Bolivia...all seemingly timed with the collection of S.A. leaders of democracy in Brazil it is understood that this is a precarious time for all progressive leaders. Nonetheless I hope you grant Assange asylum and preserve his freedom to speak and breathe. Our hemisphere seems to be undergoing a massive shift as big oil and neoliberal power plays are simultaneously unfolding to return the people's revolution of the south to previous subjugation by the moneyed multinationals. I worry for this and the fact that whistleblowers may be droned, drowned out.

That people as brave as Julian Assange and Bradley Manning should face ANY charge, is an assault to freedom everywhere.

President Correa,
I urge you to grant political asylum to Julian Assange in Ecuador. This is a unique opportunity for Ecuador and Latin-America, in this occasion we can have a say and we can stand next to freedom of speech and human rights.
Macarena Andrews
Chilean actress and playwright

Dear President Correa,

We, I, the undersigned, Sid Harth, are writing to urge you to grant political asylum to Julian Assange.

...and I am Sid

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Assange Extradited
Could Wikileaks founder end up in "black hole" of American justice?

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This is not an anonymous comment. We wish the best of luck to Mr. Assange and Mr. Manning although in the case of the latter as I point out at this website the situation is hopeless. Ecuador may yet be able to work out a deal similar to the one the US Embassy worked out for their blind spy to leave their Beijing embassy for Gringolandia where he received political asylum. What is good for the goose may be good for the gander although whether President Correa has sufficient what with the UK reactionary slaves of US imperialism is a matter clearly in doubt. Jason W. Smith, Ph.D. (The ABC's of Communism, Bolshevism 2012 Kindle Books


This is the man who is condemned to say al the trust.
To me is a hero because can do something a few people in this unreal world of human beings can not do it.

..Bravo Assange!!.

Why not follow all sexual criminals in these country? may be beacuse US. gov. want him to take his life.

I am ecuadorian but i can´t give you my nationality, only my backrest.

Very oppressive conditions? Sweden has some of the best prisons in the world such that some Israeli prisoners recently refused to return to Israel to serve their sentences there. He will have access to his lawyer and be able to mix with other prisoners. Pre-trial hearings are not held in secret but in private so as to protect the identity of the accused. This is what happens when women or children are the accusers. The Swedish warrant is about sexual assault allegations and nothing else. The reason the prosecutor refused to question Assange in Britain is because he demanded to see all the evidence against him- including incriminating evidence.

RE my previous post. I meant to say pre-trial hearings are held in private so as to protect the identities of the accusers.

To: Anonymous:
Do you know for sure that Assange committed rape or intended to commit it? Knowing, as we do, how our secret agents operate, it is more likely a trumped up charge --a sure way of placing him under detention. Remember, also, Sweden is not what it used to be; are you informed about the kind of government it now has?

To get an iidea of "justice" ini Swedish courts take a look at the five part movie "The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo." If that is what you call Swedish justice assange would be better off dead.

You don't know what you are talking about!!

This is all for politics and nothing to do with human rights! I personally want to know where you stand in about 3-4 years, we'll talk then!!

Greetings from Canada!

In 1986 John Gravitt and myself did the unspeakable act of becoming the first whistleblowers to file a Qui Tam Lawsuit under 31 U.S.C. 3729-3733 enacted during the height of the Civil War which was amended on Oct. 27, 1986. Both Gravitt and myself went to the FBI after we had exhausted all other options including going to our superiors to complain about the Fraud that had been taking place. My case was the first to win a rare False Claims Act Lawsuit but John Gravitt was the first to file and won his case 1 year after I had won. As for me life would never be the same again after that. Gravitt and myself were the pioneers in Defense Fraud Whistleblowers under this new law which Senator Grassley and Senator Bermann wanted to use against an out of control Defense Industry.

It's a shame that in the land of the free and the home of the brave you cannot speak the truth in the light of day or anytime for that fact about what goes on within our own government, I was under the impression we lived in America. Julian Assange and Bradley Manning will someday be folk legends maybe not in their lifetime but history will be written in their favor. In my humble opinion Americans no longer liv in a free society and I believe that anyone reading this post will agree. "The Patriot Act, Homeland Security, TSA, NDAA" is no different then communism a control of the American People by the wealthy and the power elite. If the American People are looking for change they won't find it in the fools that are running for election in Nov. 2012. George Carlin was correct in saying..... Thank you to all the brave Whistleblower's who stepped forward to speak the truth no matter which way they Blew The Whistle. To all future Whistleblower's, we no longer live in a free society so have a real good Qui Tam Attorney and a big set of balls !

If only the American people had the wisdom and courage to do what the tiny country of Iceland did. Below is an excerpt of a news story in regards to what the common people of Iceland heroically did recently.

Since the 1900′s the vast majority of the American population has dreamed about saying “NO” to the Unconstitutional, corrupt, Rothschild/Rockefeller banking criminals, but no one has dared to do so. Why? If just half of our Nation, and the “1%”, who pay the majority of the taxes, just said NO MORE! Our Gov’t would literally change over night. Why is it so hard, for some people to understand, that by simply NOT giving your money, to large Corporations, who then send jobs, Intellectual Property, etc. offshore and promote anti-Constitutional rights… You will accomplish more, than if you used violence. In other words… RESEARCH WHERE YOU ARE SENDING EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!! Is that so hard? The truth of the matter is… No one, except the Icelanders, have to been the only culture on the planet to carry out this successfully. Not only have they been successful, at overthrowing the corrupt Gov’t, they’ve drafted a Constitution, that will stop this from happening ever again. That’s not the best part… The best part, is that they have arrested ALL Rothschild/Rockefeller banking puppets, responsible for the Country’s economic Chaos and meltdown.

Last week 9 people were arrested in London and Reykjavik for their possible responsibility for Iceland’s financial collapse in 2008, a deep crisis which developed into an unprecedented public reaction that is changing the country’s direction.

It has been a revolution without weapons in Iceland, the country that hosts the world’s oldest democracy (since 930), and whose citizens have managed to effect change by going on demonstrations and banging pots and pans. Why have the rest of the Western countries not even heard about it?

Pressure from Icelandic citizens’ has managed not only to bring down a government, but also begin the drafting of a new constitution (in process) and is seeking to put in jail those bankers responsible for the financial crisis in the country. As the saying goes, if you ask for things politely it is much easier to get them.

This quiet revolutionary process has its origins in 2008 when the Icelandic government decided to nationalise the three largest banks, Landsbanki, Kaupthing and Glitnir, whose clients were mainly British, and North and South American.

After the State took over, the official currency (krona) plummeted and the stock market suspended its activity after a 76% collapse. Iceland was becoming bankrupt and to save the situation, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) injected U.S. $ 2,100 million and the Nordic countries helped with another 2,500 million.

Great little victories of ordinary people

While banks and local and foreign authorities were desperately seeking economic solutions, the Icelandic people took to the streets and their persistent daily demonstrations outside parliament in Reykjavik prompted the resignation of the conservative Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde and his entire government.

Citizens demanded, in addition, to convene early elections, and they succeeded. In April a coalition government was elected, formed by the Social Democratic Alliance and the Left Green Movement, headed by a new Prime Minister, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir.

Throughout 2009 the Icelandic economy continued to be in a precarious situation (at the end of the year the GDP had dropped by 7%) but, despite this, the Parliament proposed to repay the debt to Britain and the Netherlands with a payment of 3,500 million Euros, a sum to be paid every month by Icelandic families for 15 years at 5.5% interest.

The move sparked anger again in the Icelanders, who returned to the streets demanding that, at least, that decision was put to a referendum. Another big small victory for the street protests: in March 2010 that vote was held and an overwhelming 93% of the population refused to repay the debt, at least with those conditions.

This forced the creditors to rethink the deal and improve it, offering 3% interest and payment over 37 years. Not even that was enough. The current president, on seeing that Parliament approved the agreement by a narrow margin, decided last month not to approve it and to call on the Icelandic people to vote in a referendum so that they would have the last word.

The bankers are fleeing in fear

Returning to the tense situation in 2010, while the Icelanders were refusing to pay a debt incurred by financial sharks without consultation, the coalition government had launched an investigation to determine legal responsibilities for the fatal economic crisis and had already arrested several bankers and top executives closely linked to high risk operations.

Interpol, meanwhile, had issued an international arrest warrant against Sigurdur Einarsson, former president of one of the banks. This situation led scared bankers and executives to leave the country en masse.

In this context of crisis, an assembly was elected to draft a new constitution that would reflect the lessons learned and replace the current one, inspired by the Danish constitution.

To do this, instead of calling experts and politicians, Iceland decided to appeal directly to the people, after all they have sovereign power over the law. More than 500 Icelanders presented themselves as candidates to participate in this exercise in direct democracy and write a new constitution. 25 of them, without party affiliations, including lawyers, students, journalists, farmers and trade union representatives were elected.

Among other developments, this constitution will call for the protection, like no other, of freedom of information and expression in the so-called Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, in a bill that aims to make the country a safe haven for investigative journalism and freedom of information, where sources, journalists and Internet providers that host news reporting are protected.

The people, for once, will decide the future of the country while bankers and politicians witness the transformation of a nation from the sidelines.

The Regional Association of Secondary School Students-Reg 6 Ecuador. Want to join, because the truth is not a crime, is an asset that has sought to humanity forever. ARES by an organization, without hindrance or manipulation ...

Presidente Rafael Correa:Quiero unir mi voz a todos los pedidos para que conceda asilo al Señor Julian Assange.Lo conozco como un hombre valiente que no se amedrenta ante nada y si algo pasara estamos nosotros, los ciudadanos del mundo que comparten sus sueños, para defenderlo.
Además, como mujer mayor que soy y habiendo sufrido todos los embates de los golpes de estado en Argentina y aún más, feliz de estar viviendo esta hermosa latinoamérica unida donde nuestros presidentes se apoyan tanto que nos hacen sentir que no hay diferencias fronterizas, le solicito TODO EL PESO DE LA LEY PARA CONDENAR EL GOLPE DE ESTADO EN PARAGUAY. SI UNASUR SE COMPORTA TOLERANTE Y A LA LARGA TERMINA ACEPTANDO ESTE GOBIERNO DE FACTO, SUGIERO SU DISOLUCION PORQUE HABRAN DEFRAUDADO A SUS GOBERNADOS Y HABRÁN VIOLENTADO EL PRINCIPIO FUNDAMENTAL DE SU EXISTENCIA.

When I was in Gringo Military Intelligence fifty odd years ago we were furnished with cyanide as well as sidearms in case things became hopeless. Mr. Manning's situation is hopeless as the Gringo federal courts are totally corrupt and of course so are their military courts. In this situation the best that Manning can hope for is a sentence of life in a military prison which according to W E B Griffin and my own experience is like life in a Nazi concentration camp. Manning's best way out accordingly is to join his many fellow soldiers and commit suicide as soon as possible. Good Luck.

