Call-In: Tell Your Democratic Senator to Stand Firm in Support of the Iran Deal

AIPAC has failed to stop the Iran deal. Last Thursday, 42 Senators stood by their word, supported diplomacy, and stopped Republican efforts to block the deal. [1]

But we cannot stop to celebrate just yet.

Only two Senate votes provided the margin by which Republican efforts to undermine the agreement were thwarted. There will likely be another vote, now that AIPAC has had a chance to regroup and target Democratic Senators that were slow to pledge their support or were not as full-throated in their support of the deal.

If even one Senator stops supporting the deal, it's likely that more than one will. Your Democratic Senator is one of the Senators AIPAC might target.

Call your Democratic Senator at (202) 224-3121 and say

"Thank you for voting to support the Iran deal. I urge you to continue to support it and to stand strong for diplomacy and peace."

When you're done, please report your call below.

Call-in: Five Senators Needed for Peace

Today, thousands of activists across the country are participating in over 200 events outside the offices of their Senators and Representatives to show their support of the Iran deal.

We are so close to ensuring that Congress can't kill the deal. With Sens. Harry Reid, Debbie Stabenow, and Patty Murray announced their intention to vote in favor of the deal in the last few days, we only need five more Senators to throw their support toward the deal in order to uphold a presidential veto on a resolution of disapproval.

Your Senator is still publicly undecided - and, if we can build enough pressure, may become one of the five to ensure the deal isn't derailed.

Call your Senator NOW at (202) 224-3121 and say

"I urge Sen. ______ to publicly support the Iran deal. It is our best chance to avoid another war in the Middle East."

When you're done, report your call below.

Call-In: Tell Your Democratic Senator to Say Yes to the Iran Deal

The Washington Post has compiled a "whip list" of where Senators currently stand on the Iran nuclear agreement. Fourteen Republican Senators have said that they will vote against the deal, but only one Senator – Dianne Feinstein, Dick Durbin, and Martin Heinrich – have said that they will definitely vote yes on the agreement.

We need at least 34 Senators to vote yes in order to secure a veto-proof majority — and your Democratic Senator is key. But anti-diplomacy forces are trying to pressure your Senator to vote against the deal – which is why they need to hear from you.

Call your Senator NOW at (202) 224-3121 and say

"I urge you to join Sens. Feinstein, Durbin, and Heinrich in publicly stating that you will vote yes on the Iran nuclear agreement."

When you’ve made your call, you can report it below.

If you haven’t signed our petition to Democrats in support of the deal, you can do that here:

Call-in: Tell Your Rep. to Stand with Other Dems on Iran Deal

Supporting President Obama’s successful effort to win a diplomatic agreement with Iran and prevent another war in the Middle East should be a no-brainer for Democrats – especially Democrats who have supported diplomacy with Iran in the past.

But it’s not, unfortunately, because AIPAC is on the warpath against the Iran nuclear deal.

In July 2013, Scott Peters (CA-52), Jim Himes (CT-04), Collin Peterson (MN-07), Bill Pascrell (NJ-09), Henry Cuellar (TX-28), Kyrsten Sinema (AZ-09), and Alcee Hastings (FL-20) all signed the Dent-Price letter urging renewed efforts to engage with Iran following the election of President Rouhani on a promise of renewed engagement with the West. But two months ago, when 150 House Democrats signed a letter expressing strong support for President Obama’s ongoing negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, they did not join. That’s why these Representatives needs to hear from you now.

Call your representative now at (202) 224-3121. When you reach a staffer, you can say something like:

“I urge Rep. ______ to stand with other Democrats in support of President Obama’s agreement with Iran, and to pledge to vote against any Republican attempt to scuttle the deal.”

When you’ve made your call, please report it below.

And if you haven’t signed our joint petition with Win Without War and CREDO to Congress yet, you can sign it here: