Tuition-Free College

Tuition-Free Public College vs. McCain $18B #NDAA Pentagon Bloat

It's bad enough that more than half of our federal tax dollars go to the feed the bloated Pentagon and its fat cat contractors, while we're told there's not enough money for public education. But now Senator John McCain wants to pad the Pentagon budget with $18 billion more in an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act [NDAA].

Urge your Senators to oppose the McCain amendment by signing our petition at MoveOn.

How much money is $18 billion? Bernie Sanders' plan for tuition-free public college would cost $70 billion a year. So-called "conservatives" howled: you'll bust the budget! We don't have the money! But McCain's bid to pad the Pentagon budget by $18 billion is barely being noticed by the national media. You flush $18 billion down the toilet four times, you just threw away the money for tuition-free public college.

Urge Senators to oppose the McCain amendment to waste $18 billion more of our tax dollars on the Pentagon by signing and sharing our petition.