"One other point is this. Ferreting out his confederates is also key.
Find out what other disgruntled rogues inside the tent or outside. Pile on. Move him [Julian Assange, ro] from country to country to face various charges for the next 25 years. But, seize everything he and his family own, to include every person linked to Wiki[Leaks]."
- Fred Burton

Julian Assange and his freshly created production company is also guilty of U.S. Copyright and Trademark infringement of our Christian church of God sponsored television and radio broadcast of The World Tomorrow.
His U.S. attorney, Peter Vogl of Jones Day in New York, dropped Assange as a client and withdrew after learning former U.S. Senator Bob Dole, who now serves as special counsel to the law firm of Alston and Bird, Washington D.C. Offices), was responsible for the preservation of our broadcasts of The World Tomorrow. Dole ordered the preservation of the Herbert W. Armstrong and Garner Ted Armstrong broadcasts of The World Tomorrow into the U.S. Library of Congress National Film and TV archives because Dole was a personal acquaintance of Garner Ted Armstrong and regular viewer of The World Tomorrow, along with former president Lyndon Johnson. Dole and Armstrong were invited guests of former president Jimmy Carter and both were in attendance at the Anwar Sadat White House State Dinner and reception just months prior to Dole ordering The World Tomorrow programs preserved. Garner Ted Armstrong had become a close personal friend of both Anwar and Jehan Sadat after having conducted a series of interviews with the former Egyptian leader and his wife for The World Tomorrow Television and Radio program. Dole was serving as chair of the Senate committee on Agriculture and Garner Ted Armstrong had also concluded a series of programs on Agriculture and the American Farmer just prior to that Sadat State dinner reception.

The Church of God is involved in ongoing litigation against Assange, Russia Today Television Network, and the recently created Assange production company Journeyman for copyright and trademark violation. It is evident from Assange enjoys grabbing attention and fame for violating everyone.

... says the murder and war crimes apologist

There was no rape. Even the Swedish prosecutors don't charge that. That's a piece of Western lying lamestream-media false-meme building. So obvious that this is a manufactured sting to get Julian rendered into the US gulag archipelago, for torture, murder or long-term imprisonment with only a travesty of due process, just for being an outstanding truth-telling journalist. The sort that most Western journalists now daren't emulate -- which is why so many suckers believe the fake rape story.

The Church of God is a big fraud and a money scam just like the vast majority of mainstream religion/TBN etc. They loot the pockets of the poor and constantly beg for more money on television to make themselves more weathy than they already are They are consumed by their greed and are the scourge of the planet. The world needs more people like Julian Assange and Daniel Elsberg.

If Ecuador can give Julian Assange all the help that he needs, it will be a poke in the eye for America, who are the biggest Terrorists in the world (They have started more wars and threatened and killed more people)
I wish Julian all the best.

Dear President Correa,

Please spare Julian Assange from the American Gulag Archipelago for telling the truth.

You do know that "The girl with the dragon tatoo" is fiction right? Don´t believe everything you see in the movies.
It´s sad to see so many so readily jump to defend an accused rapist and disregard his victims.

1. All Scandinavian coutries are known to be "banana republics".
2. Great opputunity for president Correa. If he reaches out a hand to Assange he can do what ever he likes and be guaranteed that at least Wikileaks will turn the blind eye. Lukasjenko would have loved to be in Correa's shoes. Am I the only one to see that this will compromise Wikileaks?

We don't have to go to the movies to remember Sweden as Nazi Germany's leading collaborator in Europe making even Franco blush and that it is still full of Nazi's - no wonder the US agents staged this ludicrous farce of theirs in Sweden. As for fictional The Girl in the Dragon Tattoo has sold millions of copies in Europe and in the USA and is one of the most popular crime movies of modern times. The Sopranos and The Wire are fictional but we all know they are mirror images of reality. There is no use in trying to make Sweden look like anything other than it is and has been for a century.

At least Assange is not a geriatric Sandusky like Pat Robertson! How much has this World of Tomorrow gang stolen in their relgiious exemption tax dodge for US fascism?

Fact 1: I am a Swede and I'm not a Nazi. I know severel people here in Sweden who also are not. So that Sweden is FULL of Nazis is simply not true.
Fact 2. According to Transparency International Sweden is the 4:th least corrupted. The 3:rd when it comes to Judicial Indepenance, and that is pretty much what this is all about. For camparison: Finland 2:nd/4:th(and they where Nazi ALLIES), Canada 10:th/8:th, Japan 14:th/18:th, France 25:th/37:th, Germany 14:th/7:th, Italy 69:th/60:th, Equador 120:th/130:th, USA 24:th/36:th, Israel 36:th/12:th.
So as we all can see the Scandinavian countries really are "banana republics".

Fact 1: I am a Swede and I'm not a Nazi. I know severel people here in Sweden who also are not. So that Sweden is FULL of Nazis is simply not true.
Fact 2. According to Transparency International Sweden is the 4:th least corrupted. The 3:rd when it comes to Judicial Indepenance, and that is pretty much what this is all about. For camparison: Finland 2:nd/4:th(and they where Nazi ALLIES), Canada 10:th/8:th, Japan 14:th/18:th, France 25:th/37:th, Germany 14:th/7:th, Italy 69:th/60:th, Equador 120:th/130:th, USA 24:th/36:th, Israel 36:th/12:th.
So as we all can see the Scandinavian countries really are "banana republics".

In science we say that it takes only one instance of anything to prove its existence. We have innumerable instances of Swedish fascism and toadying to US imperialism over the last century. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the gringo imperiaists staged this farce of Assange in Sweden because it is in Sweden where they have the government under lock and key and can get exactly what they want. However, all this is about to be rather academic I suspect as I doubt whether the Cameron government has the stomach to alienate South America any more than it already has over its illegal occupation of the Malvinas especially as a South American boycott of these stupid Olympics might be all that is needed to bring down this Tory regime. For those of you a bit rusty on your definition of relevant terms and historical events let me suggest you get a copy on your Kindle of ABC's of Communism, Bolshevism 2012 for permanent reference at and brief yourself on South America at Good Luck!

Welcom to Ecuador Julian Assange..!!!

Aren't the US and the UK the best of buddies? As an example 412 Britons died for Bush/Obama in Afghanistan as compared to 5 Swedes. How come then that he is safer in the UK than he is in Sweden?
Julian Assange is not Wikileaks, and if he doesn't trust the Swedish judicial system (suddenly) at least Wikileaks does. Wikileaks is hosted in a nuclear safe bunker in Stockholm relying on the part of Swedish constitution that deals with "freedom of press" and that forbids authorities to make inquiries about sources.
But by your view of Sweden under US lock and key mustn't everything then be leaked further to Pentagon and DHS? You and Assange may be paranoid, but the rest of Wikileaks isn't. They are still hosted in Stockholm.

I am an Australian woman, feminist and supporter of Wikileaks concerned about the possibility of the extradition of Julian Assange to the US. However, I do not support the demonisation of Sweden in this situation. I am grateful to Sweden for its endeavours to secure the rights of women and they have led in many ways. Last week I heard a deeply informative discussion on these issues on the Australian ABC Radio National program "Late Night Live" presented by Phillip Adams (someone whose program I rarely miss and for whom I have a high regard) where he brought together Dr Johan Lidberg - senior lecturer in journalism at Monash University and the Swedish writer Oscar Swartz in a program titled 'A history of Swedish sex. It is worth listening to. However, I was unimpressed by the assertions by both Swartz and Adams that Sweden is becoming repressive and they leant towards the notions being peddled of Sweden as a "femmo-nazi" state. Like many others, I am not confident of justice in the process as it has applied to Julian Assange in relation to allegations made against him and whatever happened between he and the two women in question I believe will never be known and could never be safely tried before a court now. The process has been far too corrupted by vested interests. Many female Assange "fans" seem not to be able to distinguish between the issue of providing legislative support to women to say "No" as Sweden is so valiantly trying to do and yet being able to support Julian Assange's rights to justice and regard for his work in Wikileaks.

Give julian Assange his freedom.. Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Justice. The so called American way.

As an ordinary citizen of Australia I ask that you please grant Julian Assange asylum and protect him from the ones who seek revenge for his exposure of the truth.

As an Australian citizen, I am alarmed at, and ashamed of, the treatment my country is giving Assange. Please grant him asylum in Ecuador President Correa.


Correa companero eres grande entre los grandes.
You know what to do te apoyamos...........................Viva Ecuador Viva la libertad de prensa.

So it seems they're throwing everything they can at Assange, from the most ridiculous & obscure, to outright fabrications - so long as it keeps him tied up in courts for the rest of his life, & so long as it contributes to the ongoing character assassination that is underway with the trumped-up allegations made against him in Sweden (which were initially dropped by the prosecutor when first raised). According to the leaked Stratfor documents, keeping him tied up with endless legal proceedings against him for the rest of his life, is one of the plans. So, shame on you; COG.

May The Angel of Death find Julian Assange, swift and true.

I would expect that every person being questioned has a right to see evidence against them, especially in cases involving accusations of abuse; rape and say child molestation. Whatever evidence existed has not even been tested for accuracy, so to accept it as the gospel truth without divulging the nature, content and circumstance seems to be unfair to anyone who faces years in prison, or by extension in this case delivery to a jurisdiction that has the death penalty as the final solution to 'Whistle-blowers'. Please tell us what would the Prosecution have to fear in a full and transparent provision of evidence? If it is so compelling there should be no concern, surely. What can the general public deduce by this failure to allow the principle of innocent until proven guilty to apply? Charges in their own right are no proof. Again the evidence has not been objectively reviewed. Why would anyone be against such a review, especially by the accused?

I am an Australian woman, lawyer and mother. I have read a lot about Julian Assange's situation, and regretfully I find it hard to come to any other conclusion but that Julian Assange is being pursued relentlessly by the US right-wing military-industrial complex, who will stop at nothing to silence and deter anyone who actively challenges their hegemony.

The alleged rape charge (whether a legitimate complaint or not) is a masterful ploy to distract ordinary decent people who are usually slow to dismiss any rape charge as being "trumped up", and who therefore feel blocked in making a decision whether to support Mr Assange or not. I don't know if the rape allegation is real. However I believe it has been hijacked by people who really don't care, and who choose to manipulate that allegation, and the Swedish justice system, for other, political, ends. I feel this to be a classic ploy to divide and conquer.

Please, President Correa, I urge you on behalf of the ordinary citizen to take this step, and help us stand up for freedom of information. We cannot stand by and let people of courage languish, when they have taken these risks for us.

As a fellow Australian, I am ashamed at my own government's callous disregard & negligence towards Julian Assange. It is clear that he will be in real danger if extradited to Sweden; which has a history of undertaking irregular renditions to America without much scrutiny. The fact that he has been made a prisoner during the whole legal proceedings, when he has never even been found guilty, or charged with anything; (while being targeted with character assassination in the press); is disgraceful. The threats against his life made by many American leaders & public figures, & the abuses currently suffered by Bradley Manning; provide plenty of evidence of what he may face if extradited to America. The Swedish lawyer/politician for the accusers, (one of whom has history with CIA), has involvement in irregular rendition in the past. There are so many glaring inconsistencies & warning signs in this whole case. Please grant Julian asylum.

Mr. President,

Please protect the innocent (until proven guilty).

Mr. President:
What Mr. Assange is (wronglfully) accused of is something when a peaceful person reads about he/she see is hope in this world. While not a religious person, I do find wisdom in the saying, "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." Mr. Assange was the messenger of the truth. The messenger of very horrible truth. About my country.
As an American I am shocked that our nation and its military could be so cruel, after from what the U.S. should have learned from Viet Nam. This terrifying aggression on the part of the U.S. and its coalition if not exposed, confronted, and condemed it could easliy spred to other parts of the world.
Please accept Mr. Assange into your country.
Thank you,
Axel Whithaus

All that this open letter shows is that the signatories understand nothing of how extradition treaties operate.

Firstly, it is a condition of extradition from the United Kingdom to Sweden that he cannot be extradited to another country without the express permission of the United Kingdom's courts.

Secondly, Sweden, as a matter of course (as do all European countries), insists that the United States gives a guarantee that the its barbaric death penalty will not be applied in the case of any person extradited to the United States.

Quite why anyone would wish to support an assylum application for a man accused of having the sexual etiquette of an alley cat, in order to help him avoid facing his alleged victims in court is, frankly, beyond me. He should be sent to Sweden to face his accusers and explain why he considers it acceptable to force his attentions on women without their consent. The man is an arrogant tosser with little regard for anyone other than himself!

This is the letter in Spanish that I sent Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa on June 22nd, 2012.
Here's the link to the Ecuadorian Government official website:

Estimado Sr. Presidente de la Republica del Ecuador Dr. Rafael Correa,

Mis mas cordiales saludos Sr. Presidente Correa.

Con todo respeto que se merece, le escribo esta carta desde los EEUU de Norteamerica en apoyo a la peticion de asilo politico del Sr. Assange.

El Sr. Assange, como Ud. ya sabe, esta siendo buscado, no solamente en Suecia sino tambien aca' en los EEUU. El Sr. Assange teme por su vida si lo extraditan a Suecia y luego a los EEUU. Aqui es donde el tiene gran miedo por la represalia al que puede ser sujeto. Es conocido que aca' esos crimenes del cual el es sospechoso (cables-informacion diseminada), se pagan caro y hasta con la pena capital.

El teme por su vida y es valido su temor teniendo en cuenta lo ya mencionado. El asilo politico es lo unico que lo puede salvar.
Los ecuatorianos en el exterior, tambien apoyamos al Sr. Assange y confiamos que Ud. Sr. Presidente Correa, le conceda el savoconducto requerido.

Con todo respeto,

Mauricio Salazar

I agree that Sweden is a very advanced democracy with decent laws and also agree that Mr Assange is wise to seek a home in Ecuador. I am an Australian and remain appalled by the Australian Government's position regarding Mr Assange. Although Australia notes it has a healthy equal relationship with the USA and can disagree with the USA when ever it needs to, it never has.

The Armstrong led Church of God has never once begged of even so much as asked for money over the airwaves, dating all the way back to the beginning of The World Tomorrow broadcast o. Radio station KORE in Eugene Oregon. They give everything away for free as far as their literature, books, CD's, and DVD's go. The Church of God is supported by tithes and offerings of members and supporters. The Church has no affiliation with Pat Robertson. Or TBN. They don't keep pagan man made holidays like Santa Claus day of December 25th, Easter Bunny Day, or Devil Day of Halloween. The Armstrong church also keeps the true Christian sabbath Christ and the apostles kept on the seventh day, Saturday.

No matter what side you stand on regarding Assange and Wikileaks, or the sexual assault complaints, or his asylum attempt; the fact remains he has violated copyright and trademark of The World Tomorrow program. Even is logo for the show is nearly identical, only his program logo appears in black and white, while the church show logo is in full color.

Assange is a fame whore, an has done everything he can do since teenager to draw attention to himself. He is a good enough looking fella, why didn't he just become an actor. I'm sure Oliver Stone could have made Assange a star.

Estimado Señor Presidente,

Ha legado a ser obvio que mi país (Australia) ya no puede, o no quieren, representar nuestra gente. Esto no es el primer caso de alguien quien ha sido olvidado o "dejado para los lobos", por las autoridades Australianas. Dejan libre EEUU a llevar, encarcerar y torturar su propia gente sin ni decir nada.

Este señor Assange ha sido nada mas que dejar libre la verdad. ¿Como podemos votar responsablemente y actuar como buenos ciudadanos sin saber que hace nuestros gobiernos? En mi caso, la información que yo he leído me ayudo a tomar varios decisiones que no podía tomar sin dicha información.

Esto es caso de patria. El demuestra la patria que todos deberíamos mostrar.

Entonces, quiero añadir la voz mía, y pedir que ayude este héroe.

Well he needs protection with people like you having already found him guilty.

I guess: Equador will give Julian Assange an asylum, and will have no objection from Sweden, the U.S. and U.K., because these countries will realize that compromising Equador would de-westernize the West.

Truth, above all else.

Mr Assange is being accused of sexual assault here. Why does no one seem to care about this? I understand that Mr Assange is a hero to many, but heroes are still people. Personally, it's plausible that he had sex with women without their consent. He's far from the only one who does, but that doesn't make it excusable. He needs to face the legal consequences. Now, to those who think that the charges are fabricated: how is that any more plausible than the idea that Sweden will just hand over Mr Assange to the US on demand? Don't be ridiculous. What political pressure can the US exert on Sweden? It's not like they're going arrange a national embargo or close down IKEA. Or maybe you think that CIA agents are going to storm his holding cell at Kronoberg and strangle him in his sleep? This is real life, people, not James Bond. Let Mr Assange face his charges in Sweden. If he is guilty, sentence him; if not, set him free.

Sad, but true.

He is not supported in Australia where I live.
They dislike Americans here, and to see this, would stick in their craw.

Assange is right, they knowingly and willingly abandoned him. And, they don't care.
Pessimistic nation.

Right now, (they don't have a bill of rights) a takeover of the board of Fairfax media, which owns the Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne Age, and the Financial Review, among other outlets in media, is in place.

Gina Rinehart a mining heir, billionaire is demainding to have the right to hire and fire editors and staff in the entities.
They don't have a free speech right here. All they do is ask her to sign a form, which people in the past have done, and they do as they please.

This in the name of "profits"

How do you equate editorial control of media enterprises to reflect your views to further your income?

So, think about poor Assange. He is better off not coming here. They can't and won't protect him.
At least they are letting him know beforehand.

Please support Julian Assange, we need more people like him to expose the very many wrong doings by people in power. Don't let the American politisions continue to punish the good guys in order that the bad guys stay in power.

I believe in God. You, sirs and madams, are no 'church of God'. God is truth and justice above all, you are money hungry and Godless masquerading as being on God's side. Shame on you - this is a man who's very life is under threat; where is your mercy, you impostors? And stop using God's name in vain, know that others find your posting disgusting.

I don't like Assange all that much, I think he has feet of clay.

BUT he is apparently being railroaded by the mis-use of legal processes, and he is clearly in danger of finding himself rendered to a country that has already found him guilty by denunciation of a capital crime. Let him give his evidence about the alleged sexual offence, but let him do it in such a way and in such a place that he is no further jeopardy. That would be fair.

And just so we're clear about this, espionage means selling the secrets of one country to an inimical country. Only by blatant sophistry and casuistry can laying bare a country's wrongdoing to general view be dragged into that definition.

Of what relevance is feminism to this? And how mis-informed are you? He is not wanted for a trial in Sweden, he is wanted for questioning. Get your fact right before jumping in so eagerly to sound your 'oh-so-righteous' trumpet. Assange has offered to be questioned in the UK, but Swedish authorities have refused. Sweden is a great country, but it has an extradition treaty with the US - this is the point! If you are arguing that the stridently feminist politics which now influence policy in that country (as they do so much in Australia nowadays as well, thank you for that!) has nothing to do with it, you are once again sadly mistaken. The point here is that we don't want Assange to end up in American jails, I would have thought this is not the time to divert the discussion to partisan politics - you are not much different from the opportunist so-called 'Church of God' (post above) in doing this.

hur durrrrr sex criminal hurr durr

If the Americans wanted him they would have sought to extradite him from the UK with which it has a much closer relationship. Alleged rapists deserve no asylum. Send him to Sweden - he has nothing to fear but a rape charge.

Please Ecuador, take

Moore, Glover, Stone, Maher, Wolf, Ellsberg, Greenwald and Chomsky too.

Yes, every voice silenced unless it is the voice of a woman (in this case TWO women)who allege rape by a megalomaniac in the public eye. Shame on you all.

here is the twitter of Rafael Correa: @MashiRafael
Hope you write him and invite others to do it as well.
I can tell you that here in Ecuador we are kind of expecting the asylum to be granted. And I know the president for more than 18 years, he is an extraordinary person, he lives according to his convictions and those are with Mr. Assange.


here is the twitter of Rafael Correa: @MashiRafael
Hope you write him and invite others to do it as well.


If you have evidence that Assange committed any rape at all your witholding of that evidence positions YOU as the rape apologist.

What a gruesome bunch of rape apologists and luvvie marxists.

The fact they are signing such a feeble request to a man who blatantly represses freedom of speech in his own country couldn't be more hilarious. It's hard to know where this sort of collapse in reasoning among the loony left has come from, that they would actively excuse any sin, no matter how egregious so long as the perpetrator is a perceived opponent/victim of the US?

Look at the names on this list, from serial liar and huxster, Michael Moore, to bonkers apologist for dictators the world over, Noam Chomsky, activisit nutjob, Danny Glover - he who put the Haitian earthquake down to global warming - Bill Maher, funny, but not in a good way and poor little Jemimah Khan who has gone on record in the UK as wanting Assange to return to Sweden to face the music. (and therefore return her £20K she put up for his bail.)

This list reads like the banquet from hell. Moronic Americans with no idea of the irony of their collective position and would find common cause with the worst of humanity so long as there were anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian and of course anti-American.

Thank you patriot for supporting a man of truth, it is comforting to know that many Americans such as yourself support what is a lost art for many humans INTEGRITY and TRUTH. I am an Australian and am in full support of Julian and what he stands for!!!! It must rattle governments yours and mine to see a TRUE Leader with qualities and powers they will never attain in a life time.
I and many Australians are disgusted with The Australian Government and it has not gone un-noticed that our media is watering down the whole issue and not giving the Government enough of a slanging over it. Like America we have corporate s running governments and governments running corporate s.


alleged is the correct term , dig and think deeper

Anonymous on 26 June 2012 said...

"Mr Assange is being accused of sexual assault here. Why does no one seem to care about this? I understand that Mr Assange is a hero to many, but heroes are still people. Personally, it's plausible that he had sex with women without their consent. "

He's been "accused" of having what amounted to consensual sex without a condom by two women who were so traumatised by the act that they were bragging and gossiping about it with perfect strangers.

Assange is wanted in Sweden for questioning about the following

Unlawful coercion

On 13-14 August 2010, in home of the injured party [A] in Stockholm, Assange, by using violence, forced the injured party to endure his restricting her freedom of movement. The violence consisted in a firm hold of the injured party's arms and a forceful spreading of her legs while lying on top of her and with his body weight preventing her from moving or shifting.

Sexual molestation

On 13-14 August 2010, in home of the injured party [A] in Stockholm, Assange deliberately molested the injured party by acting in a manner designed to violate her sexual integrity. Assange, who was aware that it was the expressed wish of the injured party and a prerequisite of sexual intercourse that a condom be used, consummated sexual intercourse with her without her knowledge.

Sexual molestation

On 18 August 2010 or on any of the days before or after that date, in the home of the injured party [A] in Stockholm, Assange deliberately molested the injured party by acting in a manner designed to violate her sexual integrity; that is, lying next to her and pressing his naked, erect penis to her body.


On 17 August 2010, in the home of the injured party [B], Assange deliberately consummated sexual intercourse with her by improperly exploiting that she, due to sleep, was in a helpless state. It is an aggravating circumstance that Assange, who was aware that it was the expressed wish of the injured party and a prerequisite of sexual intercourse that a condom be used, still consummated unprotected sexual intercourse with her. The sexual act was designed to violate the injured party's integrity.

Yeah god help us if we need any help from our own Government that we put into power. Or maybe we will get help if the situation arose .... as long as the puppets in our government didn't get told otherwise by The Americans.

You have some facts wrong. he's no accused of rape. Both women said they agree to have sex. The accusation in the first case is that he was trying to have unprotected sex and she wanted to use a condom; then he uses one and it broke so he toss it away and proceed with the intercourse.

In the second case the woman said they have sex and then fell asleep, then she says, he start having sex with her while she was asleep, she says she agreed and ask him if he was using protection and he say no so she ask him to wear a condom and he did to continue having sex.

Both women say they save the condoms (WTF!); one for almost two weeks and the other I don't remember for how long but it was near to ten days.

So it is not rape. I don't consider his actions reflect a proper behavior -if accusations are true-; I think he did wrong but it is not RAPE; he just had unprotected sex with women that were demanding a condom. Again I condemn those actions if they are true -I don't believe those accusations to be true- but you have to keep in mind that those actions does not consist a punitive crime except in Sweden.




What rape?

Assange's real crime was exposing the integrity of western leadership regardless of their political leanings. If you don't see this it's your own political parochialism you should be questioning. Do note that the left wing government of Australia has turned it's back on Assange, an Australian citizen.

president Correa,
Please protect Julian Assange from the corruption he has exposed.
As a friend of wikileaks I wonder, how can real political debates on real issues, really be had if the factual reality is hidden behind the smoke and mirrors of secretive 'diplomatic' processes held by governments the world over? people do have a right to know. This is a major part of the reason for this global economic melt down.
Wikileaks has exposed that internal lines of communication are inherntly corrupt from governments to big business and back again. People are entitled to know why valient efforts of change on their part are being undermined by these corrupt processes, for which until wikileaks and foi, no one could be held accountable.
President Correa, now these governments, banks and businesses can be held accountable and this technological era could be used to really counteract this corruption and allow real diplomacy
to shine through. If government bodies put their hands up to their ill behaviour, and admitted tiimes have got to change.
I feel that corruption ruins some very noble efforts for change for the political good of people as
from those debates is a corrupt revolving door leading to not positive change for the better, but more of the same domestic and international problems, no one seems to be able to sort out!.
You maybe a small country and subject to a lot of political presure, but you can show the way as wikileaks is.

Dear Rafael on 26 June 2012 - 4:28am

I'd recomend you to get your information form the court documents and not from Assange's support webistes. About your claim that it is not a rape anywhere else than Sweden The court cocluded in UK the following

"The position with offence 4 is different. This is an allegation of rape. The framework list is ticked for rape. The defence accepts that normally the ticking of a framework list offence box on an EAW would require very little analysis by the court. However they then developed a sophisticated argument that the conduct alleged here would not amount to rape in most European countries. However, what is alleged here is that Mr Assange “deliberately consummated sexual intercourse with her by improperly exploiting that she, due to sleep, was in a helpless state”. In this country that would amount to rape."

The court did not take stand whether it happened or not. That is for the Swedish Court to be decide after Mr. Assange has returned to European soil from hiding in the Embassy of Ecuador.

Additionally I'd point out that Sweden is a soveirgn democratic state that has the right for its own legislation and anyone travelling to Sweden should take into account the legislation of that jurisdiction.

And about the Extradition to U.S. - crimes punishable for death penalty or political crimes are not extraditable - actually the crime would have to be punishable also in Sweden so your best bet would be "the Conspiracy theories." That's probably also why Oliver Stone did sign this.

please grant Julian assange asylum!

Would abuse of the Swedish justice system be an offence in Sweden? Or would that be a conspiracist thing only Swedish thriller authors can imagine?

Dear Mr. President,

Freedom of expression and social justice are at risk worldwide. As a Catholic journalist who has dedicated his life to peace building efforts and whose only worry is the creation of a fairer, more transparent and more humane international environement , I beg you: grant asylum to Mr. Assange!

Manuel Joaquim Álvares Ferreira Giraldes (Lisbon, Portugal)

There are no grounds for granting Assange asylum besides the pure political motivation of slapping the collective faces of Sweden, Australia, the UK, the EU, and the US.

The authors of this letter display a deplorable lack of understanding on how the extradition process works (and the fact that it would be easier for the US to extradite him from the UK goes unmentioned) or how the Swedish legal system works - much to the shame of mr. Greenwald in particular. As a former lawyer he really should be able to understand these things and not be blinded by the glitter of Assange.

So the letter is wrong on the facts and wrong on the laws. The remaining claim that Assange is persecuted by the US (as is evident by the fact that the US has done nothing -YET!) and that Australia is unable to protect him while Sweden is a corrupt puppet nation of the US is laughable.

And that leaves us with the simple plea: Please, mr. President, deny justice to the alleged victims and make sure that a (popular) possible rapist recieves a fair trial for he serious allegations against him.

Correa knows perfect English, he has a University Degree from an American University.

As a former lawyer you should know that there are enough laws to do anything you want, and all you need to do is ask a lawyer to find the laws that will enable you to do any specific thing. Lawyers and Judges may be bought and intimidated everywhere. The British and Swedish justice systems have fallen to the level of banana republic. It is all lies and lies and lies, with legal arguments to accompany them. Laws are made by the 1 % and for their benefit. To deny it is ignorance or lying.

Sweden may have been the 4th country with the least curruptiothe and have an independent judicial system. But that must have been before Julian Assange. Sweden is not the same as before.

If I had had sex with Julian Assange and then later in the night he penetrated me without a condom while I was asleep after I had previously expressed a desire for him to wear a condom I would be a bit pissed off but I certainly wouldn"t go around calling it rape or anything like it. Sweden seem to have a very limited view of freedom in sex. Not everything a person does to another during a sexual encounter is enjoyable, or nice, or appropriate, but it does not amount to rape. Rape is when you do not desire someone and they make you have sex with them. There is a chapter in the book "War on Secrecy" by David Leigh which goes into the Swedish situation, and although it seems Mr. Assange in my opinion acted inappropriately, there is a great difference between what he did and rape. It makes me feel very uncomfortable that a nation can request an extradition to question someone who is of interest to them. If we allow this extradition to take place, to me it would seem anyone, anywhere could be hauled off to wherever for any old reason. If they want to charge him then they should go ahead, but to request his extradition under the present circumstances is shifty and extremely suss to me...

Assange has been damned by the accounts of journalists and members of Wikileaks staff, by his own rampant narcissism, by the political expedience of the nature of the leaks, by his refusal to prove his innocence and by the absurdity of those who support him.

I'm all for exposing the integrity of governments of all hues, not just those in the 'evil West'. And especially that of agencies like the EU and the UN, whose corrupt undemocratic machinations affect all our lives. I don't see any evidence of this from Assange. What I do see is a rampant egotist with contempt for much of humanity that does not share his world view. That is not a crime, but rape is if he is unfortunate enough to be accused of it, he should be tried, just as you and I would. If he is innocent, I would hope a jury would find him so.

assange el martin lutero de la actualidad de be seguir libre de be vivir para desenmascarar corruptos como los gringos

assange el martin lutero de la actualidad de be seguir libre de be vivir para desenmascarar corruptos como los gringos


When Julian Assange and his legal team fought in the courts of UK against the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) and lost they did not persue the claim that he would be extradited from the Sweden to United States. Mr. Assange mostly has claimed he might be extradited to U.S. in media. Wonder why they didn't pursue that in court if it is relevant.

Estimado President Correa,

Le ruego con todo respeto conceder a Julian Assange el asilo politico porque el es un heroe para los que luchan a favor de la libertad de prensa y de expresion.

I looked into that churches complaint of the Julian Assange copyright and trademark. The churches complaint holds water. Assange and his Journeyman pictures have indeed violated the trademark and copyright by using their programs name and logo. Why would they do it? He could have very easily called his new program Larry King live, Dallas, The Cosby Show, Leave it to Beaver, Happy Days, or Baywatch.

free Julian Assange

a sealed indictment from a secret Grande Jury, emails from Stratfur stating they want his arse in Gitmo, the USA is capable of anything and Julian Assange is at its mercy, unless he has a clear guarantee that he will not be taken to USA for any alleged crime regarding Wikileaks, he will willingly go to Sweden to face the rape allegations. I'd be scared in his position too, scared enough even to try Ecudor as a place of Asylum, If that was the reality I was facing, as is a likely case.

You know what they say about Armstrong in Pasadena: "when he is not lying he is one of the most honest guys you will ever want to meet.".

I am joining wholeheartedly the campaign.
You are a very very brave Man, Rafael Correa, true hero, whole world is admiring you to step in for the truth and right.
Please, consider granting an asylum to Julian, he has to be saved for the world, he is an angel.
He has suffered enough.
We will be following you, helping in any way possible, just let us know how we can help.
The truth and good will always triumph over the evil.
Sincerely yours
Eleonora Konodyba

(From the letter)
"We believe Mr. Assange has good reason to fear extradition to Sweden, as there is a strong likelihood that once in Sweden, he would be imprisoned, and then likely extradited to the United States."

Well then, let's take a look at reality. Here is the council framework for the EAW.
Article 28, paragraph 4:

"4. Notwithstanding paragraph 1, a person who has been surrendered pursuant to a European arrest warrant shall not be extradited to a third State without the consent of the competent authority of the Member State which surrendered the person. Such consent shall be given in accordance with the Conventions by which that Member State is bound, as well as with its domestic law."

In other words extraditing Assange to Sweden makes it more difficult, not less, because now both the UK and Sweden needs to approve of the extradition to the US. Hope this helps.

"he is not wanted on criminal charges, but merely for questioning"

I'm a Swedish citizen, 54 years old and a vivid supporter of the work of Wikileaks and the ambition to reveal crimes and wrong doings around the globe.
Furthermore I think that the allegations against Mr Assange are quite ridiculous BUT I do think it would be much better to sort it out than to try to escape.
There is no extradition treaty between Sweden and USA and the likelyhood of being handed over to USA is much bigger in UK.
Why not go to Sweden get it over and done with and be a free man?
I really do not understand what this fuzz is about.
Please do yourself and Wikileaks and the world a big favor - handle the interviews in Sweden.
You should know that there are very few persons in Sweden that believe you to be guilty.
I hope you can get this together and continue doing what you do so amazingly well.
All the best

This asshole goes around fucking whoever he can. He fucked his friends who put up his bail money out of the money. They all helped him post bail because he conned them he would face the accusations on the sexual assault. I don't see any of those who put up his bail having signed this petition. I'm sure they are feeling violated and raped of all that money. His former fried and gal pal Kahn is certainly and has gone on record expressing her disapproval of his cowering plea for asylum.

Free Julian Assange from what?

If he really is a rapist...which he is according to most western legal systems are you all willing to give him a "carte blanche" just becauste he is Julian Assange? Is ther anyone who thinks that fame doesn't corrupt? Even a god-like being as mr Assange has to obey the rules even if its hard. In a world where most of us laugh at different conspiracy theories no one is questioning this theory. "There is a strong likelihood that once in Sweden, he would be imprisoned, and then likely extradited to the United States". Who says and on what grounds? Why should Sweden hand over JA when the UK does not?

Julian Assange might be freed from a variety of allegations but who wants to be raped by him and get away with it?

As a citizen of Sweden, I agree that Mr Assange should be granted asylum in south america.

We have enough rapists here already.

I applaud everyone of you who signed. We must stand together on this one. If the government can bring Julian to the US, they will prosecute him and it will send a viral message to everyone thinking about telling the truth abou what they know. We got your back Julian.

He didnt rape anyone...he was neve charged with swedes should be ashamed that you permitted your lame government to go after Assange. He has been available to discuss what he knew (it was consensual sex), which is not crime. Where are the women who were intimidtated into making the charge in the first place...

Suspiciously absent are the actually laws that have cause Assange's legal problems. Don't they realize that Correa will have that information.

Grow up and read the facts before posting such ignorant comments. And while you're at it, grow a spine, and if you believe what you're writing own it by signing with your real name.

Legalize rape now. No means yes.

"The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” (Joseph Goebbels - Nazi propaganda minister under Hitler)

Consensual sex is NOT rape!

Good, Bob! However, "sex by surprise" as you call it is actually rape.
Now you just gotta stop looking up to nazis and realize you have no idea whatsoever what actually happened when two women claim to have been raped, and I'm sure you'll do fine.

Americans. You're all idiots but I kind of like the way you look at women's rights. If they answer "yes" to one question, that answer is considered valid for any future action. "-Can I borrow your pencil? -Yes!" *proceed to fxck her in the xss*

The people who wrote this letter is ignorant of European law. Sweden are not allowed to extradite Assange to the US when he has been extradited from UK, everybody in Swedn knows this as it has been clarified time and again in the Swedish newspapers as well as commented upon by Assanges Swedish legal representation.

Assange knowingly broke the condom during sex. This is considered sexual assault in Sweden, not 'rape' as it's been mislabaled in UK and US media. Though I windows if any woman would deny that it is sexual assault.

Anyway, Assange is just not willing to stand up to the allegations in Swedish court, it's obvious. You people here, the idiots writing the letter without checking the facts, you'
re all being duped.

And I used to have a lot of respect for Wikileaks and Assange, but not anymore - I checked my facts, he's just another manchauvinistic asshole no matter what good he did before all this legal crap.

Rapist Unit! say it well.

People has the solution.

Im from Ecuador and I am sure about the citizens power. We are democracy, we are free...

Correa must listen this! we are waiting for that

He has not been charged.

According to Swedish law, a person cannot be extradited if he risks being sentenced to death. Also, Swedish courts are not politically appointed and such cannot be influenced by ministers, for instance. This would be against the law. Besides, I can't help wondering why the US haven't asked the UK for extradition. They have an extradition treaty with them.

perhaps you mean scabs united, anony-rat

Mr. Correa speak Spanish, English, French and a couple of other languages, but his problem is not languages, its understanding concepts. He acts then he thinks. foot in mouth concept.

Correa is no true hero, he is destroying his country, Assange would be better off looking in a different direction. Assange has hundreds of e mail from the Ecuadorian goverment that he can use againts them, so his seeking asylum is a disguised form of blackmail.

Assange is so frightened his hair has turned white at age 40! Any theories how they smuggle him out of the U.K., if he is granted asylum? He should enjoy a lifetime of freedom of expression living in the jungle. Freedom of expression and speech is so hard to come by living in Australia, the U.K., and the U.S. anyway. Ship him off to the jungle then ASAP. Obviously The Brits want him off their soil, and I really don't see anyone in the U.S.A. begging to give him want he desires, more press, and personal fame with a big drawn out trial.

He was under house arrest in a big estate home in the countryside. Now Assange has placed himself under house arrest essentially in a small apartment with a view of a department store. He can't even go outside for a breath of fresh air! How smart is that? I hear it's unbearably hot and humid in the jungle. Maybe they'll be good to him and hook him up with wifi, a nice laptop, and Dish TV in a swanky treehouse.

I'd try to hide out too if I ripped so many of my friends off who put up a quarter million bail for me. What a dumbass! Way to think things through, Julian.

Has the USA really come to this? Threatening a person for exposing mass murder, when the thugs, murderers, on the helicopters face no charges. Shame USA shame. Is it really your freedom that the world hates? I think not. Its the way you kill innocent people on almost every continent. Leave us alone!

Dear President Correa,
It is not in your best interest to give Assange asylum. He does not play well with others. If you do something he dislikes, he will turn on you and make exaggerated claims about how terrible you are. Meanwhile, his Internet supporters will say even worse things about you, and they will divulge your secrets or shut down government operations. Assange will not take credit, but he won't stop them either. Look what he has done to others. Do not make the mistake of thinking that he will not do the same to you.
Remember that he once loved Sweden so much that he planned to live there. The rape of acquaintances is very hard to prove, and Amnesty International has chided Sweden for that. Whether guilty or not, Assange might have easily won the case if he had stayed. Instead, he hurts Sweden's reputation as much as he can.
Even if you think he didn't assault the two women, he created the problem by having sex with two women who were helping WikiLeaks, even though any reasonable person would know this could cause conflict. He refused to take an HIV test; he would not listen to the advice of his colleagues. At first, he said he didn't know who the two women were. Then he suggested a conspiracy, and his paid shill wrote an article trying to tie them to the CIA. One of his lawyers in England also suggested a conspiracy, but then backtracked, saying the women were blameless. Wrongdoing by the women and a conspiracy to extradite him to the U.S. have never been alleged in any court preceding, probably because there's no evidence.
Meanwhile, however, his minions -- as evidenced by this page -- continue to libel the women, forcing them into silence and hiding, because of threats on their lives.
Remember that he left Sweden even though his lawyer knew he was wanted for questioning, according to a British judge, who suggested they lied. (Have you noticed how many lawyers he has burned through?) A month of so later is when Assange released the cables, some thought prematurely. But I think he did it to ensure he would be a hero, untouchable by the Swedish authorities.
Assange believes in free speech and a free press for himself, but not for others. He threatens to sue those who tell the truth about him, and his minions do worse. WL has no transparency. He says this is necessary to protect their great mission, but that's what governments say, too.
What would have happened to the U.S. cables files if Nick Davies of the Guardian had not suggested a partnership with large, mainstream media? They would certainly not have had the same exposure, with knowledgeable reporters putting the issues in context. But now Assange hates all those people, perhaps because he's a narcissist who craves attention but can't stand anything negative about himself.
When the Swedish charges came out, some well-respected colleagues like Birgitta Jonsdottir suggested he step down as the face of WL so that WL could continue important work. Instead, he continued to alienate people so that "the architect" took the tech that made possible the drop box. WL now exists mainly to defend Assange.
Clearly, he will lie if it suits his purposes. Look at all the claims he made about WL, and how much tech and volunteers they had. He probably justifies these lies because he believes the ends justify the means -- just like some government agents.
If you really think the U.S. wants to capture and kill him, what would stop U.S. agents from assassinating him in Ecuador? The U.S. would never ever do this on British or Swedish soil, but it does not have a close relationship with you.
No vale la pena.

I agree with you, except it's Harrod's! Say what you will about the government of Ecuador, but don't put the country down. The planet needs jungles! Plus, Ecuador has a wide range of climates -- Quito has a very high elevation and can get cold.

you have my deepest gratitude for supporting me in this battle for Freedom.
As you know, Sweden is a savage country where a man is not allowed to be a man.
There is a conspiracy everywhere. Nothing is what it seems. Like my hair and my fake accent.

Rape is not rape!

My reply was to the Anonymous who posted just before me. Meanwhile, Stefan said: "Even a god-like being as mr Assange has to obey the rules even if its hard." The problem was, it wasn't hard. Read the statements of the victims. With two beautiful young Swedish women, he could not get an erection while wearing a condom, even though the younger one tried to assist him for hours. That would be the motive for breaking one condom, and initiating sex with the other while she was sleeping.

So far, his various lawyers have argued that what happened in Sweden isn't sexual assault because 1) It's natural for men to use some force in bed, but the women will end up enjoying the sex after a while. After all, he didn't leave injuries, and the women weren't in fear for their lives. 2) If a woman agrees to sex with a condom, she has no right to reject sex without a condom.

Putting out these arguments is bad enough in the U.S., U.K. and Sweden. But they are deadly in Africa and other places where HIV is rampant. His supporters -- some of whom I once respected, such as Naomi Wolf, Daniel Ellsberg and Danny Glover -- seem oblivious to these issues.

Assange once said he preferred Third World women. Perhaps he was able to use force, without a condom, and they had even less chance of prosecuting him or getting child support. (Remember, he has more than one child.) It would be dangerous to speak up now, considering the power and wealth his supporters have. How do supporters like the idea that a whiter-than-white guy might have tried the same tricks in Africa and Asia.

Please pray for Julian Assange, his family, his accusers, and one another. Ask God to give all parties involved in this ordeal the wisdom to resolve these matters peaceably, and to everyones best interests and justice. Ask HIS will be done.

The following link is from an archived WORLD TOMORROW program and contains a compelling message from the host of The World Tomorrow, Garner Ted ARMSTRONG. It is entitled: "A Time of Crime", with specific emphasis on the coming downfall of the United States and British peoples. Circa 1960's:

Herbert W. Armstrong, star of The World Tomorrow radio and television worldwide broadcasts.
Circa 1982:

Please request our FREE book the United States and Britian in Prophecy. Dial the USA 1-(903) 561-7070 for your FREE copy. Live representatives are standing by 24/7/365 to take your FREE Booklets, CD's, or DVD's requests. Absolutley FREE of charge, no obligation. Send NO MONEY.

1-(903) 561-7070

We are also admonished to pray HIS KINGDOM, [world ruling and everlasting GOVERNMENT on this earth}, COME - (QUICKLY)!

Garner Ted Aukerman
Screen Actor's Guild
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
National Hollywood Offices

Rape is not rape!

How do supporters like the idea that a whiter-than-white guy might have tried the same tricks in Africa and Asia.

If you recall,, this is a venue to allow the facilitation of requests to the Ecuadorian President to allow J. Assange to take refuge in his country. You'd never know it based on the illiterate drivel that in so many cases has been represented here.
The level of ignorance and lack of sophistication is quite stunning.
Mr Correa, dont back down on your alleged invitation to Mr. Assange to seek asylum in Equator.


Right on the money. You make some great points.

We should all be worried about the precedents this can set.

thelucieflower on 26 June 2012 - 7:42am


Right on the money. You make some great points.

We should all be worried about the precedents this can set.

Mr. Correa,

Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your kids, hide your wife
And hide your husband, 'cause they're raping errybody out here.

Julian Asslunch

You do realise that The girl with the dragon tattoo is a work of fiction, right?

The Sopranos is fiction based on New Jersey. The Wire is friction based on Baltimore. The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo is ficition based on Sweden. Sweden is hardly the protector of women's virtue let alone rights. Take a look at reality at "A slow learner".

What world do we live in???? Telling the truth is now a crime? Exposing the evil and fighting for justice is a crime??? It is sad that it's just one like Assange and so many on the other side! Since when did we become so numb and we let the greedy and the evil to take control of our lives and effectively destroy this planet?! I really hope Assange's life will be saved and we all wake up and take control to make the world a better place!!!

Such hypocrisy. They say it is for our protection. Surely, never throughout history has utter BS and lies been so obvious and thick on the ground. We should all fight for the freedom to express truth. Never before has big brother ever been so 'in your face'.

In my opinion Julian is a hero.

Don't give in to crazy conspiracy theories. Don't forget that rape is a serious crime. Let Assange travel to Sweden to stand trial.

The Republican Congressman RON PAUL said:


"No one questions the status quo or suggests a wholesale rethinking of our foreign policy. No one suggests that the White House or the State Department should be embarrassed that the U.S. engages in spying and meddling. The only embarrassment is that it was made public. This allows ordinary people to actually know and talk about what the government does. But state secrecy is anathema to a free society. Why exactly should Americans be prevented from knowing what their government is doing in their name?

