#StandWithKeith: Barbara Lee calls for ending Gaza blockade in ceasefire agreement

From the statement she sent on August 6th to KPFA:

“I have called and will continue to call for a sustained cease fire to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis, end the blockade of Gaza, and stop the loss of civilian lives.”

http://www.kpfa.org/archive/id/105382 (at 10:27 mark.)

Here's what she said, with Ellison, in 2010:

Black Caucus members want Gaza blockade lifted in light of flotilla incident


Obama is one of the most intellectual Presidents we’ve had. He knew what was needed to be done in the US after the Bush era (according to his campaign promises), and yet he did not or rather he could not do it (Why do you think?) The power vested on him by the constitution was not exercised, and he capitulated under the outside forces namely the Christian Right Zionist and Neocons Zionists. No American President since Kennedy has been really in charge of the office of President and its total power. America then should ask, why less than 1% of pop. -Zionists =Neocons- are controlling the entire US Media -Print, Radio, TV, Hollywood- Privately Owned Federal Reserve, all major Int. Banks, most WH sensitive positions to President. Zionists AIPAC control every US Senator and Reps. It is like 300 million other Americans (The 99 Percent) do not have any talent what so ever. As Voltaire said: "To learn who rules over you simply find out, whom you are not allowed to criticize." US gives $6 Bi to Israel yearly (in this type of demanding cuts for social programs environment and financially strapped Americans, and no-one can criticize the $6 billion aid to an apartheid state of Israel.) Not all Jews are Zionist. In fact there are lots of Jews in the US against Zionist controlled Apartheid Israel. Zionism is a cult not a religion, Moses was not a Zionist, he was a Jew. Google/youtube Norman Finkelstein and see the truth, see “industrial holocaust”.
As Voltaire said: "To learn who rules over you simply find out, who you are not allowed to criticize". The moment the US decides that enough is enough and stop the $6 billion aid to Apartheid Israel the next month or so there will be Peace in the Middle East.

It is painful to see kids dying.

It was painful to learn that Jewish people were killed by the NAZI Germany.

It is painful to see Palestinians suffering.

Ending the blockade is a first tiny step, but it's crucial. The palestinians must have a contiguous, sustainable country. To achieve that Israel must return land they have taken in 1967 and since then. The two countries can then work out reasonable boundaries.

Ending the Gaza blockade is just a small first step. The Palestinians must have a contiguous and sustainable country. Land taken by Israel during 1967 and since then must be returned. The two countries can then work out reasonable boundaries for each country.

How can Palestinians accept what is being done to them by Israel? Israel is their country , and they are clearly second-class citizens within in. What must be done, to my mind, is that the United States must compel Israel to accept a two-state solution using the 1967 boundaries or a close approximation to them (trade one acre for another as needed). The Israelis have completely dominated this scene since 1967, and the Palestinians have been more or less voiceless. It is analogous to the black people's situation in Ferguson, Missouri, except that our black folk do not have physical fences to block them from places. That is why they simmer and simmer and finally explode when they have had enough. What is incredibly important is to roughly equalize their situations and that we help to develop leadership in both countries that can accept the new status quo as favorable. The Israeli Jewish state will have to do without some things they are used to having. The Palestinians will have to find ways to share their new-found wealth at least somewhat equitably. Both will be tough to accomplish, but we have to lead the effort to try.

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