Save Democracy in Japan

Voters in Japan have spoken. They don't want the U.S. military Futenma base in Okinawa.

But instead of respecting the will of the majority of Japanese voters, U.S. officials have tried to bully the newly elected reformist Japanese government into reneging on its election promise to remove the US military base from Okinawa.

Since, as the world knows, the United States of America stands for "promoting democracy," why don't we promote democracy by getting our base out of Okinawa like Japanese voters want?

Last summer, Japan had a national election. Yukio Hatoyama, the new prime minister whose coalition won the election, campaigned on a promise to move the US military's Futenma base off Okinawa. But US officials pressured the Japanese government to break its election pledge, warning the Japanese government of "serious consequences" if it did not accept the base, the Washington Post reported. Threats by U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates caused Japanese news media to describe him as a "bully," the New York Times reported.

But, according to Kyodo News, Okinawa's governor said Okinawa residents "are insistent" that the base be relocated out of Okinawa. In late January, voters in the Okinawan town of Nago elected a mayor who pledged to oppose the relocation of the U.S. Futenma air base to their town. The Washington Post noted that construction of the air base in Nago would "require a massive landfill in a picturesque stretch of waters now used by fishermen and snorkelers," and that the base "is opposed by environmentalists who have filed a lawsuit saying it would destroy habitat of the rare dugong, a manatee-like sea mammal."

On top of all that, Japanese taxpayers have to pay $2 billion a year to support a military base that they don't want. The phrase "taxation without representation" springs to mind. [$2 billion represents what Japanese taxpayers pay for to support all U.S. troops in Japan, not just Futenma; AP says that is three times what Germany pays to host U.S. troops on its soil.]

Is this how we want people in Japan to see the United States - as a big bully that doesn't care about the views expressed by the majority of voters in national, regional, and local elections, but tries to get its way through bullying and threatening a country that we claim is a close ally?

If not, perhaps Americans should tell President Obama and Congress that the United States ought to respect Japanese democracy.

Democracy is what a lot of people would always wanted. Most especially if it just never happens to them even once.

"Life is more than the immediate struggling, as well as poetry and distant fields." By the creation of Gao Xiaosong, Xu Wei singing a song in the lyrics of these two has been on my mind waves. Where "Poetry and distant fields" in? In fact, no need to think, as long as you take a step out of the bustle of the city, came to the vast countryside, you will find here everywhere overflowing with a strong poetic, poetry foundation to tie in one village, one everywhere fields and mountains.


"For big heart like gall bladder small, square Chi desire desire round trip." This is the "Datang neologism. Hermit" Sun Simiao recorded in the period of philosophical poem. Into Taibai parrot pigeon town Chaihu Village Cultural Square, a striking wood painting "Medicine King Medical tiger", the awe-inspiring cross in front of you. This is one of the local folk tale: Sun Simiao herbs in the mountains on the way, a tiger blocking the path, turned out to be only a tiger bones are stuck in his throat, and begged him to heal. Sun Simiao carrying drugs gourd sitting on the rocks, the tiger lying quietly, waiting for treatment. Sun Simiao this poem engraved on the left side of the drawing. He used simple language poem tells people: courage to practice doing things big heart child should be fine, thoughtful act to be careful Founder. This is a beautiful poetry and painting with, brought to people is a poetic mood and thought-provoking cultural tastes.

Chaihu Village is located at the entrance to the east ao Taibai, more than 80 kilometers away from Baoji. According to legend, Sun Simiao who had worked on this research Medical herbs 36 years. Where high mountains, dense forests, plenty of water, beautiful scenery, rich source of drugs, everywhere exudes the smell of drugs, known as the King Valley. Sun Simiao hard this year in herbs, healing save lives, left many legendary relics, such as stone pot Yao Wang, Yao Wang hole, Yao Wang Taiwan, Chai Hu Ping hundred drugs park, is admired by poets and singing. Tang Dynasty poet money from the poem reads: "scared out of cicada Liu dark, slightly hidden on anything ills long corridors, homes cents asked Medicine King.". Song Dynasty poet Qiu far with the drug directly to the poetic incense linked:

"Homeward Bound charm long retreat distant Shuiyun Township.

Nien wind flower pen poetry, grace Creek house cook herbal. "(Read the article Network:

In fact, herbal itself implies poetic. Sun Ssu in the year to write poetry in the form of "four poems," "health-ming" and "Sun real health song." One such as "anger even partial hurt gas, Dauth too damaged to God. Shenpi Xin Yi labor, weak gas disease to invade. Do not allow extreme joys and sorrows, both seasonal diet. Shouyao off on life, in my practice," in today, it seems, is still good advice.

