One Million Malnourished Kids At Risk Of Cholera In Yemen

More than a million malnourished children are living in areas of Yemen hit hardest by a cholera outbreak, NPR reports. Malnourished children have substantially reduced immune systems and are at least three times more likely to die if they contract cholera. Yemen's cholera outbreak is already the world's worst in a single year since records have been kept. Treatment for cholera in Yemen would be straightforward, if it weren't for the U.S.-enabled Saudi-UAE war in Yemen.

UNICEF director Anthony Lake was clear when asked by The Associated Press about how to end the disaster: "Stop the war."

So far, the House Republican leadership has blocked a floor vote on ending U.S. participation in Saudi Arabia's Yemen war. But House Members could force a floor vote by invoking their Congressional war powers, since, as Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Bob Corker has acknowledged, Congress never authorized this war.

Urge House Members to force a floor vote on the war to help save a million kids by signing our petition at MoveOn.