Democratic Senator

Call-In: Tell Your Democratic Senator, Schumer's Wrong on Iran Deal

Statements of support and opposition for the Iran nuclear agreement are being released to the media every day. The verdict on the Iran deal is still unclear, but some Democratic senators will oppose the deal.

One key Democrat who announced his opposition is Sen. Charles Schumer. He claimed that the deal would not prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon in 10 years. But 29 nuclear scientists wrote a letter to the President saying that prior to the negotiations, Iran had the capability to produce a weapon in a few weeks. These scientists – among them six Nobel laureates – also agreed that, contrary to Schumer’s claim, “the deal includes important long-term verification procedures that last until 2040, and others that last indefinitely.”

Sen. Schumer was wrong when he voted for the Iraq War and he is wrong now.

Still, some Democrats in the Senate may be swayed by the influential Chuck Schumer. That’s why, to win this fight, Democratic senators like yours need to hear from their constituents so they know the right way to vote.

Call your Democratic Senator at (202) 224-3121 and say:

"I urge Sen. _____ to publicly support the Iran deal because nuclear experts agree that it will ensure Iran does not build a nuclear weapon and avoids another war of choice."

When you're done, please report your call below.