In a free society, we are supposed to know the truth. In a society where truth becomes treason, however, we are in big trouble. The truth is that our foreign spying, meddling, and outright military intervention in the post-World War II era has made us less secure, not more. And we have lost countless lives and spent trillions of dollars for our trouble. Too often “official” government lies have provided justification for endless, illegal wars and hundreds of thousands of resulting deaths and casualties."We should view the Wikileaks controversy in the larger context of American foreign policy. Rather than worry about the disclosure of embarrassing secrets, we should focus on our delusional foreign policy. We are kidding ourselves when we believe spying, intrigue, and outright military intervention can maintain our international status as a superpower while our domestic economy crumbles in an orgy of debt and monetary debasement."

“What we need is more WikiLeaks about the Federal Reserve,” Can you imagine what it’d be like if we had every conversation in the last 10 years with our Federal Reserve people, the Federal Reserve chairman, with all the central bankers of the world and every agreement or quid-pro-quo they have? It would be massive. People would be so outraged.

In a free society we’re supposed to know the truth,” In a society where truth becomes treason, then we’re in big trouble. And now, people who are revealing the truth are getting into trouble for it.

“This whole notion that Assange, who’s an Australian, that we want to prosecute him for treason — I mean, aren’t they jumping to a wild conclusion? [...] I mean, why don’t we prosecute The New York Times or anybody that releases this?”

‘What we need is more WikiLeaks’ said Congressman RON PAUL

I wonder if you have been living in Sweden, as you are so convinced of its being a role model. Believe me, reality is often quite different from what you can read in the newspapers or watch on TV.

Não há democracia sem boas informações. As grandes democracias liberais estão cada vez mais senis e, em sua senilidade, negam e oprimem os indivíduos com todo seu potencial irracional. Conceder asilo diplomático ao Sr. Assange é abrigar os valores que nos são mais caros – igualdade, liberdade e fraternidade!

Were you being ironic?
You must surely aware that Rafael Correa has studied in the US and has several degrees from English-language universities inthe States?

Dear President Correa,

please save Julian's life. He does not deserve to die at the hands of obama. very simple. you have the power to save a very brave guy.


jim anthony
los angeles

President Correa speaks Español, English and French. Don't worry. He knows exactly what it means also He will do the right thing. It's about time to break down once for all, these false and opprobrious political, economic and military government. Shame on US.

Back to the main question. Assuming Ecuador grants asylum how can they get Mr Assange to the airport and a waiting plane without having him seized en route? This is the great challenge to President Correa. Good luck.

Of all countries, Sweden?!?! I think I've got to update my fact file on them...



@Anonymous on 28 June 2012 - 1:01pm

Brilliant suggestion. Down with freedom of expression.
And move the hosting of Wikileaks from Stockholm to Quito.

To the moron writing above: (Anonymous 28 June 2012 - 5.30pm

"Freedom of expression" is not equivalent to "Abusive Comments".

And add my name. It means very little, but we need Assange. We need Truth.

I am an Australian professional counsellor, and a resident of Julian Assange's hometown, Townsville. I am utterly ashamed of the abandonment of Julian Assange by the Australian government. He has committed no crimes whatsoever under Australian law. Why is Australia's embassy not offering him asylum, particularly as we supposedly have a longstanding policy of protecting our citizens from exposure to the death penalty? It is a national disgrace. Please Ecuador, show Australia what we should be doing and offer asylum to Julian Assange!
Matthew Power

Assange is a champion of freedom of speech, truth. Shame on Australia government for abandoning him, he deserves support, help in this terrible moment when his life is in danger

He has not been charged with rape. He is wanted for questioning. If they had any evidence they would have charged him. This is a ploy to get him to the US

Julian Assange brazenly rips off the World Tomorrow name
May 17th, 2012 @ 09:32 pm › Jeff
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The infamous Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, has started up on Russia’s state-funded RT (formerly Russian Times) cable broadcaster a weekly talk show program, The World Tomorrow. To many it is apparent that Assange ripped off the name of the long-running  religious program called The World Tomorrow TV broadcast.  Wow, Assange has a real load of hutzpah, but then we already knew that!


According to Wikipedia’s write up about this name:

The World Tomorrow was a radio and television half-hour program which had been sponsored by the Radio Church of God (later renamed Worldwide Church of God (WCG) while under the direction of Herbert W. Armstrong). It originally ran from 1934 to 1994.  A 15-minute version of the radio program (but under varied translations of The World Tomorrow name), was broadcast by various speakers in the French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish languages. The World Tomorrow television program is in current production after having resumed in 2004, and airs in Atlanta, Georgia and Knoxville, Tennessee. The rights to the name were obtained by the Church of God, Worldwide Ministries of Sevierville, Tennessee, through the United States Patent and Copyright office.

The trademarked The World Tomorrow TV broadcast was revived in 2004 by the World Tomorrow Evangelistic Association and is in current production and airs weekly in Denver, Atlanta, Knoxville, and Orlando.

Back in the mid-1970s I worked as a writer for The World Tomorrow program, which was then presented by Garner Ted Armstrong. When I decided to write this blog a few years ago, my sons when searching for a name urged me to pay for and secure the Internet domain name since it was vacant. It made sense to do this, rather than let someone else like Julian Assange  who is out of synch with the name’s historic message,  squat on it.

Of course, with TV broadcasts here in North America any network worth its salt will require that an entertainment attorney do a name search for any newly commissioned series.  Julian Assange could have even done a Wikipedia search and discovered that Church of God people and organizations had long used the World Tomorrow name.  But as Garner Ted Aukerman, who recently discovered that World Tomorrow telecast episodes from 1972 through 1986 had been preserved in the Film and Television archives of the United States Library of Congress by the order of Sen. Robert Dole, reminded me, “Even bad publicity is good publicity.”

Perhaps not surprisingly,  Mr. Assange, on the first program of his new talk show  interviewed one of the world’s leading terrorists or “freedom fighters” depending on your point of view, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah.

For his last question in his talk show, The World Tomorrow, Assange asked Nasrallah this very interesting question:

You have fought against a hegemony of the United States of America, isn’t Allah, the notion of a god the ultimate superpower. And shouldn’t you as a freedom fighter seek to liberate people from the totalitarian concept of a monotheistic god?” 

Actually, I’ll give Nasrallah some credit for responding with a relatively decent answer that acknowledged the Creator of the Heavens, the Earth, and humanity. Nasrallah credited  the Creator as the source of our unique moral conscience that helps us distinguish  good from evil, such as the evil murder/assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri on February 14, 2005. Not bad, really. Though Nasrallah ought to pay a bit more attention to his own preaching. Julian Assange really didn’t have too much to say in response.

But the Apostle Paul has this to say about any who would presumptuously step on the good name, reputation, and  message so-long taught under the World Tomorrow banner:

 God’s anger is shown from heaven against all the evil and wrong things people do. By their own evil lives they hide the truth. God shows his anger because some knowledge of him has been made clear to them. Yes, God has shown himself to them. There are things about him that people cannot see—his eternal power and all the things that make him God. But since the beginning of the world those things have been easy to understand by what God has made. So people have no excuse for the bad things they do. They knew God, but they did not give glory to God or thank him. Their thinking became useless. Their foolish minds were filled with darkness. Romans 1:18-21 New Century Version

It is a travesty to judge our fellow man. Julian Assange has every right to voice his opinion, has every right to speak 'his truth' to live out "his purpose" The Politicians around the world profess that we have democracy, I call it hypocrisy. Just watch 'The State Within" series to get a clearer picture of what really goes on behind the scenes. The irony is at the beginning of each episode it claims that it's all fictitious and not based on any organisation, or the running of any organisation. Doesn't art imitate life or the other way round? HMM.

Julian Assange is an innocent man how has the courage to speak the TRUTH and they 'REAL HYPOCRITES" want to kill him for it, because they are afraid of being exposed themselves. Please this has to stop. We have the ability to be more evolved than the 'current social fabric" we are living into. It's clearly not working and has not been for sometime now. Sovereignty is what needs to prevail. I am praying that justice prevails in Assange's favour. And I pray that we all develop the courage Assange has shown is possible, so there is an end to "POLITICS" as it structured and facilitated today. Politics is simply a formula/metho an invention which has failed us miserably. We can form a world that is about love, acceptance and collaboration, we are a human family, one human family...that's what we have lost sight of. KYMATICA eplains it all so clearly, as does Secret of Secrets (both can be watched on Youtube).


Dear President Correa,

Please would you kindly grant political asylum to Julian Assange.

I have never heard another case of anyone, anywhere simply wanted for "questioning" being dragged off to another country without serious charges being placed first.

I ask you Mr President is everyone in the UK and elsewhere who are wanted for questioning on rape extradited to the country concerned?

No is the answer, so why is Mr Assange? What makes him so special that he must get extradited?

If this were indeed the standard procedure than Mr Assange would have no excuse but to go to Sweden but this is not the case at all.

Why is Mr Assange's case so special to have all this extra attention?
Are the victims of this alleged rape more important than all the other victims of rape worldwide?
I am based in the rape capital of the world South Africa I live with the fear of rape everyday, it happens here daily, to women of all races and all ages. I am truly sickened that some people around the world trivialize a serious brutal crime that women in my country experience everyday. Rape is brutal, cruel and dehumanizing and has nothing to do with "condom wearing procedures" but what do I know?
I like you Mr. President Correa come from the "third world" and our opinions are of not much value to the "Political Elite" that run the world.


I wish to have my name added for support. My surname is easily seen on my email for confirmation. Unfortunately, I am too afraid to put my name in full, as we now live in a depraved world where showing support for justice as in the case of Mr Assange, can result in people dragging you off into the night and you never being seen again.

That is the reality of the world we live in, and if Mr Assange is sent off to Sweden that exactly what we can expect from now on.

You are mixing up the facts ´cause it is Assange who are accused as the leader of Wikileaks and not the people who works for Wikileaks in Sweden.
Sweden is a tricky country as it comes to trial in court and how the court are estimating evidence in especially sexual abusing cases.
And I don´t think Assange are wrong in his fear for extraditing to US when the Swedish authorities can be very fals and innovative for to reach their intentions.
Someone wrote that Sweden has the best prison and that could be true if you are talking about comfort and material high standard, but for the mental health the system stinks and is very bad for people who has to stay for a longer time.
This with Uk-soldiers vs Swedish soldiers in Afganistan is not comparible when it is a very big difference of the numbers of the soldiers from the different countries, so please come with correct facts before you state something.

right ... base your reality on a movie. what in the hell is wrong with you?

I agree.

Last year (2011) the UK bought nearly 200 million in goods from Ecuador (mostly bananas). The USA bought ten billion plus from Ecuador (mostly oil but also bananas). What President Correa has to carefully consider is whether he should put Ecuador through the struggle with US imperialism implied by granting asylum to Mr. Assange. In case of all out gringo imperialist reprisals can the rest of the world market make up for a US boycott? Can Venezuela assist? Does Ecuador have sufficient loading facilities to ship much more oil to China? These are all questions that have to be answered. One cannot expect Ecuador to sacrifice too much for the freedom of the press in other countries on the other hand Mr Assange did do President Correa and the people of Ecuador a great service in exposing the US Viceroyalty in Quito and its colonial office in Guayaquil and their conspiracies against the President and his country. It is not as simple a matter as it may appear on the surface.


The noose is tightening around the neck of Assange, the poster child for narcissistic personality disorder.

I just hope the the UK government quickly throws out the Ecuador diplomatic representatives and staff, so the cops can just arrest the weasel lurking within...

El gobierno de E.U. es de tal perversidad que es capaz de cualquier cosa, por eso es necesarísimo que el Presidente Correa acceda a dar asilo político a Julia Assange, que sólo está cumpliendo con el deber de un comunicador: dar a conocer las noticias, ó ¿que solamente los E.U. tienen derecho de manejar secretamente los planes de ataque que en contra de todo el mundo a los que consideran sus enemigos?
Todos debemos estar enterados de sus planes perversos y criminales, porque no es justo lo que hacen con la Humanidad.
Por qué no ha cumplido Obama con su promesa de desmantelar la cárcel de Guantánamo, en donde tienen presos a inocentes ó luchadores jóvenes por la Paz, a los que les han destrozado la vida y la de sus familias sólo por defender un derecho humano básico.
Clamamos Justicia sr. Presidente Correa por favor dele asilo político a Julián Assange.
debemos unir uerzas para derrotar a ese gobierno de locos que tienen en sus manos la vida de pueblos enteros y millones de personas indefensas.

It is a fact of law that the Ecuadorians don't have the right to grant him asylum in their Embassy in London, and as for them granting him territorial is he going to get to Ecuador?! The 'asylum claim' is a nonsense. Personally, I can't imagine any lawyer who knows the law on diplomatic or territorial asylum, advising him that it would be a good idea to claim asylum in the Ecaudorian Embassy in London....if they did, he ought to consider discharging them from his legal team.

If he has exhausted the legal remedies in the UK, he can go down the 'regional law' route e.g. European Court/Convention of Human Rights....and if he is not doing that because he is unlikely to succeed, we need to critically examine whether those mechanisms are inadequate, or whether the assertions made by him and/or on his behalf just simply don't stand up to scruntiny. And this is important. Looking at the jurisprudence of the ECtHR, for example, what would your conclusions be in respect to Julian Assange's case?

Let him go to Sweden. And if it is shown that the allegations against him made by those two individuals, or the decision to issue the arrest warrant made by the Swedish prosecutor, were maliciously and/or politically motivated, then let us demand those individuals are held accountable for that......but please, whether it is in respect to shoplifting, sexual crimes, or murder......let us not fall into the trap of trying to justify impunity, because that would be an absolute disgrace on our part.

There are a lot us out there who, in repsect to Wikileaks, don't consider Julian Assange to be either saint or sinner, and in respect to the criminal allegations, don't think of him as guilty or innocent.....but we are deeply uncomfortable that, on the basis or who he is, who he knows, or who supports him, that he should be entitled to some special kind of treatment under the law. We are fed up with that kind of practice.....and we want it to stop.

señor Rupa Shah, Ia am also an american, but from South America. I imagine that you are a United States citizen, I am an equadorean woman. I wish that my president and the external relations office will study the polytical asylum requiested for mr. Assange. I consider him a very brave man, and had open for us the lights of knowledge.

I m a student from india n an osho sannyasin. Brother, the only thing assange did is to pull off d curtains n uncover d masks of democracy from d so called leader of d world n a great democracy(is it so?). N d result was dey were all nude infront of d world. It is d time for ecuador to b a natioin dat history will remember who did not bow against american supermacy. Plzzz help him. I love dat man n i respect him.

Mr Julian Assange is an out and out hero of our time who has genuinely exposed corruption, human rights violations and other atrocities carried out by western powers in our name. Further more i would personaly get involved along with many others in the wider British public, to surround tha Equadorian Embassy and ensure his safe passage if it came down to it, from there and tramsport to Equador.

Keep the faith Julian!

Sorry this is for the above Message as i forgot to put my name to it!
11 / 07 / 2012 4:05pm Keep the faith Julian!

The UK justice system has become corrupt
as corrupt can be, the system has collapsed
and we are in a civil war.

2011 London saw the third of chronic
Civil Disobediences on the streets, known as the
2011 Riots, there were two mass violences
before that at The Supreme Court.

The judges have become the
criminals of the state, the jails
are being crammed with innocent
people and the violent criminals
rome free, they go for the
uneducated mentaly ill,
and dress them up as
''criminals'', they are nothing
less than, poor people needing
Christian care, and love.

Living in London has become a living
hell, we fear fear fear, we walk
down the street with our children,
the local ''authority'' are there
to snatch our children, in what
they say is ''in your children's best interest.''
They steal our children for money.

The UK goverment funded agents
are stealing our savings, our homes
our cars, and they then stupidly wonder
why they receive no income taxes
in which MP's are the only ones
who will be in a job the way things
are going.

The lunatics have taken over the asylum
and Assange should be free to write what
he wants on the internet.

I had the same idea as you re Sweden and women's rights until I heard about their Succession laws as reflected in their treatment of Millenium's lifetime partner. All because they were not officially married.

President Rafael Correa is a well educated person. He has two master degrees obtained from USA universities and also he study Economy in Europe. Therefore, there is no need to translate this letter to Soanish.

At this moment Mr Assange's mom is visiting Ecuador and is being interviewed by the Ecuadorian Chancellor. Granting assilum to Mr Assange is not easy task because according with international law, there must be a political proseccution and the Sweden government is prosecuting legaly for a civil matter.

As an Ecuadorian, and as a person who admires JUlian Assange, I hope that asylum will be granted. Then, then Ecuador will have amongst it inhabitants a freedon lover, just as President Correa is.

Dear world,
only in Hollywood movies it's impossible for a man to be a hero and a rapist at the same time.

Reality is not a Hollywood movie.

I think that the accusation of rape is far too serious to ignore.

From a marxist perspective I can see why people would want Ecuador to snub their nose at the west, but I think this is taking instrumentalisation a little too far.

In my humble opinion, Assange should go to Sweden and face the questions.

Hypocritical America! Freedom of speech does not exist. If Julian Assange is extradited to the USA, it will show they do not practice what they preach and the talk about freedom based on a lie.

The tire has met the asphalt with the granting of political asylum to Julian Assange by the Republic of Ecuador and in the process the lapdog regme of Cameron et al is exposing is total contempt for international law as well as the contempt it has always felt for its own people. The uprising of Brits against their masters last year was proof to the world of what the oppressive regime of the Tory government really means and they cannot hide behind the athletes of the Olympics any more. Any attempt to attack the Ecuadorean embassy is likely to be repelled by armed force and in this process the entire South American continent alienated for Brit imperialism forever and probably all of Latin America too. For my part I say let them bring it on. With the real war crimiinals like Tony Blair parading around calling themselves socialists let history divide the wheat from the chafe. As for Sweden withi its historical role as lapdog of Nazism not just in the past but also now in the present shame on you. It is time for the people of Britain and Sweden to rise up against their fascist masters.

Equador, land of the semi-free and home of the corrupt, you better stock up on tin foil!

Jason W. Smith, no way you're a Ph.D. in anything related to politics or history. Still, it looks kinda fancy. Which online university did you purchase your diploma from?

By the way Equador, no need to stock up on condoms! If you know what I mean. Hee hee hee.

Oh well, I'm off to get a PhD in North American archaeology or something else completely unrelated to the subjects I'm gonna try to appear to be an expert at in the future. Ta-ta!

For any of you who wonder about my qualifications when it comes to cops and prisons let me suggest you go to my website .

The reasons have been explained in the media numerous times. Read.
As for Sweden's "justice independence", I would like to know how would you comment on the agreement between USA and Sweden for renditions? Politically appointed you said? Maybe not, but US appointed, yes.

And who are you to give your unsolicited pathetic opinion? Get back under the stone you crawled under.

Assange has the imperialists on the run now. Today the South American countries are meeting in Quito to develop a common policy to defend Ecuador. With any luck we may see all Brit cap properties seized in South America. Try learning about US vs Latin America history by getting an e-book copy of the 8th edition of The ABC's of Communism, Bolshevism 2012 at Kindle Books.

Thankyou USA for your old and strong democracy.
In few countries in the world people can express their ideas and even their disagreements with their government so freely.
Nobody of those who sign this statement will be punished or persecuted in his country. None of them have any fear of reprisal as would in Ecuador itself, and obviously in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Islamic countries, etc.

ALBA (Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and others) are the advisers for President Correa. It is curious that Correa defends Assange as a paladin of free journalist in the world when Correa had persecuted media and journalist who are not playing the same music of Ecuador ‘President. Same Cuba where no free of press is allow there. Venezuela has the same history. That evidence are been published in several newspapers in Latin America now (in Spanish). I hope some of this American Intellectual can read in Spanish not only in English. I would like these intellectuals also demand freedom of expression in Cuba for example or say something about the lack of freedom to express freely in Cuba as Yoany Sanchez, or “Las Damas de Blanco.”
Javier Campos, writer, poet, and professor in a US University

I totally agree with you! Professor Petras for example can say anything here in USA again whatever he wants or publish his ideas but I never saw he was in jail as journalists or independent scholars in Cuba have been for express his or her opinion (as Yoany Sanchez to put one example) . The Cuban government will not give her even 5 seconds to say something in the Media. Professor Petras or Professor Chomsky go to Cuba and can say anything they want to again USA there, but independent Cuban journalist of independent Cuban writers cannot do the same thing in Cuba as those professor say it freely in USA. If I were in Cuba now I cannot image that this opinion will be publish in Cuba in any government’s Media there.

I am agree, the world need to know the true. I clapped Wikleaks and what they did. But als equadorean I`m NOT agree with Correa's decision. He does not care about free press or human rigths. He want, the world think he does. The true is rights are violated everyday in my country. Free press? Mr Correa insults every journalist, who says something, that Mr Correa doesn't like. He threats them with jail. Human rigths? Respect to international laws? A journalist became asylum from Panama and Mr Correa and Mr Patinio said "no". Just like GB know with Assange. Mr Correa respects international laws only when he needs it.
This people should learn more about Ecuador. The asylum to mr. Assange means just problems for 14 millionen people. Ecuador is not a rich land, we need to export our products to USA and Europa. 14 millionen people vs. Mr. Assange. Ich choose my people and my country. Correa is the worse president ever!!!

Please read in Spanish about how Sweden saying they will not send Assange to USA and USA say the same thing.
August 21, 2012

PS. But Correa, and the ALBA also keeping saying the opposite, and this letter of Intellectuals too where I don’t see any prominent Latin-Americans Intellectuals among them 

Secresy helps corruption

If you know what kind of government sweden has, please let us know where we read about the kind of government sweden has now.These are the facts we need to know.

The trap is spread and the cat waiting for the mouse. Too many voices telling Assange the way is clear. ¿Would you come out in his place?

Certainly the record and rating is astonishing good, but why don't you send a judiciary official for questioning to the Equatorian embassy. ¿Does Sweden normally ask for extradition just for questioning about sex claims that are so ridiculous but timely? ¿And it is also the usual proceeding for the British to threat assaulting the embassy and even trying to do it? American Government has cast its particular Fatwa against Assange and the famous one against Salman Rushdie is a joke in comparison. Assange has no doubt and neither do I. The only hope for him is to remain in the limelight one way or another and ask for support in any quarter available. He is a very small ant against The Empire and nobody should look just at the finger pointing at the Sun.







Rafael Correa

agosto 22, 2012

Con Fidel Castro alejado ¿indefinidamente? de la escena, y Hugo Chávez a media máquina por su enfermedad y una campaña electoral cada vez más compleja, el circo castrista necesitaba con prisa nuevos personajes para entretener “antiimperialistas”, por lo que apareció rápidamente la pareja de Julian Assange y Rafael Correa.

Hay que ser demasiado fantoche para pretender darle órdenes a Estados Unidos, proclamar que robar documentos secretos de cualquier país es un acto heroico o puro pasatiempo, que los delitos sexuales provocan persecuciones políticas, que la justicia sueca no es independiente y se doblega ante su Gobierno, o que el presidente ecuatoriano es un campeón de la libertad de información, que es lo implícito en la perorata del advenedizo Assange desde un balcón de la Embajada de Ecuador en Londres, único espacio “abierto” a que puede aspirar sin ser detenido.

Según el periódico Juventud Rebelde, que como todos sabemos es muy respetuoso de la libertad de expresión, el presidente Correa “negó que Assange o Ecuador impidan la aplicación de la justicia sueca y señaló que por el contrario se brindaron las facilidades en la legación diplomática para su declaración por presuntos delitos sexuales” pero expresó que sobre el asilado “no se dieron garantías de que no sería extraditado a Estados Unidos, donde probablemente sea juzgado con pena de muerte al existir presiones políticas”.

Sin embargo, y esto no lo dice Juventud Rebelde, aún no está claro si será deportado a su país el asilado Alyaksandr Barankou, que denunció la corrupción en Belarús, después que el dictador Alexander Lukashenko pidiera al presidente ecuatoriano en Quito que le revocara el asilo al disidente: al fin y al cabo, no se trata de un “antiimperialista”.

Correa, en actitud francamente bananera, y desesperado por ocupar el protagonismo continental que van dejando los ocasos de Fidel Castro y Hugo Chávez, cree que la justicia sueca tiene que interrogar en la embajada ecuatoriana en Londres a un australiano acusado por un delito común cometido en Suecia, y además dar garantías de que no sería extraditado a Estados Unidos, porque ese país le impondría la pena de muerte por presiones políticas. Lo que a primera vista parece una soberana estupidez cambia al saber que el presidente ecuatoriano se graduó de universidades en Estados Unidos y Bélgica, y que no es un analfabeto: entonces hay que concluir que es un perfecto cínico y desvergonzado, sabe que lo que está diciendo es falso, y que la justicia en Suecia y Estados Unidos no funciona tan impúdicamente como en Ecuador.

En apoyo al circo, la maquinaria “bolivariana” se movilizó rápidamente desde el principio en defensa del derecho de asilo, la inviolabilidad de las sedes diplomáticas, la soberanía de Ecuador y el derecho a la libertad de expresión.

En un país como Cuba, donde hubo condenas de hasta 28 años de cárcel cuando la “Primavera Negra” por ejercer el periodismo independiente, sin haber sustraído ni un solo documento del Gobierno, ni siquiera “confidencial”, ¿cuál sería la sentencia para quien hiciera públicos miles de documentos secretos del Gobierno, poniendo en peligro la integridad y la vida de muchos ciudadanos y funcionarios? Si alguien hiciera eso, ¿podría salvar el pellejo refugiándose en una embajada para solicitar asilo?

En julio de 1959 el entonces presidente cubano Manuel Urrutia Lleó tuvo que renunciar, por presiones de Fidel Castro, y finalmente buscar asilo, primero en la Embajada de Venezuela en La Habana, y posteriormente en la de México, al romperse las relaciones diplomáticas entre La Habana y Caracas. Dentro de ambas embajadas permaneció AÑOS sin poder salir del país, porque al régimen no le daba la gana de otorgarle salvoconducto.

Tras los sucesos de la Embajada de Perú en 1980 que desembocaron en el puente marítimo del Mariel, los cubanos acusados de lanzar un ómnibus contra la embajada para entrar, y de la muerte de un custodio en la balacera que se produjo (aunque nadie en el ómnibus estaba armado), estuvieron durante muchos años en la embajada peruana sin recibir salvoconducto.

Y si de inviolabilidad de las embajadas se trata, como señala el canciller del régimen, Bruno Rodríguez, hay que recordarle que en febrero de 1981 las tropas especiales del MININT cubano penetraron precisamente en la Embajada de Ecuador en La Habana, sacaron a la fuerza a catorce personas que habían solicitado asilo político, incluyendo tres mujeres y cuatro menores de edad, todos desarmados. Los menores fueron separados de sus padres, y días después se supo que uno de los menores, de quince años, había fallecido.

El régimen declaró que la entrada de sus fuerzas en la Embajada “se realizó con la autorización ecuatoriana”, pero el entonces presidente Jaime Roldós respondió muy claramente que “Ecuador no autorizó ni podía autorizar jamás que la sede de su Embajada haya sido objeto de tal acción”.

Inglaterra advirtió a Ecuador que, en base a una ley inglesa de hace unos 25 años, podría retirar la inmunidad a la Embajada y penetrar para capturar al payaso australiano, lo que desató la furia “independentista” y “soberana” del presidente Correa, que se atragantó con declaraciones tremendistas y apocalípticas.

Sin embargo, tal vez no sea necesario enviar a los especialistas del Special Air Service británico a cambiar de domicilio a Julian Assange una madrugada cualquiera. Basta con no otorgarle salvoconducto y mantenerlo en la embajada ecuatoriana en Londres indefinidamente, en la pequeña habitación donde está recluido, donde necesita una lámpara solar y una estera de caminar para hacerse la idea de que está al aire libre.

Veremos qué tiempo aguanta. Muchos “duros” no lo son tanto cuando el zapato aprieta. Y el australiano no parece tener madera de líder “antiimperialista” para una estancia demasiado prolongada en la sede diplomática.

El que haya personas que le apoyen, creyendo que defienden libertades, pero en realidad por su “antiimperialismo” genético, resentimientos y frustraciones, le sirve para quince minutos de fama o alimentar su enfermizo ego, pero no para mucho más.

Recordemos a otro héroe “antiimperialista” reciente, el destituido gobernante hondureño Manuel Zelaya, que después de bufón itinerante terminó “asilado” en la embajada brasileña en Tegucigalpa por obra y gracia del corrupto Lula da Silva: a los pocos meses le daba igual ser presidente que payaso, con tal de poder caminar por la calle.

La diferencia es que Assange solamente podrá caminar por las calles después de aclarar sus asuntos pendientes con la justicia sueca en Estocolmo.



Julian Assange: fraude al Estado de derecho

"Assange, Garzón y Correa utilizan la vieja y conocida consigna de “echar la culpa a Estados Unidos” para evadir la Orden de Detención Europea"

My initial contact with the Swedish government came in 1961 and began with a background briefing on how Sweden had been a de facto ally of Nazi Germany and concluded with the explanation that things had not changed except cosmetically. At that time the War had only been over for 16 years and all over Europe the signs of the War were ever present. I explain some of the detail behind my activity in 1961 at the buttons to the right of the home page at labeled Spy Stories and The Magnificent Five. At any rate there was a long hiatus in my attention to this particular country until I watched the five part movie called The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo and the prequel called The Girl Who Played with Fire. The essence is how the corrupt Swedish judicial system, especially that part which deals with sexual offenses, worked against a young woman and how she gets even. This is a story but it does for the contemporary real world of Sweden what the Sopranos does for the contemporary real world of New Jersey - New York organized crime and The Wire does for contemporary Baltimore and the State of Maryland. Once you watch this you will get a deeper understanding of why Sweden has allowed itself to be used in this latest machination of the Gringo Regime on the Potomac against the journalism of Mr. Assange and what the real players are behind the scenes - i.e. secret US agents operating to get their hands on Julian Assange via the collaboration of the lapdog Cameron regime and its correspondent regime in Sweden.

I saw in you page (Jason Smith) this sentence. "Along the way I got involved in the Peruvian civil war as the first military advisor to the People's Liberation Army of the Communist Party of Peru"

Do You know the book "La cuarta espada". La historia de Abimael Guzmán y Sendero Luminoso de Santiago Roncagliolo? . I copy this below

"Sendero Luminoso nació como uno de los múltiples grupos de la izquierda radical que aparecieron en América Latina durante los años 70. Sin embargo, el fanatismo ideológico de su líder, Abimael Guzmán, y la lealtad y férrea disciplina que logró inspirar en sus seguidores, convirtieron al grupo en el protagonista de un conflicto que provocó casi 70.000 muertos. La historia de Guzmán y su grupo es además la de la transformación de un núcleo de seguidores fuertemente politizados en una máquina terrorista y guerrillera. "

Thank all of you serious writers for your comments. No, I have not read that particular book. On the other hand the truth is I have not made any attempt to read the wealth of material published about Sendero after my exit from Peru in 1980. I wrote what I had to say about my experiences there in volumes 3, 4 and 5 of the series (now available in e-book form at Kindle Books “Idaho Smith’s Search for the Foundation.” These volumes being Shining Path, the Peruvian Revolution, Rivers of Blood and High Finance South American Style, respectively. More recently I have been concluding my comments on the “aftermath” of that experience in volume 7 (the first and relevant parts of which are reproduced at the site you mention having gone to – – under the button Amazon Empire.
A person has to pick and choose where to spend time and on what topics. In the aftermath of Peru I spent some considerable time working on an all-inclusive handbook for young communists (which by the current 8th edition has become a textbook of some 800 printed pages and some 1150 Kindle pages, also available at Kindle Books) I call The ABC’s of Communism, Bolshevism 2012 (and the year changes with each passing year and edition). I also spent some time helping an old friend, Frank Pestana, now deceased (the lawyer who came to Peru from Los Angeles to assist me after my arrest by the Morales-Bermudez dictatorship in 1977) and along that way was elected President of the Western Region of the US-China People’s Friendship Association a few years ago.
Needless to say my relationship to US Intelligence ended decades ago and if anyone is interested in those years they are discussed extensively in the first volume of the Idaho Smith series which will be available in 2nd edition in e-book form at Kindle Books soon and is entitled The Buccaneer. –And in the meantime if you live close to one of the university libraries having printed copies (see you could read a copy there (sometimes there are used copies available on the internet.) On the other hand I have been able to be of assistance to the Red Secret Service from time to time as you may have survived and this was one of the topics I discussed with Philip Agee some ten years ago in Havana. (I commented on his passing at the time and you can read what I had to say in the Letters archive of Venezuelanalysis. Also, since 2007 I have commented on current events in Peru at the website Living in Peru and you can type that into your Google browser to get a five odd page list of what I have had to say about those contemporary events but even here I only occasionally have something to say about Sendero and most of that has been to urge the remnant groups to disarm and go home. We got the best we could hope for in the election of a progressive President last year and the time has come to form a broad united front to support Peru’s movement away from US imperialism and toward reunification with the newly emerging independent South America.
One final comment about Mr. Assange. It seems to me that the Brit caps will not want to lose everything they have in Latin America the way they lost everything in Mexico nearly a century ago. So, I suspect the way forward to Ecuador for Mr. Assange is going to be worked out and we can only wish him the best of luck. Snide comments at this site about him and Ecuador are the obvious work of US agents and no one needs to pay any more attention to them than this kind of subversion deserves. Again thank you serious writers for your kind attention.

La imposible existencia cubana de Julian Assange

Por: Yoani Sánchez| 24 de agosto de 2012

And the women who are victims of his sexual misconduct are not human beings with feelings? I am appalled by this. Since when did it become a liberal ideal to deny any alleged victim justice? It's not about Wikileaks. Its about whether or not people we like for political reasons should be exempted from prosecution for the crimes they are charged with.

I agree! Since when did it become a liberal ideal to deny alleged victims their day in court. I find this appalling- especially since I have respect for many on this list. I am disgusted.

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