Press Release: U.S. Deaths in Afghan War Under Obama to Reach 1,000 this Week

For Immediate Release
June 30, 2011

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Kate Gould, Directory of Advocacy and Outreach: (202) 657-4882

US Deaths in Afghanistan: Obama vs Bush. Click here to learn more.

WASHINGTON, DC: Within the next few days, the U.S. death toll from the war in Afghanistan since President Obama took office will reach 1,000.

Just Foreign Policy began tracking U.S. troop deaths in Afghanistan in August 2010 when Policy Director Robert Naiman broke the news that U.S. deaths under President Obama had become equal to those under President Bush. Just Foreign Policy created a web-based counter, "U.S. Deaths in Afghanistan: Obama vs. Bush," to help track the deaths under each administration and to serve as a visual comparison of the two figures. The counter is viewable at:

Just Foreign Policy New Media Director Megan Iorio made the following statement:

"In the wake of President Obama's announcement to begin a token drawdown that will leave nearly double the number of troops in Afghanistan than were there when he became Commander-in-Chief, with no concrete plan for their removal, this grim milestone of 1,000 troop deaths since Obama took office must not be passed in silence. With Osama bin Laden dead and fewer than 100 al Qaeda fighters left in Afghanistan, the urgency of preventing one more death is greater than ever. We must ask ourselves how many more U.S. troops will be allowed to perish before the Obama administration implements a ‘sizable and sustained' withdrawal, as more than a quarter of the Senate has called for, and sets a clear end date for the ultimate and complete culmination of America's longest war. We hope that this unfortunate milestone will help draw attention to the lives that are lost with every passing day that the President chooses to keep our service members in harm's way."

In her article, "In Wake of Token Drawdown Announcement, U.S. Deaths in Afghanistan Under Obama Set to Reach 1,000", Iorio highlights that nearly two-thirds of the U.S. fatalities in the Afghan war have occurred during the Obama administration, which has managed the Afghan war for a mere quarter of its duration:

When U.S. deaths in Afghanistan under President Obama reach 1,000, a total of 1,575 U.S. troops will have died in the Afghanistan war, which encompasses the Afghanistan theater of Operation Enduring Freedom. Fatalities in the Afghanistan theater include those that have occurred in or as a result of military operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan.

From the initiation of the U.S. invasion on October 7, 2001, through the final day of the presidency of George W. Bush, 575 U.S. troops died in the Afghanistan war. Dozens more U.S. fatalities have occurred in Yemen, the Horn of Africa, and other theaters of Operation Enduring Freedom under both administrations, which, as they are not attributable to the Afghanistan war, are not included in the casualty figures reported herein.


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