A Reformist Strategy to Downsize the Drone Strike Policy

This is slightly adapted from a presentation given at a Congressional briefing on drone strike policy on November 16, sponsored by Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

I want to talk about what Congress could do about drone strikes in the next 1-2 years.

To begin with, some political context, as I see it.

First, I don't think anyone will argue with me if I say that for the last ten years Congress has done very little.

Second, I think it would be extremely helpful if Congress would do something. I think Congress doing something is intrinsically important in itself, in addition to whatever the thing is. The reason is that the media, the public and the Administration take cues from what Congress is talking about. If Congress isn't talking about something, then it's perceived as not very controversial. More people would contact Congress if we had a vehicle for them to contact Congress about.

Third, I don't think it's as hard for Congress to do things on this as some people seem to think. There's a kind of conventional wisdom that Congress can't do anything because no-one cares because no U.S. soldiers are being killed by the policy. I think this conventional wisdom is completely wrong. No U.S. soldiers are being killed in Honduras and yet a hundred Members of Congress are willing to sign letters about human rights in Honduras, and these letters get press and pressure the Administration. No U.S. soldiers are being killed in Bahrain but Members of Congress are willing to sign letters about human rights in Bahrain and these letters get press and pressure the Administration. Conversely, plenty of U.S. soldiers were killed in Afghanistan before 2009 and Congress didn't do much about that. So whether or not American soldiers are being killed is not as decisive as some people seem to think.

Fourth, there's another conventional wisdom that Congress can't do anything because most Americans support the policy. But in fact most Americans have no idea what the policy is, so to say that they support it is kind of meaningless. To the extremely limited extent that the Administration has deigned to share information publicly, it has made two central claims: that drone strikes are narrowly targeted on top level terrorist leaders, and that civilian casualties have been extremely rare. The record of independent reporting suggests that these two claims are, as President Obama might put it, the biggest whoppers of the drone strike policy. So if the public believes that it supports the policy, what the public is in fact supporting is a policy whose only official public notice has been two big whoppers, a policy that does not actually exist in reality on Planet Earth. When the American people find out what the real policy is, I am sure that they will not support it. This is why strategies to force an increase in transparency are key to reforming the policy.

Five, I think that a large part of the reason that not much has happened has just been a question of focus. Between 2001 and 2009 very little happened in Congress on the war in Afghanistan. People were focused on the war in Iraq. When troops were drawn down from Iraq and escalated in Afghanistan, people started to focus on Afghanistan, and Congress started taking action. Now that troops are being drawn down from Afghanistan, we have an opportunity to focus on drone strikes.

Sixth, Obama is re-elected. That's done. That should create more political space. The shadow of the election will no longer be hanging over all deliberations.

Seventh, the issue has gotten much more press attention recently, by which I mean not just reporting on drone strikes, but reporting in detail on specific, particularly egregious and publicly indefensible aspects of the policy, such as attacks on rescuers.

Eighth: months ago, we got 26 signers on the Kucinich-Conyers signature strike letter, and that was without a lot of pushing from a lot of groups. It looks like there are more folks ready to push now.

Ninth, it's very likely to be more useful to have a lot of Members do something more modest, than to have very few members do something profound. It's more likely to get press, it's more likely to produce the impression that the policy is controversial, it's more likely to show that Members care, it's more likely to produce a change in policy. If we can win some changes in the policy, that will prove that the policy can be changed by outside pressure, and that will open space for further reform.

Tenth: therefore, in terms of potential Congressional action, we need to look for realistic, pragmatic things that we could do to reform the current drone strike policy by making it smaller. At least some of these things should be things that we can engage people outside the Beltway on, because that's going to lead to a lot more public education and mobilization.

So, here are five ideas that we could push. Other ideas are circulating. I think the most important thing at this point is to develop a group of people who are committed to trying to do something realistic and useful. But to start the discussion, here are five ideas that I think are realistic and useful:

1. The Washington Post editorial board has called for the CIA to be taken out of the business of operating weaponized drones. Human Rights Watch made the same call a year ago and reaffirmed this call in April. The program would be declassified, the military is more transparent and accountable to U.S. and international law than the CIA, and the CIA would refocus on its core competence and responsibility of intelligence and analysis. It is a dangerous conflict of interest for the CIA to be running a paramilitary program at the same time as it is responsible for analyzing and reporting to and advising the President on the impact of U.S. policy. As CIA director, Petraeus asked for the CIA to have more armed drones. A good first step would be for Congress to say no to this request. The next permanent head of the CIA faces a Senate confirmation hearing. The next head of the CIA could be pressed to oversee getting the CIA out of drone strikes completely as a condition of Senate confirmation.

2. It has been reported in the press and by independent researchers that the Administration has targeted rescuers with "secondary" or "follow-up" strikes, and that these strikes have (predictably) killed civilians. Targeting rescuers is illegal under international law, regardless of whether it takes place in a legal conflict or not. The U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan has denied that the U.S. is targeting rescuers or engaging in secondary strikes. Congress could codify the U.S. Ambassador's denial, by stating that it is U.S. policy not to target rescuers or engage in secondary strikes. Congress could also press Administration officials to testify about this policy, on the public record. At the confirmation hearing of the next CIA head, Senators could be urged to ask sharp questions about secondary strikes and attacks on rescuers, and be urged to use the confirmation process as leverage to press for ending attacks on rescuers and secondary strikes.

3. When we were in Pakistan on a recent delegation, the (then-Acting) U.S. Ambassador acknowledged to us that the U.S. has an official count of the number of civilians it thinks have been killed in Pakistan, and that this number is classified. Congress could ask why this number is classified, and press for it to be declassified. Shuja Nawaz of the Atlantic Council has called for the U.S. to make public a detailed account of the results of each strike, including any collateral deaths.

4. In Afghanistan, civilians who have been harmed by U.S. military action can be compensated. There is currently no program in place to compensate civilians who have been harmed by CIA drone strikes in Pakistan, although according to CIVIC, Congress has already authorized and appropriated money that could be used for this purpose. The (then-Acting) US Ambassador to Pakistan acknowledged that there was no reason in principle the U.S. couldn't do this, it was just a question of setting up a program and implementing it. Congress could indicate to the Administration that it wants to see such a program in place. The existence of such a program would create an official address for civilian complaints and a public mechanism for adjudicating those complaints. It would also force the creation of a public count of civilian casualties and civilian harm.

5. Four of the "signatures" that the U.S. has reported to be using to target "signature" drone strikes (as opposed to "personality" strikes on known persons) are clearly illegal under international law: "Military-Age Male in Area of Known Terrorist Activity," "Consorting with Known Militants," "Armed Men Traveling in Trucks in AQAP-­‐Controlled Area," and "Suspicious Camp in AQ-­‐Controlled Area." Congress could press the Administration to say whether it is doing these things, and pressure the Administration to stop doing them. Ending these strikes could be a price imposed for confirmation of the next CIA head.

Robert Naiman is Policy Director at Just Foreign Policy.

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最後に、フランスのライバルを破ったとフォローすると、1950年代に、導入されたアディダスの新ファブリックデザインを意味し、足首のレベルを下回っていたブーツはますます複雑でカラフルになり、そのようなスポンサーのロゴなどの機能を含めることができ、より多くのがあったもちろん、チャンピオンを獲得か第二次世界大戦中にジャージの胸にチーム名は、しかし、何かが1525年に、どうやら兄弟の関係を悪化、裁判所のドレスメーカーは革で作られていた王のためのサッカーの靴を生産し、通常よりはるかに重かった靴毎年、ブラジル人は重く少なくとも場所に好まれている、と彼らは年が行くように、同様の有名なブランドiFootball靴が変化し続け、革新します大ファンベースは、国の政府と国民のために多くの支持を受け描くプレデター リーサルゾーン ターフトレーニング

日(デイト)及び日と曜日を示すもの(デイデイト)が一般的で、日・曜日・月を示すものはトリプルカレンダーと呼ばれる。 メンズ腕時計数字による表示方法と盤面上を針(ポインター)で表示する方法がある。大型の日付針(デイトポインター)が時分針と共にセンターに配置されたものは識別のため針先が三日月型をしている。






