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Join Murphy, Paul, Durbin & Franken: Block Selling Arms to Saudis to Kill Civilians

Saudi Arabia's war and blockade have pushed Yemen to the brink of famine. But the Trump Administration wants to sell Saudi Arabia even more weapons. Under U.S. law, weapons exports are supposed to be conditioned on requirements that civilians be protected from their use. Unfortunately, Congressional "oversight" of U.S. weapons exports has often been virtually absent, particularly for countries like Saudi Arabia that have bought a lot of influence in Washington.

Senators Murphy, Paul, Durbin and Franken have now introduced Senate Joint Resolution 40, which would tighten these requirements in the case of Saudi Arabia. Under SJRes40, the Administration would have to publicly certify that Saudi Arabia is complying with international humanitarian law in Yemen and facilitating the flow of aid into Yemen in order for arms sales to proceed.

On September 21, 27 Senators voted against arming Saudi Arabia. The more Senators co-sponsor SJRes40, the more Senate support we have for blocking the sale of weapons if Saudi Arabia doesn't change its behavior in Yemen.

Urge Senators to co-sponsor SJRes40 by signing our petition at MoveOn.

Urge Rules Cmte: Allow NDAA votes on restricting weapons transfers

The House Rules Committee is meeting Monday at 5 ET and Tuesday at 2 ET to decide which amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act will be allowed and which will be blocked from consideration by the full House.

Your Representative is a member of the House Rules Committee. Please call your Rep. now at (202) 224-3121. When you reach a staffer or leave a voice mail, you can say something like:

"As a constituent, I urge you to vote at the Rules Committee to allow the full House to consider whether to bar the transfer of cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia and whether to end or limit the US supply of weapons to combatants in Syria."

When you've made your call, you can report it below.

Our action on barring the transfer of cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia is here:

Support Conyers, Ban Cluster Bomb Transfers to Saudi Arabia

Our action on ending or limiting the US transfer of weapons to Syrian combatants is here:

Cut US Weapons to Syrian Combatants

"Convenient" Base Is Unexamined Excuse for U.S. Silence on Bahrain Crackdown

Pressure is building on the Obama administration to delay a proposed arms sale to Bahrain, which brutally suppressed its pro-democracy movement and continues to squash dissent, the Washington Post reports.

The Pentagon wants to sell $53 million worth of armored Humvees and anti-tank missiles to Bahrain, a plan slammed by human rights groups, who want the U.S. to end its silence on the crackdown in Bahrain.

This week, five Senators - Sens. Casey, Durbin, Cardin, Menendez, and Wyden - weighed in against the arms sale in a letter to Secretary of State Clinton: