Press Releases

JFP Hails WikiLeaks TPP Leak, Urges Donors to Fulfill Reward Pledges

For Immediate Release | November 13, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 13—Today, WikiLeaks published the text of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement intellectual property chapter. This is generating headlines around the world as the controversial provisions of this proposed agreement are revealed to public opinion, helping groups that have been campaigning against the TPP make their case to the media and the public. Read More >

Over 25,000 Sign Oliver Stone Petition Demanding UN Action Now to Eliminate Cholera in Haiti

For Immediate Release | January 11, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 11—As Haiti observes the three-year commemoration of the tragic earthquake of January 2010, over 25,000 people have signed onto a petition calling on the United Nations to help Haiti eliminate the deadly cholera epidemic which UN troops brought to the country over two years ago. Read More >

Thousands Join Oliver Stone to Demand UN Action to End Cholera in Haiti

For Immediate Release | December 11, 2012

WASHINGTON, DC, Dec 11—Ahead of an expected announcement at the UN of a plan to eradicate cholera in Haiti, more than six thousand friends of Haiti from around the world have joined film director Oliver Stone in an urgent appeal to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon pressing him to "take urgent steps to help Haiti acquire clean water and sanitation infrastructure so as to eliminate cholera" and to use his position as head of the UN to "lead international efforts to mobilize the funds ... required." Read More >

Member of Peace Delegation to Pakistan Back in US, Available for Interviews

For Immediate Release | October 15, 2012

WASHINGTON, DC, Oct 15—Robert Naiman, Policy Director at the U.S. foreign policy reform group Just Foreign Policy, has arrived back in the United States after two weeks in Pakistan participating in a peace delegation advocating for an end to U.S. drone strikes. He is available for interviews. Read More >

Americans' Calls to End Drone Strikes Delivered to US Embassy Pakistan

For Immediate Release | October 3, 2012

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—3 October 2012—Today a group of US peace advocates delivered a letter to the US embassy in Islamabad signed by twenty-six leading US authors, film directors, professors, activists, and a Nobel Peace laureate, calling upon US authorities to end US drone strikes in Pakistan, and to bring US drone strike policy into compliance with US and international law. Read More >

Just Foreign Policy Issues $14,500 Reward For WikiLeaks to Publish Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiating Text

For Immediate Release | August 20, 2012

WASHINGTON, Aug 20 - The U.S. foreign policy reform organization Just Foreign Policy has issued a "crowdsourced" reward for WikiLeaks to publish the negotiating text of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. On Friday, August 17, Just Foreign Policy issued an appeal online for pledges to make donations to WikiLeaks if it publishes the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiating text. As of noon Eastern Time on Monday, August 20, the reward stands at $14,543, based on 344 pledges, of which the median pledge was $25. Read More >

Letter From Prominent Americans, Delivered to Ecuadorean Embassy London, Urges Asylum for Assange

For Immediate Release | June 25, 2012

LONDON, June 25 - Robert Naiman, Policy Director at Just Foreign Policy, delivered a letter to the Ecuadorean Embassy today, signed by prominent Americans urging President Correa of Ecuador to grant Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's petition for political asylum. Assange faces the threat of prosecution by the United States Government under the US Espionage Act of 1917 for his role in publishing leaked US diplomatic cables. Read More >

Just Foreign Policy Launches Haiti Cholera Counter to Press UN to Take Lead in Addressing Crisis

For Immediate Release | May 29, 2012

Washington DC, May 29 - It has been 591 days since Jean Salgadeau Pelette died on October 16, 2010. Pelette is considered to be the first victim of the ongoing cholera epidemic in Haiti, which began when UN troops from South Asia carried the bacteria to the previously cholera-free nation. Since then, an estimated 546,955 Haitians have fallen ill and 7,172 have died, according to Just Foreign Policy's new web counter. Read More >

Just Foreign Policy Responds to Super Committee "Failure": “We Now Have a Historic Opportunity to Cut Military Spending”

For Immediate Release | November 21, 2011

Washington DC, November 21 - Responding to reports that the Congressional "Super Committee" had failed to reach agreement on a new plan to reduce projected government debt by $1.2 trillion over ten years, Just Foreign Policy Policy Director Robert Naiman said today, "Given the deals that were on the table, 99% of Americans should celebrate the 'failure' of the Supercommittee to reach agreement..." Read More >

U.S. Deaths in Afghan War Under Obama to Reach 1,000 this Week

For Immediate Release | June 30, 2011

WASHINGTON, DC: Within the next few days, the U.S. death toll from the war in Afghanistan since President Obama took office will reach 1,000. Read More >

Six members of Congress ask Secretary Clinton to ‘ensure the safety of all American citizens on board the Audacity of Hope

For Immediate Release | June 27, 2011

WASHINGTON, DC: On Friday, June 24, six members of Congress wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, asking her to "do everything in your power" to help "ensure the safety of all American citizens on board The Audacity of Hope." The letter, which was initiated by Representative Dennis Kucinich, notes The Audacity of Hope's willingness to open its cargo to "international inspection" and their commitment to "nonviolence and the tenets of international law." Read More >

JFP Policy Director to Board Gaza Flotilla, Available by Satellite Phone

For Immediate Release | June 20, 2011

The Policy Director of Just Foreign Policy, Robert Naiman, will be available for interviews via satellite phone aboard the U.S. Boat to Gaza. Read More >