This Week, Let's Help Burlington Kill the $1.5 Trillion F-35 Taxpayer Ripoff

We have just a week left to help Burlington, Vermont kill the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the biggest taxpayer ripoff in human history. On Monday, October 7, the Burlington City Council will vote on a binding resolution that would block F-35 warplanes from being based at Burlington International Airport, which is owned by the city.

If the Council votes to block the planes from being based in Burlington, that won't kill the $1.5 trillion F-35 taxpayer ripoff by itself. But it will set a crucial precedent. It will prove that the F-35 is politically vulnerable. It will mark a historic defeat of pork-barrel military Keynesianism by citizen engagement. It would help change the national posture of Democrats on unnecessary military spending. It would help abolish the dogma that Democrats have to support unnecessary military spending when it takes place in their districts.

The dogma that Democrats have to support unnecessary military spending when it takes place in their districts is deeply ingrained. But there's no intrinsic reason why it should be true. Democrats wouldn't support federal spending for propaganda against birth control if it took place in their districts. Democrats wouldn't support federal spending to promote homophobia if it took place in their districts. Why should Democrats support federal spending for the taxpayer-ripoff, Social Security-cutting, job-destroying F-35, just because it takes place in their districts?

A crucial fact about the Burlington fight over the F-35 is that it's largely among Democrats. Republicans won't decide whether Grandma's Social Security check will be stolen by Lockheed Martin.

Vermont is deep blue: the Cook PVI of Vermont is D+16. There are 14 City Councilors in Burlington. The partisan breakdown is Democrats, 7; Progressives, 4; Independents, 2; Republicans, 1.

If the seven Democrats and four Progressives voted yes to bar the F-35 from Burlington, while both Independents and the lone Republican voted no, the binding resolution would pass 11-3. Even if only a bare majority of Democrats voted yes, the resolution would still have eight votes out of 14.

So this fight about national priorities is a fight among Democrats. Since Democrats are supposed to favor Social Security, Medicare benefits, Head Start and food stamps over corporate welfare for Lockheed Martin, this should be a slam dunk. But it's not. Vermont's leading elected officials -- Patrick Leahy, Bernie Sanders, and Peter Welch -- support military Keynesianism in Vermont, even though military Keynesianism destroys American jobs.

People who have never seen the numbers often act surprised that military Keynesianism destroys American jobs. There's a powerful unquestioned dogma that unnecessary military spending creates jobs.

But the dogma just isn't true. Compared to every other form of government spending to stimulate the economy -- including tax cuts to promote personal consumption -- unnecessary military spending destroys jobs. It's true that if you could borrow the money for increased military spending, and didn't have to pay for it through tax increases or cuts elsewhere, and if you weren't allowed to borrow money to do anything else, including cutting taxes, borrowing money for unnecessary military spending would beat doing nothing in terms of creating jobs.

But that fact that unnecessary military spending could create jobs if you could borrow the money for only that and nothing else is totally irrelevant now, because national borrowing is now capped by the Budget Control Act. Every unnecessary dollar we spend on the military now has to come from cutting domestic spending or raising taxes. Given the domestic spending that is likely to be cut and the taxes that are likely to be raised to pay for more unnecessary military spending, hitting the incomes of people in the lower 99 percent of the income distribution, that means that unnecessary military spending is going to destroy jobs.

These basic facts about the economic impact of unnecessary military spending were documented in a 2011 paper by University of Massachusetts economists Robert Pollin and Heidi Garrett-Peltier, using the standard economic models which are, without controversy, used to estimate everything else. The numbers in Table 1, page 5, imply that every time you move a billion dollars from the domestic economy to the Pentagon budget, you destroy 3,900 American jobs. Moving $1.5 trillion from the domestic economy to the Pentagon budget, if you did it all at once, would destroy more than 5 million jobs.

Government spending on big objects is highly visible. If Congressman Joe can grab federal dollars to build a big military boondoggle in his district, his constituents will see people working on the big military boondoggle and may see it as credible when Congressman Joe claims that he is putting people to work.

But Congressman Joe is actually destroying jobs if the money for the military boondoggle comes from cutting Social Security benefits, raising the payroll tax, cutting the Earned Income Tax Credit, or spending less on food stamps, because these things deliver dollars more efficiently into the hands of working families who will spend the money in America. Protecting Social Security, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and food stamps won't build a shiny military boondoggle. But it will put more people to work than a shiny military boondoggle.

Because Social Security is so efficient at putting money in the hands of working families who will spend it -- no corporate middleman takes a huge cut -- there's no well-heeled corporate lobby to promote it. Lockheed Martin doesn't get a cut if Grandma's Social Security check is increased -- 100 percent of the money goes straight to Grandma. But if the government buys warplanes it doesn't need, Lockheed Martin makes a fortune. With its taxpayer-financed wealth, Lockheed Martin can spend money on Democratic politicians to keep its taxpayer-financed gravy train running.

Could citizen engagement with Democrats turn this around in Burlington? Citizen engagement with rank-and-file Democrats in Congress was decisive in blocking the U.S. bombing of Syria, even though the Democratic leadership in Congress was in lockstep support of the bombing. A key vehicle for citizen engagement with Democrats against the war was

What if MoveOn members around the country encouraged Democrats in Vermont to oppose the F-35? Let's spread the MoveOn petition and find out.

Air Jordan 1 Mid SONICS

There are shoes that derive their nicknames from coincidentally sharing a palette with a particular team, and then there are those shoes whose colorways are actually inspired by the team.

cheap air jordan breds 11 for sale

It would seem that the Air Jordan 1 Mid Sonics is one of the latter, confirmation coming by way of today’s more detailed looks.

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In addition to donning an even mix of green, black and white over the leather upper, as well as yellow accents rounding out the Seattle style, the shoe dons a special insole, announcing the Sonics as one of Michael Jordan’s NBA Finals victims.

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“Challengers of the greatest of all time” circles the design, with “1988 Honorary Formidable Foes League 1996″ residing in the middle, 1996 being the year the Bulls bested the Sonics.

Air Jordans Fire Red 5s For Sale

So is this just the first look at an upcoming Air Jordan 1 Formidable Foes pack? Certainly looks that way.

