Israel Still Holding Gaza-Bound Passengers, Including Parliamentarians; Some Tasered

Israel Still Holding Gaza-Bound Passengers, Including Parliamentarians; Some Tasered
Video Disproves Israeli Government Claims on Estelle Cargo;
3 Israelis, 18 Internationals Held

For immediate release:
contact: US Boat to Gaza, Robert Naiman, 217-979-2857;;
Richard Levy, 917-797-4466

New York, October 21, 3pm EDT - More than 24 hours after their illegal detention in international waters at 10 AM local time Saturday, Israeli authorities are still holding 21 passengers who were on board the Estelle which was sailing to Gaza when intercepted by Israeli forces, of whom three are Israeli and eighteen are internationals. There were originally 30 on board the boat from eight countries: Israel, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece, and Spain. Six have been deported and at this writing three are in the process of being deported.

Passengers on the Estelle, including Israeli combat veteran Yonatan Shapira, have reported that the passengers were tasered when Israeli forces commandeered the ship.

Israeli officials have claimed that there were no humanitarian goods onboard. In fact, the items in the cargo room of Estelle were: 2 olive trees; 41 tons of cement; wheelchairs; walkers; crutches; midwifery stethoscope; children's books; toys; 300 footballs; musical instruments; theatrical equipment; VHF radio (for a ship); 1 anchor (the last two items were for the Gaza's Ark project.) The ship was inspected at many ports. A video of the cement being loaded onto the ship is here.

"We call on the U.S. to use its influence with the Israeli government to ensure the Estelle passengers and crew are treated with dignity, that their rights as non-violent protesters are respected and that they all be released immediately,” said Jane Hirschmann, organizer of the U.S. Boat to Gaza.

Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia University, said today: "It's striking that while the Swedish Foreign Affairs Ministry has the moral clarity to say that it agrees with the Ship to Gaza that the border crossings must be opened and that the ship should have been allowed through, the U.S. State Department is silent about this gross violation of human rights and international humanitarian law."

"I should say that every time Israel stops a boat, that's another blow to its diminishing legitimacy and another element of support, both to the those who are resisting internally and to those who are opposing the policies outside, and sooner or later the wave will sweep over the barriers," Noam Chomsky, who was visiting Gaza, told a news conference at Gaza port.


if the people running the blockade want to be treated with dignity, then you should avoid running a blockade.

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you can recommend? I get so much lately it's driving me insane so any help is very mucdh appreciated.

Dès la fin de 2011, la marque de luxe italienne Prada sur les nouvelles brisé: la participation dans sacs Prada fonderie chinoise "ère de cuir" avec un autre fonds de style familial IDG, abonnez-vous pour ses actions à émettre environ deux pour cent. Cela équivaut à une reconnaissance indirecte du fait que Prada en Chine continentale ont usine OEM, replique sac l'expert des vêtements de stratégie de marque littérature Liu a dit: «Chaque pays a des exigences différentes dans chaque pays, mais au moins les processus de base pour assurer que le produit est en Italie la production est terminée, la principale matière première, mais aussi de l'Europe, il peut être marqué "Made in Italy". disposition étrangère, nous devons nous assurer que la majorité des produits (pour déterminer leur part de la qualité) produite dans le pays, et sa production est générée dans une partie du pays coûts (main-d'œuvre, les matériaux, etc.) au moins 50% du coût total, afin de répondre aux deux étiquettes ci-dessus marqués par le pays de fabrication. Cliquez pour les dispositions pour les produits transformés en Chine, "made in China, Conçu en Italie" à produite.
Parlez de ceux géant homme de métier cher! La plupart responsables de la production des services de personnel de projet Prada exquis pour la moyenne du groupe a été de 20 ans, leur expertise est extrêmement riche, extrêmement qualifiés, veillant à ce que les générations à la jeune génération. Prada a sa propre raison d'être prudent. replique Chanel sac Le représentant de l'Italie artisanat pur artisans qualifiés compétences poli prend 30 ans, et dans la plupart usine internationale Dongguan, vous pouvez voir la plupart des jeunes âgés d'environ 20, voire 30 ans ou plus employés sont rarement vus.

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