We checked all over Chaihu village "Herbs" in signs, mostly using the language of poetry written into, such as "Sun Simiao health thirteen Law": "fat often comb, head often transported, often knocking the teeth, Shu Yu Baptist, often ear drum, always wash the surface, often shaking head, waist and often put, often rubbing the abdomen, taken Valley Road, often twisted knee, often walking, the foot often rub, "easy to read easy to remember. There are some efficacy of instructions, also use simple language of poetry, such as Codonopsis function only twelve words, "Bu Zhong Yi Qi, and stomach fluid, cough expectorant" and so on.

Herbs in the garden, I watched and thought: poetry and medicine, there is one thing in common, that is, its function in medical treatment, but medicine is cure physical illness, poetry is a spiritual cure disease. He became a doctor who knows more poetry, Guo, Lu Xun are beginning to study medicine, and later became a great poet, a great writer, and probably has its own internal reasons.

Shi Yun

A village southwest Bupleurum, dealers less than an hour, went to the location in the town of peach panacea Village. Around the village is full of rocks, abundant stone river through the village. Over the years, mountain water ring around the terrain, combined with folklore rock romance, so that the whole village are flowing poetic.

According to writer Tian were finishing, the story is this: a stone from the river downstream to the Poor scholar, people called him Mr. Stone, and dogwood village girl fall in love and get married, after this museum set up teaching, dissemination of knowledge, spreading civilization, so that all people in the village to become smart, the notice of management.

A story of the achievements of a small village style, a stone so that Mr. Stone has also been born here, charm and aura of poetry. We walked in the village streets, a stone as a material love comedy, gabion flower beds, makes us feel Xinjing swaying, enthralled. One pair with river pebbles bonded together young men and women, or under the umbrella flower or bloom in the spring plum tree and, or in the quiet small river, meet, you open the door, embracing, next to the writing of romantic verse: "in the days of rain started falling, dogwood and the girl met Mr. stone," "love at first sight, they are dating," "the power of love prompted them to change in thinking, wait and see." Simple, innovative, fun and full of thought-provoking.

On the walls along the street, places dogwood for the element, set cultural wall, built "homes homes north south" garden, dotted classical poetry, increase the rich cultural tastes. Tang door in a wall, two house-shaped street door in the middle, writing in the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei "dogwood" poem: "Zhu real mountain open, more cold fragrance and hair clump fortunate osmanthus, the window to the Moon. . "he adds this stone village, dogwood town charm and thickness.

We are a group of people walking in the village folk songs, hand-held camera to take a photo stop, but also kept talking about, praise the. Some say, is really unique small village, even the mountain stones to life again. Others said, This is an exquisite bonsai country on earth, is inlaid in the Taebaek mountain jewel ah!


In June, a friend returned from photography folk songs Taibai, excitedly told me about: deep in the mountains there is a paradise, overlooking the gurgling river stones, backed Longchang towering mountains, mountains and water around, the beautiful and rich. South of the village there is a lotus pond, lotus in full bloom, the breeze blowing, a village are fragrant. He also made a poem, which has four:. "Breeze through the pond, lotus village around the old woman Weng Hong poly pavilions, children and grandchildren play River Beam."

The village is called Jian Village, only a few miles from the Village panacea away.

As soon as we entered the village, showing in front really is an idyllic scenery. Village lush forests, a large walnut tree prodigious height, walnut tree is a rural rustic small farm house. When nearly noon, the village is very quiet, the dog lazily lying, chickens foraging casually, a few unknown birds chirping in the branches. It is seeing a few old comrades sigh: long absence, the quiet rural life! Long absence, memorable childhood memories!

South of the village built a new one more than ten acres large courtyard houses, the walls thick and heavy writing an ornate literary talent "Jian Ming Village housing project", a record of: here is the village Party branch, village committee for the implementation of the party's farmer-friendly policy, specially in the village eight to 15 people destitute, three non-household warm cover home repair project, build happy homes, cultural room, activity room, public restaurants, public bathrooms, water and power supply, road hardening, network TV living facilities. We walked into this "home garden" visit, it really is beautifully designed, bright and clean, furniture new furniture all the same color. At this time, folk songs group actually an old man reciting Tao "Peach" in the words: "Land Ping Kuang, just like houses, there is the case of the United States and fertile pool Sang bamboo Crossroad traffic, cocks ...... Chuitiao yellow hair. ., and contented and happy "everyone celebrating: the party's pro-poor policies, policies of social security at the end really wise, this is really a paradise.

Finally, we came to the entrance to the village of Lotus Pond. This is a five-meter long, rectangular pool twenty meters wide, the clear water in the clumps are planted with a blooming lotus. Middle of a pond pavilion towering antique set, a curved path along the cliff to the shore with a pool pavilion linked chic. At this day is over lunch, village elders and children have been dispersed, an old friend poem not see the scene. But we can imagine, the villagers in this leisure time together, playing joyous scene.

Out Jian Village, I would like to make a poem, the title of the poem is called "a new era of idyllic."

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