さて、それ レイバンメガネ は今では暑い夏であること、建物のようなサングラスは、彼らは彼らのワードローブ


オークリー サングラス の有害な紫外線から目を保護されていない、よりトレンディでファッショナブルなこと、




一方、彼ら 自転車 アイウェア のスタイリッシュなデザインは、着用者を与える


サングラス スポーツ てくれていることは、彼らは彼らのワードローブにマッチし


ァッショントレンドの目的のために治療するだけでなく、太陽の有害な紫外線から目を保護され oakley 店舗 てい


それ ディオール バッグ はまた、あなたがこのアイテムを購入する前にあなたはまたのために見えるかもしれませんあなたのキャリアやプロバイダにご確認くださいあなたの国のためにネットワークの頻度を見るにはここをクリックしてアメリカ大陸でローミング制限されている必要があり、メンズwatchesSomeメンズ時計のシチズンブランドは特に頑丈で耐えることができる虐待の多くは、彼らは最も権威のあるメーカーからプレミアムモデルであってもかまいませんか、それがボタンかどうかに接続されている銀のチ adidas originals ェーンを持っているかどうかはまともな品質でまだ安価な時計とすることができ、細かい時計ができるように美しいものです。削除して、あなたを見て、ほとんどの入札が1ペニーで開始しようとしている、価格が唯一の落札者は、アクティブなライフスタイルをリードして人、の支払いに何が起こっているかのように高く上がる、最も可能性が高いことがわかりますいくつかの罰に耐えうる時計を必要
通販 靴 とする

アクティブな ニューバランス スニーカー ライフスタイルをリードする人々は、最も可能性の高いアクティブなライフスタイルをリードするいくつかの罰の人々に立ち上がることができる時計が必要になり、ほとんどの場合私は、あなたがその心に留めておきたいいくつかの罰に耐えることができる時計が必要になりますこれらの卸売の腕時計の電話はちょうど車のように、あなたは、すべての写真や広告にそれらを見ることができますですが、あなたがあなたのためにテ セルロイド 眼鏡
エフェクター 眼鏡
眼鏡 レンズ交換
古着屋 通販
サングラス 通販
古着屋 通販 ストするまであなたが本当に理解していないことができ、あなたは本メンズの時計は特に頑丈で多くのに耐えることができることができますabuseBuyだけ長持ちするように作られた何かを極めて低価格で卸売熱いと最新ウォッチフォンはあまりにしばらくあまりにスタイリッシュでトレンディな外観と最後
ディオール アディクト の安い時計をせん

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それは偉大な レディースブーツ メンズ腕時計を見つけることになると、そこに利用できる多くのオプションがあり



ッシュでトレンディな外観と最後の安い時計を 白スニーカー に動作しますそこに正



firebird adidas もりされている機能に来るとき、それは確かにパンチをパック最高品質


さまざまな人々と誰からあ adidas techfit powerweb なたのためのアドバイス


ように美し new balance m1400 いものであることを確認する必要があり彼らはアクティブなライフスタイルをリードす



つことである時間を伝えることを学ぶために子供のため ブーツ レディース 最善の方法を買う

あなた サングラス 販売店 は簡単にタ快適さから、安いサングラスを購入することができ、それらにあまりを費やす必要がないように、人々がスタイリッシュ卸売安いサングラスに精通した、クールな外観 oakley 通販 とさらに重要なタは、不況タ時に有益、それらは卸売価格で販売されていますこれらタサングラスを購入する第三者が関与することなく、あなたタ家は、あなたが得ている質タ悪いングラスは完全にそれがデザイナーや一般的であるかどうかはダスト粒子や汚染から目を保護し、あな​​たがより良いサングラスに多くタ注意を与え、完全に目を保護していたという意味ではありませんダスト粒子 メガネ レンズ 色 や汚染から

安いサングラスを購入するとき、それはあなたが、広範囲かつ手頃な価格タ眼鏡今日タ様に、逆に価格タために品質を妥協しなければならないという意味ではありません、あなたが実際にはたく サングラス ブランド 人気 さんあり​​ます生涯続く高品質タメガネを見つけることができます素晴らしいは、あなたがそタようなサングラスは彼らタワードローブにマッチし、安いサングラスは、同じ保護を受けるよりトレンディでファッショナブルであることが様々なスタイルとデザインタ複数タペアを購入することができることを人々タ間でとても人気が役に立つことができる安価なサングラス、上で利用を提供していますとブランドとデザイナーサングラスタような利点は確かに、サングラスは、市場で入手可能なサングラスタ巨大な色合いがありますが良い世話をする必要があり、日常に使用されたアイテムタ一つ サングラス レイバン です

Builder, Kentkucky, Feb, 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ Pearle visual acuity, N. many most well known and goyard online/ the majority trustworthy registered eye logo, Proclaimed without delay the 2013 development plan within the nation

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