Rep. Louie Gohmert: Invite Netanyahu to Address a Joint Session of Congress

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Subject: ForeignAffairs: Dear Colleague: Invite P.M. Netanyahu to Address a Joint Session of Congress


Invite P.M. Netanyahu to Address a Joint Session of Congress

From: The Honorable Louie Gohmert
Date: 6/10/2010

Dear Colleague: 

The United States and Israel have a special friendship based on shared values, and together share the common goal of peace and security in the Middle East. Unfortunately, our bond with Israel has shown very public cracks at a crucial time for our close ally.

As Members of Congress, we must provide the world an IMMEDIATE visual image that we still firmly stand with Israel by inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress. The symbolism of both sides of the aisle standing together applauding the Israeli Prime Minister would be powerful enough to send the message that friends may have disagreements, but they will still stand strongly with each other.

Please join me in sending a letter to our Speaker requesting that Prime Minister Netanyahu be invited. Israel is a sovereign nation that has the right to defend itself, its borders and its ports in the interests of its national security. Reports coming out of Israel indicate that the Gaza flotilla passengers were anything but peace activists.

They ignored the attempts of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to peacefully resolve the situation and then brutally assaulted the Israeli commandos that tried to board one of the flotilla ships. This incident was clearly designed to provoke Israel and drive a wedge between Israel and the rest of the world, including its strongest ally. It is, therefore, even more critical during this difficult time that Congress show support for Israel. 

The U.S. needs to stand by Israel as it faces existential threats from Iran, Hamas, and others. Inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu to address Congress would publicly reaffirm our alliance with Israel. If you would like to join in the simple act of extending an invitation, please contact [staffer] or x53035 to be a signatory on this letter.



Louie Gohmert

Member of Congress






Dear Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid:


This letter is to simply state the obvious need for the Prime Minister of our dear friend, Israel, to address a Joint Session of Congress. He has been here in Washington on numerous occasions, but has not addressed a joint session of Congress since 1996. 


In our nation’s history, we have invited over 100 leaders of fifty different countries to speak before Joint Sessions of Congress. At this time with the enemies of America and Israel looking for weaknesses in our close relationship, we can show them that Israel is our friend and will be our friend, and we want to hear from its leader, Prime Minister Netanyahu. With the magnitude of international events and tension swirling in recent years and the threat of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, it is desperately important that we show the world the importance of our relationship with Israel by inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu to come address this body. The sooner we extend such invitation, the more stabilizing it will be.


We, the undersigned, urge you to extend the invitation to Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak to a Joint Session of Congress as soon as possible.







Louie Gohmert


This is really odd. "Reports coming out of Israel..." are just that. How is it that the U.S. Media has painted the activitst as terrorists just because Israel says so. I guess they learned from "W" that if you say Iraq had a link to Al Qaeda enough times people will believe it!

The IHH was also in New Orleans and Haiti and the link to terrorism in the two European reports was that the IHH "may" have been used as a cover for"suspected terrorists". The U.S. State Department does not list the IHH as a terrorist organization and still does not. The State Dept. has said that just because an organizatio is sympathetic o Hamas does not make it a terrorist organization.

If the activists were terrorists ready to kill as Netanyahu claims why were there no soldiers killed?Why were there no weapons on board? Poles, sling-shots and deck furniture hardly count as terrorist weapons. Why is no one asking why the victims were all shot in the head and back, and some from 45cm ? Why did Israel show select clips and confiscate journalist's cameras - acts that have garnered criticism from the Foreign Press associations. Why is no one considering the testimony of witnesses that claims Israel fired the first shots of live ammunition. Iara Lee's video hardly made it to the US media.

Seems to be that Israel treated this boat differently due to their faulty intelligence that this was a terrorist boat. They did not have crowd dispersal items and apparerently fired live ammunition. They did not use paint/rubber bullets as they had on other boats. There are reports that one victim was shot in the head from above before the commandoes started down. If this is true it would make sense that the crowd would be enraged and fight back. This needs to be investigated and people need not drink the Kool-aid of one side only.

Totally one-sided. I am not anti-semitic, but care as much for the innocent Israeli civilian that gets killed by a hamas rocket as the innocent Gazan that was killed by Israel forces. And another thing, why is there no outrage in the US that the Gaza offensive came for no apparent reason, as Hamas had a cease fire at that time?

Both sides need to think of the other and end this nationalistic "we are better than you" attitude. God of the Jews is the same God for the Muslims and Christians. We need to remind ourselves we need to be good human beings in order to be good Jews/Muslims/Christians.

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