Air Jordan 3 FIRE RED Release Date on Saturday

The Air Jordan 3 Fire Red releases this Saturday, August 3, and demand is expected to be sky-high for the classic colorway, which sets a white leather upper against black heel-and-toe panels and a red midsole.

Discount Air Jordan 18 For Sale

As such, Foot Locker will be using their ticketed release procedure.

Cheap Air Jordan 4 Retro Shoes

Head in to a participating Foot Locker (Launch Locator here) on Wednesday, July 31 or Thursday, August 1 and pick up a raffle ticket.

Air Jordan 4 Shoes For Sale

Those whose tickets are selected will be notified by phone on Friday, August 2 and can then go in and purchase their shoes ($160) on Saturday, August 3.

Cheap Air Jordan Retro 11 Sale

If your ticket isn’t chosen, worry not — the usual online retailers will stock the shoe as well, starting at 8a EDT on 8/3.

Air Jordan 3 Doernbecher Release Date | Another Classic Returns

This year, Nike is celebrating a decade of their partnership with Doernbecher Children’s Hospital by re-releasing a number of classic shoes from the Doernbecher Freestyle program.

Air Jordan Retro 6 For Sale

And next on the schedule is one of the program’s all-time best, if not THE all-time best.

Cheap Air Jordan 8 Sale

The Air Jordan 3 Doernbecher releases July 20, retailing for $160. Proceeds, as usual, will go to the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation.

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The shoe, an instant-classic upon its 2010 launch, was designed by former Doernbecher patient Cole Johanson, who has since beat his lymphoma.

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The red upper subtly spells out “COLE” in its unique diamond pattern, with contrast black on the tongue, collar, midsole and heel-tab.

Womens Jordan Shoes Sale

Behind that heel-tab are shoutouts to Cole’s favorite foods, spaghetti and chocolate.

The insoles however, get even more personal for Cole. “STRENGTH” and “COURAGE” are emblazoned across either one, as those were the two attributes he knew were most needed to beat the deadly disease.

Cheap jordans for women

Grab Cole’s Doernbecher Air Jordan 3 in ten days at select Nike retail locations stateside.

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Quantities will be limited and an instant sellout is a mortal lock.

Every Isabel Marant x H&M Menswear Piece (With Prices)

French designer Isabel Marant has long been a favorite of stylish girlfriends and the really, really attractive and cool girls that garner plenty of Tumblr reblogs for their outfits and generate tons of Pinterest envy.

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Marant's tomboyish designs filter menswear classics through exotic influences and unique fabrications.

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With her upcoming capsule collection for H&M, she's bringing those sensibilities to men's clothing for the first time. And according to WWD, she has "no intention of adding men's wear to [her] workload" anytime soon.

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That means if you're a style-conscious guy who wants an Isabel Marant piece with you in mind, this collab may be your only chance.

cheap Isabel Marant Heels

We combed through the collection and are pretty impressed by Marant's take on suede boots, biker jeans, and marled knits. Of course, there are plenty of cozy-looking T-shirts in the line too.

cheap isabel marant pumps

Before the collection drops on November 14, we rounded up all the pieces for you, and to help you budget, found out how much you're gonna have to fork over. Here's Every Isabel Marant x H&M Menswear Piece (With Prices).


Isabel Marant footwear is everywhere on everyone this season. We were mesmerized by Miranda Kerr’s pairing of an Isabel Marant grey boucle coat with black embroidered boots, also by the designer, but she’s not the only one working the brand.

Isabel Marant Poppy Suede Pumps sale

She Finds rounded up all the Isabel Marant boots donned by celebrities over the last few months that are still available to the public, and we just can’t choose a favorite.

Isabel Marant Sandals

While they didn’t make the slide show, we’re kind of digging these 100mm suede and leather cowboy boots by the Marant, costing a whopping $886.

Isabel Marant Sandals for womens

But you can’t put a price tag on ingeniously balancing a modern art deco type heel whilst maintaing the classic elements of western style, right? Hm.

Cheap Isabel Marant Sneakers

After Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, and other starlets were spotted rocking the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers earlier this year,

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it’s no wonder that they’d be sold out this holiday season. Not to worry, you can score an affordable pair of Isabel Marant inspired wedge sneakers in time for Christmas.

Hot Trends in Sexy Nike High Heel Shoes

Sexy hindfoot shoes or boots are usually a terrific way to feel comfortable, captivating and lovely. Inside a couple captivating hindfoot shoes or boots, nobody are able to quit appreciating your good fashion.

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Gathered this is a set of very hot Nike Dunk Heels developments inside captivating hindfoot shoes or boots inside special coloration selections.

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While all you could could tolerate to help put on to that affair is of which sure-fire black outfits, stun everybody using a good two of captivating hindfoot shoes or boots.

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The lighter and much more vivid this captivating hindfoot shoes or boots, the better.

The 219641 captivating hindfoot shoes or boots by Alexander McQueen can be a good selection.

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In the amazing silver coloration, these captivating hindfoot shoes or boots will appear outstanding contrasted together with your black outfits.

If you desire a Nike Heels Australia completely new black outfits, do this a single coming from Rachel Pally.

Cheap Air Jordan 6 High Heels

While using the good style in this outfit as well as the lovely glitter glue of the captivating hindfoot shoes or boots, you’ll result in a huge turmoil exactly where anyone proceed.

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To create out this pin-up woman inside anyone, get a couple this Gasha captivating hindfoot shoes or boots coming from Betsey Johnson.

Together with man made fiber intersected straps inside fun turquoise and bright polka dots, these captivating ladies high heel sandals will certainly tell anyone of a swing movement dancer in the thirties.

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Tend not to quit this enjoyable using a Nike Heels Australia Sale sound outfit, bring out more enthusiasm by blending these captivating hindfoot shoes or boots using a good ruffle outfit. Your specific search are going to be inspirational.

Nike High Heels

To help route of which inside seventies really like little one, get this Joni captivating hindfoot shoes or boots coming from Jeffrey Campbell.

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The Joni is completely equipped with 5″ podium pumps and good about three nicely toned leather-based features.

Individuals almost everywhere will certainly feel these captivating hindfoot shoes or boots ended up a fantastic old-fashioned discover!

