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Congress: Stop UAE Siege of Hodeida, Save 250,000 Yemeni Lives

The government of the United Arab Emirates has threatened to siege the crucial Yemeni port of Hodeida in the coming weeks. The UN and aid groups have warned that this could kill 250,000 Yemenis. The UAE’s response was: “The price is right.”

Even top House Democrats who have expressed support for Saudi-UAE war aims in Yemen have publicly stated that attacking Hodeida would not achieve stated Saudi-UAE goals. It would not weaken the position of the Houthis at the bargaining table. It would not strengthen the position of Saudi-UAE at the bargaining table. It would just increase the death and suffering of thousands of innocent Yemeni civilians for no reason at all, except to appease the dictatorial regimes ruling Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The UN and aid groups have also warned that ten million more Yemenis will be pushed to the edge of starvation if the war is not ended this year.

There is no good reason for this war to continue. Congress has never authorized U.S. participation, without which the war would end. The UN envoy has stated repeatedly that he is close to a deal to stop the Saudi-UAE assault on Hodeida and resume peace talks. Sources close to the UN say the key missing ingredient for the deal is sufficient U.S. pressure on Saudi-UAE. They also say that Congress has the leverage to stop the UAE from following through on its threat to siege Hodeida.

But top Democrats in Congress continue to poor-mouth the leverage of Congress to stop the UAE from carrying out its threat, even though Congress just passed legislation conditioning U.S. participation in the war on Saudi-UAE efforts to end it through diplomacy.

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UK PM Theresa May Has Unique Power to Save Yemen From Famine

The United Nations Security Council, which under the UN Charter is responsible for protecting international peace and security, has failed to stop the Saudi-UAE war and blockade on Yemen which has pushed Yemen to the brink of famine. A key reason is that the UK, which under UK Prime Minister Theresa May is closely aligned with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, is the Security Council "penholder" on Yemen, which means that any UN Security Council resolution on Yemen has to be drafted by the UK. Theresa May's government has abused this power to shield Saudi Arabia and the UAE from diplomatic pressure at the UN for their catastrophic actions in Yemen.

Urge Theresa May to stop blocking UN action to save Yemen by signing our petition at MoveOn.

U.N. officials have said that the threatened Saudi-UAE attack on the crucial Yemeni port of Hodeida would almost certainly push Yemen into famine by cutting off food and medicine imports into northern Yemen. But David Beasley, head of the World Food Program, says diplomatic efforts to protect Hodeida have failed. "I was hopeful two weeks ago that was about to resolve, but evidently that hasn’t happened," Beasley said.

Theresa May alone currently wields the power to initiate a Security Council resolution to save Yemen from famine by protecting Hodeida. Urge Theresa May to save Yemen from famine by signing and sharing our petition.