Call-in: Urge your Rep. to Support the Iran Deal!

Today, thousands of activists across the country are participating in over 200 events outside the offices of their Senators and Representatives to show their support of the Iran deal.

We are so close to ensuring that Congress can't kill the deal. With Sens. Harry Reid, Debbie Stabenow, and Patty Murray announced their intention to vote in favor of the deal in the last few days, we only need five more Senators to throw their support toward the deal in order to uphold a presidential veto on a resolution of disapproval.

We are also building momentum in the House, where recent announcements by Reps. Jerrold Nadler, Alan Lowenthal, and John Lewis are paving the way for other supporters to come out into the public.

Your Representative may support the Iran deal — which means your Representative needs to hear from you NOW!

Call your Representative NOW at (202) 225-3711 and say,

“I urge Rep. ____ to publicly support the Iran deal. It is our best chance to avoid another war in the Middle East.”

When you're done, report your call below.