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Match these captivating hindfoot shoes or boots using a good two of extensive leg denims and a conduit major as well as your search is full.

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And keep coming from hunting as if you went beyond any disco, maintain your hair understated by tying the idea back in any bun or even taken the government financial aid any headpiece.

Air Jordan 3Lab5 Release Date Nears, Stock Hits eBay

We’re now just a few weeks from the long-awaited Air Jordan 3Lab5 release date — it’s set for September 21 — and so, as you’d imagine, eBay is beginning to get inundated with available pairs.

discount jordans 2013

That means a) you can grab one early for well above retail (or, as I’d recommend, don’t) and b) we get plenty more detailed shots of the shoe.

discount jordans 2014

At this point you’re probably plenty well-informed, so we’ll keep it short:

cheap nike air jordan shoes for sale

the eye-popping style spors black elephant print on an ultra-premium grey leather upper, set against solid black on the midsole, laces and leather sockliner, and the occasional blue accenting.

Cheap Joadan shoes

The shoe, set to retail for $225, is expected to be limited and very much in-demand.

Air Jordan 10 Retro For Sale

As such, while it’s not a sure thing — there just isn’t really a precedent for a shoe or a price point like this — it’s probably best to plan on a quick sellout.


Justin Timberlake is in the midst of quite the musical comeback, dropping a new album in March, then pulling off a widely lauded and expansive performance at Sunday’s MTV VMA Awards (yep, that’s still a thing) after a rather significant hiatus from making music.

Cheap Air Jordan Retro 11

To celebrate said new album, JT has also undertaken a summer tour with Jay-Z, the Legends of the Summer stadium tour, which in turn has inspired a special line of red shoes from Jordan, for Justin.

Jordan Retro 11 For Sale

And today, following close-ups of the I and III, we get a detailed look at the all-red Air Jordan 2 Legends of the Summer.

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Like the others, the II mixes suede, patent leather and reptile skin-embossed leather on entirely red upper, with the only contrast offered by white inner-lining and tongue-logo.

cheap jordan retro 13 shoes

Details are still developing, but early rumors are that there may be a limited public release of the Legends of the Summer Jordans; stay tuned for updates.

Air Jordan 5 BEL AIR Releases In One Month

Do you realize the Air Jordan 5 Bel Air releases in just a month? Well, it does; October 5 is the day.

Cheap Nike Air Jordan 2 Sale

So to celebrate the beginning of the homestretch, let’s take another look at the shoe, which is starting to hit eBay.

cheap air jordan 3 for sale

The Fresh Prince-inspired colorway starts neutral, opting for a grey leather upper and black tongue, but juxtaposes that with wild, 90s-influenced neon tones —

Cheap Air Jordan 4 Shoes

purple midsole, green outsole and accents, multi-colored print on the inner-lining.

Cheap Air Jordan 5

Rumors still indicate the shoe will carry a $185 price tag, so it’s entirely likely it’ll either be packaged with some special accessory or is of an especially premium nature.

Air Jordan Fear Pack Release Procedure for Foot Locker

The Air Jordan Fear Pack releases this weekend, with all three pairs — Air Jordan 3 Fear, Air Jordan 4 Fear, Air Jordan 5 Fear — hitting shelves Saturday, August 24.

Air Jordan Retro 6 For Sale

Due to rather robust demand for all three, participating Foot Lockers (check the Launch Locator here) will use their tried and true ticketed release procedure to disperse the shoes.

Cheap Nike Air Jordan 8 Sale

Head in to a (participating) location on Wednesday, August 21 or Thursday, August 22 and pick up a sweepstakes ticket.

Cheap Air Jordan 9

Those with the winning tickets will be notified on Friday, August 23 and can then go in Saturday and purchase the shoes.

cheap Jordan Flight 9

All three retail individually and will not be sold as a pack. The AJ3 and AJ4 will also be available on (and and the like).

Air Jordan 4 GREEN GLOW Releases in Five Days

We’re just five days from the Air Jordan 4 Green Glow release date now, scheduled for Saturday, August 17.

You know the deal by now: two-tone-grey suede upper; black detailing; mint accents; sky-high demand. As such, Foot Locker is doing their ticketed release procedure.

jordan play in these ii basketball shoe

Go in to a participating location (Launch Locator here) on Wednesday, August 14 or Thursday, August 15 and grab a sweepstakes ticket.

Cheap Jordan Flight 23

Those who possess the winning tickets will be notified on Friday and can then go in and purchase their shoes on Saturday, August 17.

Nike Jordan Flight the Power

Retail is $160 and the shoe will be available at the usual online accounts as well, releasing their at 8a EDT.

running shoes in the market today are the Nike Free Run 3

Running shoes are among the most important things to any runner. The right pair of running shoes can give you a great experience while running.

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It is very important to make sure you wear the correct pair of shoes. One of the most trusted and popular brands of running shoes in the market today are the Nike Free Run 3.

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These are lightweight, breathable and comfortable running shoes that has evolve through the years into a great multi-purpose silhouette.

nike free run 3

It is also designed with multi-layer upper, full inner sleeve and off center lacing system.

Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Shoes For Sale

The design team of these shoes took the human foot as the mode, designing the upper after the anatomy of the human foot.

cheap Nike Free Run 2

These shoes are now available online and you can select from many colorways available for men and women.

cheap Nike Free Run 3

For men, the colorways that would suit their requirements include Anthracite White/Royal Blue/Black, Blue/Gray White, Anthracite/White Volt, Anthracite/White/Club Purple/White, Anthracite/White Black Sonic Yellow and many others. You can select colors to match them with what you are wearing.

Cheap Nike Free Powerlines Shoes

Aside from the Nike Free Run 3, you can also get perfect running shoes like the cheap nike free run. Like the Free Run, the Air Max is also offered at very affordable and discounted prices.

Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3

They are very comfortable to wear to provide people with the right fit. Nike is known to have a rich experience in selling running shoes and their Max edition is popular sub brand among Nike shoes.

Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V3 For Sale

There are also different colorways available for these series.

Cheap Nike Free 5.0 V4 Australia

The 2011 edition of the Nike Air Max running shoes are still running popular even with the introduction of the 2012 series and they also have a vast range of colorways you can choose from.

Nike LunarGlide+ 2 Mens Running Shoes - BlackGreenPink

The Nike LunarGlide+ 2: Plush cushioning, dynamic ride

Sometimes a sequel is even better than the original. Case in point: the Nike LunarGlide+ 2 Men's Running shoe ( Nike Lunar Running Shoes ).

Cheap Lebron Shoes

It delivers the plush cushioning and Dynamic Support of the original LunarGlide, along with better fit and comfort.

Best for underpronators to moderate overpronators

Lunarlon cushioning for ultra-lightweight, springy cushioning

Cheap Nike Kobe 8

Dynamic support that adapts to your stride throughout your run

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Extended Flywire panels for ultra-light, ultra-strong support

Nike Lebron 10

The breathable mesh upper is nearly stitch-free for reduced irritation, and an inner-sleeve wraps around the foot for exceptional comfort.

Cheap Kobe Shoes

The Flywire panel of the original LunarGlide has been extended further back for a more secure fit and better support around the midfoot and heel.

Nike Lebron 10 Plus shoes

Soft doesn't have to mean mushy when it comes to cushioning. The Lunarlon cushioning system in this men's running shoe delivers lightweight, springy cushioning for soft yet responsive shock absorption.

Cheap Lebron 10 Shoes

View more Nike Free Run Shoes or Nike Free 3.0 Running Shoes.

Nike's Crazy New Running Shoe Is Basically A Sock

Nike released a bunch of information this week about its next running shoe — the Nike Free Flyknit.

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To put it crudely, it's basically a sock with the sole of a running shoe attached to the bottom of it.

cheap air max 2014

It retails for $160, and goes on sale August 1st.

Nike has been trying to make running shoes that mimic what it's like to run barefoot ("naturally") for a while.

air max 1

The current Nike Free has a flexible sole that curves to the motion of your foot as it hits the ground, and the support on the upper parts of the shoe is less bulky than traditional running shoes.

air max 90

The sole of this new Nike Free Flyknit is the same as the Nike Free, but the upper is a knitted material that's really sock-like.

Nike Air Max 90 For Sale

It seems pretty wild, but we're guessing it might be a little too extreme for non-hardcore runners who don't want to drop $160 on a shoe they've never experienced before.


The Nike Free Run+ 3 Men's Running Shoe offers a barefoot-like ride with the cushioning, traction and underfoot protection of a traditional shoe.

nike air flight classic for sale

Its low-profile midsole doubles as an outsole, dramatically reducing overall weight. Glove-like Fit.

Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Australia

The Dynamic Fit system is made up of 'fingers' of soft material that wrap the midfoot and arch, tailoring the shoe perfectly to your foot. Flexibility.

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Flex grooves along the length and width of the outsole enhance flexibility and help maintain stability for a more natural stride. Seamless Feel.

Cheap Air Max 2012

The upper offers lightweight support right where you need it, with seamless overlays for a supportive, skin-like fit. Origins.

Cheap Mens Nike Air Max 87 Shoes

After learning that Stanford athletes had been training barefoot on the university's golf course, three of Nike's most innovative and creative employees set out to develop a shoe that felt natural and weightless, similar to bare feet.

Cheap Air Max 90

In 2002, they examined a group of men and women with pressure-measuring insoles taped to their feet, using high-speed cameras to capture images of each foot in motion. The team spent eight years studying the biomechanics of shoeless running.

Cheap Nike Air Max 95 Australia

The results yielded a profound understanding of the foot's natural landing angle, pressure and toe position, allowing Nike designers to build an unconventional and flexible running shoe from the inside out.

Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Sale

More Benfits: Reflective Swoosh design trademark for enhanced visibility in low light.

Cheap Womens Nike Air Max 2012

Waffle outsole pistons to help absorb impact and add responsiveness. Abrasion-resistant carbon rubber under high-wear areas for enhanced durability. Product Details: Nike+ ready. Weight: 9.3 ounces (men's size 10).

Nike Men's Free Run+ 3 Shield Running Shoe

Enjoy a minimalistic experience with the protection of Dri-FIT Max fabric and a carbon rubber outsole with the Nike? Men's Free Run+ 3 Shield running shoe.

Cheap Nike Air Max 87 Womens

Dri-FIT Max upper fabric delivers ultimate breathability, a second-skin fit and rapidly dries to improve comfort in all weather conditions.

Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Women's

Deep Nike? Free sipes provide extraordinary flexibility for a barefoot feel while a rubber waffle piston outsole boosts durability and traction.

Cheap air max 95 womens shoes


Shoe type: Neutral
Dri-FIT Max fabric accelerates evaporation, reducing drying time
Breathable mesh on sides increases air circulation and range of motion
Brushed interior provides added warmth and comfort in cold conditions

Cheap Women's Nike Air Max Classic BW

Multi-layer construction in the upper gives a second-skin fit
Off-center lacing and full inner sleeve boosts comfort
Adaptive fit midfoot construction for custom feel
Sculpted Phylite midsole offers unrivaled cushioning
Deep Nike? Free sipes add flexibility, barefoot feel

Cheap Nike Air Max Skyline womens running shoes

BRS 1000 carbon rubber heel absorbs shock and increases durability
Environmentally-preferred rubber improves traction on any ground
Waffle piston outsole provides each stride with responsive cushioning
Nike?+ ready
Style: 536840-003

Nike Air Jordan High Heel footwear are normally by far the most well-known model footwear

Nike Air Jordan High Heel are in between likely most likely one of the most well-loved styles of footwear, entirely the Jordan heel and Jordan 7 high heels.

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They acquired been incredibly well-loved that following they demonstrated up out to the market.

Air Jordan 23 High Heels

That is an pretty modern day Nike Air Jordan High Heels, getting 100% many appears, based on what meets the wearer's flavor.

Cheap Air Jordan 3.5 High Heels

No create a variation the way they might be put in place with jewellery salesman they may be not basically eye-catching trendy boots, but extremely comforting much too.

Nike Air Jordan 4 Heels

The Nike Air Jordan High Heel boots delight in a luxuriously tender sheepskin inside of sock that serves to help you hold foot cozy and comfortable, though maintaining humidity apart the ft.

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For the reason that working with this feature, Nike Air Jordan High Heel boots may well be set on easily even all through the most warm many days belonging round the yr lacking of foot finding sizzling.

jordan high heels

The Nike Air Jordan High Heel boots is completed with about three extra-large wood buttons, enabling becoming styled up and buttoned, slouched and to some degree unbuttoned, or fully cuffed.

cheap jordan high heels for sale

Nike Air Max 2009 High Heels For Women

You simply can't go incorrect with all the nike air jordan High Heel boots. Gown them up or gown them lessen, the nike air jordan High Heel boots unquestionably definitely certainly are a ought to have.

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The generally snug complement offers since the fleece shoe inserts mold in course in the initial curves of a person's feet. It can be wonderful for morning hrs or night, cozy or cold.

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Totally completely nothing at all can cease you from placing within the nike air jordan High Heel boots.

Nike Heels

This must-have boot functions lavish twin-faced sheepskin for intent belonging across the utmost ease and comfort. you might be equipped to nonetheless it from Nike Outlet.

Nike LeBron 11 AWAY Release Date,Photos

The Nike LeBron 11 Away releases November 1, one of a number of colorways of King James’s latest signature shoe to hit retailers that day.

cheap lebron shoes 11

Designed to perfectly complement the road uniforms of LeBron’s Miami Heat, the shoe’s lightweight, reinforcing Hyperposite piecing sports a bright red that truly arrests the eye.

Kobe Bryant Basketball Shoes 8 sale

That’s fused to a lightweight, durable but breathable Hyperfuse construction through the midfoot, which is reinforced with Dynamic Flywire strands.

cheap Nike Zoom Kobe 8

As mentioned above, grab these at Nike Basketball retailers November 1, with retail expected to be $200.

Nike LeBron 11 Blue/Green-Pink-Yellow (GS)

Another look today at the Nike LeBron 11 Blue/Green-Pink-Yellow, the most colorful style we’ve seen yet on LeBron’s eleventh signature model.

Kobe 8 For Sale

Unfortunately limited to grade school sizing, the shoe sports blue Posite piecing against bright green Hyperfuse, alternating back to blue through the breathable mesh areas.

Lebron James Shoes 10

Striking contrast is added by way of yellow on the Swoosh and outsole, as well as pink on the inner-lining.

Cheap Lebron 11 Shoes Sale

An exact release date is still unknown, so stay tuned for updates if you’ve got some young folks (or small-footed folks) who need shoeing.

Nike LeBron 11 GAMMA BLUE Release Date in a Month

Well, the Nike LeBron 11 Gamma Blue release date is relatively official.

Nike Foamposites Glow In The Dark Shoes

Confirmed, anyway, even if Nike hasn’t technically made it official. November 16 is the day, and it’s a hell of a colorway.

Cheap Nike Air Foamposite One

Light blue Posite piecing is integrated with silver Hyperfuse, giving way to black mesh through the midfoot and a gradient blue midfoot-Swoosh.

nike kobe 8 shoes for sale

Solid grey rounds out the look with a bit of neutrality, touching up the outsole and Flywire-lacelets.

cheap zoom kobe 8

As mentioned above, the shoe drops in about a month, with retail expected to to be $200.

Cheap Lebron 10 sale

Nike LeBron 11
Armory Slate/Gamma Blue-Light Armory Blue
Style #: 616175-401
16 November 2013

Nike LeBron 11 Blue/Green-Pink-Yellow | First Look

For the first time in a few weeks, we’ve got a new LeBron 11 colorway to preview and damned if it’s not absolutely spectacular, presuming you’re fine with a wide-ranging, slightly non-traditional palette.

Lebron 10 cheap for sale
cheap nike lebron 9

Call it the Nike LeBron 11 Blue/Green-Pink-Yellow, although I’m sure there’s an obviously intuitive nickname that perfectly explains from whence the shoe derives its inspiration, but it escapes me at the moment. Anyone?

Cheap Nike Zoom Soldier 6 Sale
Cheap Nike Zoom Hyperenforcer Shoes Sale

Dark blue Hypersposite piecing sits against solid green Hyperfuse, alternating back to blue through the midfoot mesh.

Cheap Nike Lunar Hyperdunk 2013
Cheap Kevin Durant 6

Contrast then comes by way of yellow on the midfoot Swoosh, tongue-branding and outsole, while a pink inner-lining completes the look.

nike zoom kd 5
Cheap Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier

We’ll bring you detailed photos and release info as we get’em, but in the meantime, how does this stack up to the early LeBron 11 looks?

Nike Air Max 90 Glow-in-the-Dark

The premium, lifestyle-driven Air Max 90 Comfort continues to make quite the impression, this time by way of the new Nike Air Max 90 Glow-in-the-Dark, releasing this fall.

Cheap Nike Air Max Light Shoes For Sale

Ostensibly a neutral, subdued colorway with the lights on — grey mudguard sits on grey synthetic upper with tonal Hyperfuse seams —

Cheap Nike Zoom Hyperenforcer Shoes Sale

the shoe gets crazy conspicuous when the lights go out, with an under-layer of tiger-striped glowing material showing through most of the upper.

Nike Hyperdunk 2011 For Sale

No word yet on a US release, but the shoes are dropping in Europe in October, so expect a stateside launch shortly thereafter.

Cheap Air Max 2011

Nike Air Max 90 Comfort
White/Geyser Grey-Lab Green
Style #: 616317-103
Holiday 2013.

Wmns Nike Air Max 1 Obsidian/Tropical Teal-Volt

Cheap Nike Air Max 1 gets another stylistic, summer-centric step-up in the form of the Nike Air Max 1 Obsidian/Tropical Teal-Volt.

Cheap Air Max 1 Womens Shoes

They don’t make them much more colorful than this.

Cheap Womens Nike Air Max 2013

The textile upper mixes together small interlocking chevrons of varying colors, yieldling a sort of herringbone pattern, but of course much more colorful.

Cheap Nike Air Max 2012

Solid pink on the heel of the midsole, and white toward the forefoot offer contrast, along with volt on the tongue and heel-text and a black Swoosh.

Cheap Air Max 2013

At the moment, the shoes can only be had on Ebay, but stay tuned to Nikeblog for wider release info as soon as it’s available.

