JFP Hails WikiLeaks TPP Leak, Urges Donors to Fulfill Reward Pledges

For Immediate Release
November 13, 2013

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JFP Hails WikiLeaks TPP Leak, Urges Donors to Fulfill Reward Pledges

WikiLeaks Sparking Debate Not Possible While Agreement Secret;
Events Show Anti-Democratic Government Policy Secrecy Not Limited to “National Security”

WASHINGTON, DC, Nov 13—Today, WikiLeaks published the text of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement intellectual property chapter. This is generating headlines around the world as the controversial provisions of this proposed agreement are revealed to public opinion, helping groups that have been campaigning against the TPP make their case to the media and the public.

Last year, Just Foreign Policy launched a campaign to issue a “crowdsourced” reward for the TPP text by soliciting pledges to donate to WikiLeaks if it leaked the proposed agreement. As of this morning, the reward stood at more than $70,000. See http://freetpp.org.

WikiLeaks has rendered a tremendous service to the public. Just Foreign Policy is contacting everyone who pledged to donate to WikiLeaks if it published the TPP text to encourage them to fulfill their pledges now at https://shop.wikileaks.org/donate.

Robert Naiman, policy director, Just Foreign Policy, said today: "We had issued a crowdsourced reward for WikiLeaks to publish the TPP text that now stands at more than $70,000 -- see: freetpp.org. By publishing the secret TPP text, WikiLeaks is sparking a public debate about the contents of this agreement that wasn't possible when the agreement was secret from public opinion. This was our goal in issuing the reward. These events demonstrate that it's not only in the realm of purported 'national security' that governments are keeping policies secret from the public to undermine democratic accountability."


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