Adam Schiff

Leader Pelosi, Top Intel Dem Schiff co-sponsor Yemen War Powers Resolution Ahead of House and Senate Votes

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and ranking Intelligence Committee Democrat Adam Schiff have agreed to co-sponsor the House Yemen War Powers Resolution ahead of the expected votes this week in the Senate and the House.

The current official list of co-sponsors, showing the co-sponsorship of Leader Pelosi, is here:

Adam Schiff's letter to Just Foreign Policy's Sarah Burns indicating his co-sponsorship of the House Yemen War Powers Resolution is here:

Sunset an Authorization for the Use of Force in Iraq

Judging from press reports, when Congress returns from its August recess in early September, the United States military will have been bombing "Islamic State" fighters in Iraq for a month, with a broader set of missions than originally advertised, and with plans to continue bombing for months.

The United States Constitution and the 1973 War Powers Resolution require that such a war be authorized by Congress in order to continue. We cannot accept that such major decisions about the use of our power and resources, putting U.S. soldiers at risk and shaping the perceptions of the world about us by shedding the blood of foreigners that we don't know, be made indefinitely behind closed doors by executive fiat.