Air Jordan XX8 SE Russell Westbrook PE

Russell Westbrook is never one to shy away from loud, unconvential footwear—remember the cheap jordans 28 Why Not?—and one of his next shoes will be no different.

cheap jordan shoes

Ladies and gentlemen, the jordans 28 for sale SE Russell Westbrook PE.

The design concept is pretty straightforward; the Air Jordan XX8 SE—a shroudless version of the XX8—dons a camo print over the upper and outsole, mixing light blue, orange and yellow in lieu of the traditional greens.

cheap jordan shoes 2014

Solid blue adorns the tongue and lacelets, bringing the palette back to a more “Thunder” style, and black hits the carbon fiber piecing and midsole.

Jordans For Sale

No word on a release date yet, but it’s a distinct possibility. Stay tuned for details.

Air Jordan 11 GAMMA BLUE | Detailed Photos

Gotta love those folks over at Long-7, always providing the first remarkably detailed previews of highly-anticipated forthcoming releases.

Cheap Air Jordan 10 Shoes

Today it’s one of the year’s most in-demand shoes, the Cheap Air Jordan 11 Shoes Gamma Blue releasing in December.

Air Jordan 11 Shoes For Sale

You probably know the deal by now — black Cordura upper, black patent leather mudguard, blue outsole and branding, gold 23 on the heel.

cheap air jordan 12

So today we’ll keep it short: check out a litany of new photos below, stay tuned for updates, and start planning for a lightning-quick sellout come December 21.

cheap jordan 13
Black/Gamma Blue-Black-Varsity Maize
Style #: 378037-006
21 December 2013

Isaac’s Air Jordan 5 DOERNBECHER Release Date

In January of 2013, Isaac Arzate suffered a heart attack at basketball practice and was sent to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital from his hometown of Salem, where he underwent open-heart surgery to fix a previously undetected abnormality.

Jordan 13 Shoes For Sale

While recovering, Isaac was invited to participate in the Doernbecher Freestyle IX collection and began designing an Air Jordan 5 Doernbecher.

Cheap Jordan Shoes 3

The design sketches he started on showcased many of his interests and life-experiences, including sports and video games.

cheap Air Jordan 4 Shoes

Tragically, in April of that same year, 12-year-old Isaac suffered another heart attack and passed away.

cheap air jordan 5 for sale

While saddened by Isaac’s passing, Nike and Doernbecher were inspired by his life — by the passion and spirit with which he lived — and asked his family if they’d complete Isaac’s design as a tribute.

Air Jordan Retro 6 For Sale

They agreed and, using the original sketches Isaac had drawn, as well as some others found by his parents, the Air Jordan 5 Doernbecher was finished, boasting a design featuring elements that represent who Isaac was, highlighting several of his interests.

Cheap jordans 7

Starting with sports, Isaac’s jersey numbers are printed on either shoe — his baseball number, 9, appears on the left shoe’s upper, while his basketball number, 31, adorns the right.

Air Jordans Shoes 8 For Sale

On both shoes meanwhile, the inside of the tongue features Isaac’s initials and the dates of his birth and passing.

Cheap Retro Jordan 9

Inspired by Isaac’s affinity for video games, much of the design glows in the dark, and each pair even includes a flashlight.

cheap air max 1

Further, both uppers are printed with a poem in black light ink. The poem, written by Isaac the day before his passing, includes words like:

cheap air max 90

“My team. My Family. We are brothers forever. No matter what.”

cheap air max 2013

Isaac’s Air Jordan 5 Doernbecher releases September 14, with all proceeds from sales of the shoe going to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

cheap air max 2014

The shoe will be available on and at select Nike retail locations.

ASICS America re-signs Lolo Jones as brand envoy

ASICS America is pleased to announce that they re-signed two-time 60-meter hurdles indoor World Champion Lolo Jones.

Cheap Asics GEL Kayano 17

She is the first woman ever to claim back-to-back World Indoor titles in the 60-meter hurdles while setting an American record in the process.

Womens Asics Gel-noosa TRI 7 Shoes

Jones explosive speed and power on the track has earned her a spot as a brakeman on the U.S.

Cheap Asics Gel Kinsei 2

national bobsled team, recently winning a gold medal in the mixed team event at the 2013 World Championships.

Asics Gel Noosa Tri 8 Shoes Sale

At the 2012 London Olympics, Jones placed fourth in the 100-meter hurdles.

Cheap Asics Mexico 66 Shoes

“I’m delighted to extend my relationship with ASICS for both my track and field and bobsledding endeavors,” said Jones.

Cheap Asics tiger shoes

“The quality of ASICS shoes, apparel and accessories is world-class. I feel I’m in excellent hands with ASICS as they share my passion for competition and continuous improvement.”

Cheap Asics Tokidoki Fabre sale

Looking ahead, Jones intends to return to the track this spring in the 100-meter hurdles and bobsled next fall.

Cheap Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66

Next up on her race schedule is Drake Relays April 24-28, 2013 in her hometown of Des Moines, Iowa.

Cheap Asics Gel Virage 4

“Lolo’s ability to triumph and expand her athleticism into a new sport embodies the ASICS spirit of ‘pushing the limits of your comfort zone’,” said ASICS Athlete Manager, Annie Adams.

cheap Asics Mexico 66 for women

“Lolo is a talented and charismatic ambassador for the ASICS brand. We look forward to supporting her, whether she’s flying over hurdles or racing down the bobsled track.”

Asics Gel Virage 4 Australia

A 2004 graduate of Louisiana State University, Jones won three NCAA titles and garnered 11 All-American honors while at the university.

Cheap Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Deluxe

Among her many professional achievements, she won indoor national titles in 2007, 2008 and 2009 in the 60-meter hurdles, gold medals at the World Indoor Championship in 2008 and 2010, and a silver medal at the 2008 World Athletics Final.

Women Onisuka Tiger Mini Cooper Shoes

She currently resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Asics Mini Cooper Women


Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, meaning “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body,” is an old Latin phrase from which ASICS is derived and the fundamental platform on which the brand still stands.

Cheap Womens Asics Whizzer Lo

The company was founded more than 60 years ago by Kihachiro Onitsuka and is now a leading designer and manufacturer of running shoes, as well as, other athletic footwear, apparel and accessories.

Air Jordan 11 Concord Release Date TOMORROW

Yep, it’s finally upon us (nearly); the retro jordan 11s concords release date is set for tomorrow, December 23rd at select Jordan retailers nationwide.

cheap jordan 11 for sale

I’ve said it before and I really feel the need to reiterate: call your shop before Friday morning!

cheap jordan 11 shoes

Most are doing a special release event which could include wristbands or raffles done today (if not already), so showing up at opening time Friday morning is a sure way to miss out on the shoes.

jordan 11

Check out plenty more looks under the cut courtesy of, who will be opening at 10am, an hour early, to release the shoe.

Cheap Air Jordan Aero Mania

(They’re in Rockville Centre, NY, so that doesn’t really apply to most of you.) (and presumably will also sell the shoe starting at midnight EST tonight/9p PST. They will sell out IMMEDIATELY, so be prepared.

Air Jordan 11 Retro
White/Black-Dark Concord
Style: 378037-107

Nike Free Hyperfeel Run Trail | Officially Unveiled

The Nike Free Hyperfeel Run Trail released today, despite never really getting an official unveiling from the Swoosh.

Nike Free Run

Until today, anyway. Better late than never, right?

Cheap Nike Free Run 2

An offshoot of Nike’s new “Nature Amplified” philosophy, predicated on enhancing the body’s natural motion and ability, the Free Hyperfeel Run Trail deftly mixes flexibility, plush cushioning, and unmatched ground-awareness that delivers a barefoot-like ride while still protecting the foot.

Cheap Nike Free Run 3

The unique design wraps the foot, particularly around the midsole, allowing the shoe to flex and move with the terrain.

Nike Free Run Australia

A Free-inspired Lunarlon foam unit acts as a drop-in midsole, cushioning and flexing, while minimizing total layering so the foot sits very near to the ground.

Cheap Nike Free Runs

Beneath, a thin web rubber outsole is adorned with trail-specific waffle tread, maximizing flexibility, all-surface traction and durability, all in a remarkably lightweight package.

Discount Nike Air Presto LE

Further, the outsole is pressure-mapped, with heavier outsole lugs in higher-pressure areas.

Cheap Nike Free Run+ 2

Moving all the way to the upper, a Flyknit compression collar is supportive and keeps out debris, yet breathes and allows for freedom of movement.

Nike Free Run 2 Australia

The breathable mesh upper is rubberized in high-wear areas for protection, while Flywire stabilizes the midfoot.

Cheap Nike LunarEclipse Australia

The Nike Free Hyperfeel Run Trail is now available at select Nike Running retailers.

Nike Free Run 2 Mid

Despite the evolution of the Free Run series — the Free Run 3 came out quite some time ago — the Free Run 2 has stuck around, gaining new life as a popular lifestyle model in addition to its obvious merits as a running shoe.


It looks to take that a step further in the coming months, with the addition of a Nike Free Run 2 Mid model, release date still unclear.

Cheap Nike Huarache Free 2013

The shoe remains pretty faithful to the original, with the same Free sole and overlaid sort of exoskelton set against similarly designed Hyperfuse piecing and a mesh base, but the collar merely stretches a few inches higher.

Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Womens Shoes

While this will surely work as a running shoe, the buttery suede complementing the tonal mesh seems to announce this as a fashionable everyday-wear option.

cheap Nike Women Lunarelite 2

We’ll bring you solid release info as we get it — it seems like Holiday 2013 is a pretty safe bet — but in the meantime, how does this work; is the low-to-mid transition a success?

Nike Free Hyperfeel Run Trail Release Date

The Free Hyperfeel was unveiled this summer, the next evolution in minimalist running shoes, sporting a second-skin-like Flyknit upper atop an ultra-thin midsole, setting the foot closer to the ground than ever before.

Cheap Nike Lunar + 1.5

Maintaining that style, but beefing up the durability and protection a bit, the Nike Free Hyperfeel Run Trail releases September 5 in three different colorways.

Nike Free Haven 3.0

The outsole sports a more pronounced traction pattern, clearly designed for footing on any terrain, and a sort of mudguard/rand area abutting the outsole and upper, stabilizing the foot a bit more in terms of lateral movement.

Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V5

The upper looks reminiscent of the standard Hyperfeel with some slight changes, most notably a reworked lacing system that stabilizes the ankle by tying in the back. Wild.

Womens Nike Free 3.0 V5

All three shoes will retail for $150 a pair.

Shelby’s Nike Free Run 2 Doernbecher Releases 9/17

Another classic from the last decade of the Nike Doernbecher Freestyle program returns this weekend, Shelby’s Nike Free Run 2 Doernbecher — release date set for tomorrow, August 17.

Cheap Nike Free Run 3

Launched with the 2010 Freestyle collection, the shoe sports a look that maps out the journey that took Doernbecher alum Shelby Lee from China to the US, with an adoption and five heart surgeries in between.

cheap Nike free run 2 womens shoes

Today Shelby’s living a happy, healthy life, so consider the shoe’s retro a celebration of that.

Better yet, proceeds (as usual) will benefit Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

Cheap Nike Free Run 3 Womens

Shelby’s Free Run 2 DB will be available exclusively on and at the following Nike retailers: NIKETOWN New York, Nike Georgetown, Nike Chicago, Nike Roosevelt Field, Nike Portland, Nike San Francisco, Nike Dallas, NIKETOWN Los Angeles, Nike Lenox and Nike Las Vegas.

womens nike free run 3
Orion Blue/Marina Blue
Style #: 437527-400
17 August 2013

Brighten up your run with the new GEL-Noosa Tri 7!

The latest incarnation of ASICS’‘out there’triathlon shoe,the GEL-Noosa Tri 7 uses the iconic ASICS Tiger Stripe combined with a wild multi-colour midsole and glow-in-the-dark heel counter to create a fun and vibrant experience,just like the renowned event it is named after!

Cheap Tiger Shoes

Technically both the men’s and women’s models contain a new forefoot guidance line to enhance efficiency through gait,

cheap onitsuka tiger mexico 66

tri tech-like grip pads at the heel and tongue, open mesh weave to provide unsurpassed breathability,

Tiger shoes 2014

a perforated sockliner with a sticky film to help prevent movement and 2 density Solyte Lasting, 45/55.

Onitsuka Tiger shoes

Be sure to purchase your pair of the brand new GEL-Noosa Tri 7 shoe at the ASICS Expo booth during this year’s Noosa Triathlon & Multisport Festival, or see the shoe soon coming to a store near you!

Ready, Set, GLOW! ASICS launch new GEL-Noosa Tri 6

In keeping with tradition, ASICS has launched its brand new, highly anticipated GEL-Noosa Tri 6 shoe at 2010 Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival.

Tiger shoes 2013

Featuring a wild multi-colour design, complete with ‘glow in the dark’ ASICS Tiger stripes, the vibrant GEL-Noosa Tri 6 is a highly durable and technologically sound triathlete shoe.

Cheap Asics Tokidoki Fabre on sale

With the big ‘reveal’ taking place on Friday 29th October at the ASICS Stand in the event Expo, the shoe generated much fanfare and buzz among the Noosa faithful.

Asics Mini Cooper Shoes

Combining technologies specific for elite-level triathlon performance, such as PU Grip Pads on the tongue and heel for faster transitions, open mesh upper to enhance breathability,

discount Asics Onitsuka Tiger

perforated sockliner with sticky film to stop foot movement, stitch tongue to minimize tongue migration, and ASICS patented GEL cushioning in the front and rear to add support and reduce impact at foot landing.

Cheap Asics Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66

ASICS General Manager of Product, Mark Doherty, said of the shoes “Every year it is challenge to keep coming up with a wild image for this shoe as apart from of course making exclusive Tri technologies to the shoe like transition grip pads,

Onitsuka Tiger Coolidge Lo Sale

2 types of laces for choice and a grip sockliner, yet again I am totally rapt to see how well this model turned out”.One thing we really wanted to achieve is a lighter than ever shoe with a lot more breathability;

Discount Asics Alton

and then as tradition of this shoe instills is as always to be noticed on the course during the day with the bright colour scheme and design, and at night with the ‘glow in the dark’ Tiger stripes”.

cheap asics onitsuka tiger

So keep an eye out for the brand new ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 6 during your next Triathlon!

Huge Air Jordan Restock This Weekend (AJ1, 4 & 5)

Foot Locker is coming through with a serious Air Jordan restock this weekend, bringing back to brick-and-mortar shops the Air Jordan 5 Fire Red, Air Jordan 4 Fire Red and Air Jordan 1 Joker/Night Vision.

Discount Nike Air Foamposite One

And that’s in addition to their online restock of the Air Jordan 3 ’88.

Air Jordan Retro 3

To eliminate point-of-purchase pandemonium, Foot Locker will be doing the sweepstakes-style ticketing for the three in-store releases.

The ticket distribution runs from Wednesday (5/22) to Thursday (5/23), during which you can go into participating locations (use the Launch Locator to find one) and pick up a ticket.

cheap Nike Lebron 9

Those with the winning numbers will be contacted by phone on Friday, May 24, and can go in and purchase their shoes on Saturday, May 25.

Discount Jordan FLTCLB '91 Basketball Shoes

(The AJ1 is $115, while the other two will run you $160.)

Nike Air Jordan Take Flight Shoes

And of course you can look for the AJ3 online that day as well.

Air Jordan 9 BLACK BOTTOM Release Date

In late-2013, Jordan Brand launched several colorways of the Air Jordan 9, centered around the “Kilroy Pack” that paid tribute to the original 1995 ad campaign for the model.

Air Jordan 2

One colorway, the Air Jordan 9 Photo Blue, was created in two slightly different versions: the white-outsoled edition that released, and a heretofore unreleased black-bottomed edition, the existence of which was unplanned.

Air Jordan 3 for Sale

Well, since it doesn’t make sense to trash thousands of perfectly good shoes simply because the color wasn’t quite as planned, Nike has officially announced an Air Jordan 9 Black Bottom release.

cheap womens Jordan retro 7

The shoe will hit on May 9, retailing for $130. This launch is exclusive to and the shoe will only be available via a link that @Nikestore will tweet out that day.

Cheap Air Jordan 13 Women's

Quantities are quite limited, so expect a very quick sell-out.

Air Jordan 5 GRAPE Release Procedure for Foot Locker

The Air Jordan 5 Grape release date is set for this weekend, so brush up on the release procedure for select Foot Locker stores.

Discount Women's Air Jordan 8

(Use the Launch Locator here to see which locations are stocking the shoe, and check to make sure they’ll actually utilize the below-mentioned procedure; not all will.)

women air jordan 3

Select stores will do a sweepstakes-style launch, beginning ticket distribution Wednesday (May 1st) and ending on Thursday.

cheap Air Jordan 11 Women's shoes

Those with the winning tickets will then be notified by phone on Friday and can come in Saturday, May 4th to purchase the shoes. Retail is $160.

jordan retro 6 women

If Friday comes and goes with no word from FL, worry not;,,

cheap jordan 11 and the like will also stock the shoe online beginning at 8a EST on Saturday.

Nike Kobe 8 Mambacurial Release Procedure for 2014

Maybe the most anticipated colorway to date of Kobe’s current signature shoe, the Nike Kobe 8 Mambacurial release date is finally nearly upon us, set for Friday, June 7th.

Cheap Kobe shoes 2013

(Read a bit more about the Kobe 8 MC and its inspiration here.) Due to the expected sky-high demand, Foot Locker is again utilizing their ticketed release procedure, so we’ve got a refresher for you on how exactly that works.

cheap Kobe 8

Sweepstakes tickets will be distributed starting Tuesday, June 4th and ending Wednesday, June 5th.

Cheap Nike Kobe 8 Shoes

They will only be handed out at the select locations that will be implementing this special release format, so use Foot Locker’s Launch Locator to figure that out.

Cheap lebron 10

Those with the winning tickets will be notified by phone on Thursday, June 6th and can then go in and purchase their shoes on Friday, June 7th.

nike zoom kobe 7 for sale

Foot Locker will only stock the Kobe 8 Mambacurial in stores, meaning it will not be available on their website. ( will stock it, though.) Retail is $140.

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